20 Best Male Anime Characters With White Hair Fans Root For

It is a common anime trope to present characters with diverse hair colors. From black-haired anime characters to any unique hair color, the anime community has many options; nonetheless, male anime characters with white hair receive the most attention.

For no particular reason, white-haired anime guys truly stand out, feeling like they’re custom-tailored for us fans to admire. Why am I using these words here? You’ll know for sure after checking the entire list.

So without wasting a moment, let’s dive into the labyrinth of the most beloved white-haired anime boys.
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20: Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel is a zero to hero anime character with white hair from Danmachi

Anime: Danmachi

Let’s give a wholesome start to our list by introducing a zero to hero anime character Bell Cranel from the renowned shonen fantasy show Danmachi.

Bell is as sweet as pie because even blessed with a unique ability of “accelerative growth”, he never boasts around and always be prepared to face tough times.

No newcomer fan could tell from his physique how difficult it has been for him to rise through the ranks as an adventurer. Yet he never stops and is determined to further explore the dreadful dungeon.

19: Kiyoka Kudou

Kiyoka Kudou from my happy marriage is a handsome male character of shojo romance anime

Anime: My Happy Marriage

Presenting beautiful male protagonists is a common thing for a Shoujo romance anime, but My Happy Marriage has taken it one step further by introducing one of the most beautiful and elegant white hair anime characters, “Kiyoka Kudou.”

Kiyoka is a white-haired prodigy who is the savior of the main protagonist of the series “Miyo Saimori.” Apart from his looks, he’s the head of the elite family “Kudo” and the commander of the Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit.

He is described as a cruel guy in an earlier story since all of his fiancees flee his home. However, Miyo was the only dedicated woman who was able to capture the attention of this elegant commander.

18: Nagi

Nagi of blue lock is lazy male anime character with short white hair

Anime: Blue Lock

Where most people are afraid of facing hardships in their profession, Nagi is the absolute opposite, a white-haired protagonist from Blue Lock who chases difficulties to observe the spice of hardships.

When Nagi first arrived at Blue Lock, he was a member of Team V and the greatest player in his stratum. Nagi was named one of the project’s top players after the Blue Lock Eleven defeated the Japan U-20 team.

Besides soccer, he is a tall, well-built, lazy freak who is always shown as a lazy and unmotivated dude. However, when it comes down to soccer, folks call him a genius on the ground.

17: Tomoe

Tomoe of Kamisama Kiss is classic white haired male anime character

Anime: Kamisama Kiss

Tomoe is a white-haired yokai who serves the young girl Nanami. With his fox-like ears and tail, his looks set him apart. He’s the deuteragonist of this renowned shoujo romance anime “Kamisama Kiss.”

Though over 800 years old, his youthful face belies his true age and power. As a legendary god, he comes across as arrogant and aloof. Despite this cool exterior, Tomoe cares deeply for Nanami and will fiercely protect her from any threat.

Beneath Tomoe’s prideful veneer lie vulnerabilities too. As he opens up to Nanami, viewers see his capacity for compassion – and that there is more to this white-haired guardian than meets the eye.

16: Griffith

Griffith is classic anime villain with white hair

Anime: Berserk

Can you betray your beloved friend for wealth? I am not sure about you, but Griffith will surely do so without any reluctance.

If you’re not a manga fan, let me tell you that Griffith is one of the most popular and hated anime villains of all time.

Griffith looks like a charming prince as an androgynous anime character who is a hell of a greedy fellow. His ultimate motive in the manga is to obtain his very own palace, where he can rule.

15: Maru

Maru from heavenly delusion is amazing white hair protagonist

Anime: Heavenly Delusion

If I am not mistaken, Maru from Heavenly Delusion is the most underrated male among this list of white hair anime characters.

Anyone who doesn’t know him yet because they haven’t watched the awesome mystery anime “Heavenly Delusion”, Maru is one of the main protagonists and is currently looking for a mysterious place called Heaven.

Maru is a fascinating character in Heavenly Delusion, representing a mix of toughness and weakness. His strong mind serves as both strength and a cause of isolation as he navigates the story’s complicated web of riddles.

14: Victor Nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov is beautiful white haired anime character from Yuri on ice

Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice

Victor Nikiforov is the whole shebang of the famous boys’ love series “Yuri!!! on Ice.” He’s the deuteragonist of the series and is renowned as a living legend from Russia who has won five single figure skating world championships.

Besides his golden career, Victor Nikiforov possesses sheer beauty in the form of beautiful white hair, a slender physique, and a handsome face blessed with blue eyes.

Personality-wise, Victor exudes the aura of a celebrity, showing off his natural flirtatious skills. Even though he’s already at his peak, he never stops honing his skills in his profession.

13: Noe Archiviste

Noe Archiviste from the case study of vanitas

Anime: The Case Study of Vanitas

Wellcome, Noe Archiviste, the only vampire on the list of the best white haired male anime characters. Noe is the main protagonist of the series, who is tall, young and usually appears in a white dress.

Honestly speaking, you won’t be able to find a more easy-to-follow protagonist. Any simple thing is enough to amaze this babe in the woods.

Noé is also incredibly kindhearted, as evidenced by his eagerness to assist Amelia during her captivity and execution. Apart from being wholesome by nature, Noe is blessed with many physical traits that helps him in combat.

12: Gabimaru

Gabimaru the hollow from Hell's Paradise is best white haired protagonist

Anime: Hell’s Paradise

Gabimaru is the OP protagonist of the latest action anime, “Hell’s Paradise.” This short little fearless Shinobi didn’t look like an OP freak until he began manipulating fire around him, dumping fear on his adversaries.

Apart from his unique powers, Gabimaru has been raised only for killing, and he has already killed a horde of people increasing his repute as Gabimaru the Hollow.

As a spoiler, the way this white-haired expressionless prodigy kills his enemies is truly fascinating compared to his looks. I bet Gabimaru can be the sole motivation for any fan to follow this latest Shonon anime.

11: Zen Wistaria

Zen Wistaria from the snow white with red hair is wholesome male white haired anime character

Anime: Snow White With Red Hair

Zen Wistaria is one the main characters from the famous shoujo romance anime “Snow White With Red Hair.” I bet on my life that finding such an alluring yet wholesome character in real life is nearly close to impossible. Why? check out!

He’s a prince who gets along with everyone. He deeply cares for his servants and treats them as equals, he cares for his country and never compromises on protecting his friends. Now tell me, assuming such a character exists in real is possible or not!

Though serious in his duties, Zen holds a soft spot for the herbalist Shirayuki. He supports her goals and protects her using versatile plant magic. Fans admire Zen’s quiet dedication and the subtle romance that blossoms between him and the red-haired heroine.

10: Himuro

Himuro is the icy cold white haired anime protagonist from romance anime

Anime: The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

Sometimes what others see as blessings are the most troubling things for those who possess them. Himuro-kun is the descendant of an ice spirit; therefore, he possesses icy-cold powers that manipulate weather.

Himuro is the main protagonist of the romantic slice-of-life series “The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague.” Where other people feel envy of his inherited powers, these powers truly are troublesome for him and cause unnecessary trouble to those around him.

Apart from his powers, Himuro appears to be a very serious and stoic person at first glance, which is totally opposite to his true nature. I bet you’ll be rooting for this icy-cool dude after the end of the series.

9: Ragna

Ragna from ragna crimson is mc of Ragna Crimson anime who have white hair

Anime: Ragna Crimson

Can you break the laws of reality to manipulate the future? Yeah, it seems impossible but not for the white-haired prodigy “Ragna” from Ragna Crimson.

Ragna was introduced in the series as a super weak dragon hunter who was not capable of protecting himself until he became aware of his future self.

Ragna is a super-straightforward Shonen protagonist who lives to protect his loved ones without caring about the stakes. Among the whole list of male anime characters with white hair, this dude is the least playful yet wholesome.

8: Sanemi Shinuzugawa

sanemi shinzugugawa

Anime: Demon Slayer

If Never Judge a Book by Its Cover had a face, it would be Sanemi, “one of the cool anime characters with scars.”

I actually wanted to choose Tengen the Sound Hashira for this slot, but I ended up going with Sanemi because of his cool character and design.

On the exterior, my anguished boy looks like a cruel soldier but actually he possesses the heart of a strong family leader who has to become cruel in order to survive.

7: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Hitsugaya of bleach is white haired captain

Anime: Bleach

Toshiro is a shinigami captain, appears to be a teenager, despite his expertise and status. His spiky white hair frames a youthful face, belying his icy powers.

As a prodigy, Toshiro learns bankai at a young age and commands ice with accuracy. He keeps order but conflicts with hotheads. Fans support Toshiro as he repeatedly proves himself in intense battles.

His concern for friends and strict work ethic give him respect. Beneath the icy exterior is a heart that grows alongside Toshiro in the heartbreaking action drama.

6: Decim

Decim is mc of Death Parade

Anime: Death Parade

Now Decim “mc of Death Parade” may seem like a mysterious fellow at first glance, with his pale hair and rigid demeanor as the bartender at Quindecim. But don’t let his stiff exterior fool you!

Beneath that serious suit lies a fascinating arbiter who evaluates souls with utmost care and precision. Though his job judging the recently departed souls may seem cold, Decim approaches each case with empathy, intrigue, and respect.

What I really admire about Decim is how much he grows throughout the series. As he experiences more of the human condition hands-on, his fascinating character reveals an inspiring depth of compassion.

5: Jiraiya

Jiraiya from Naruto is perverted anime mentor with white hair

Anime: Naruto

Welcome Jiraiya, the most perverted anime character in history, and an iconic character Naruto series.

Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sannins, is a true strong ninja. More importantly, he genuinely cares about mentoring the next generation, just as he does for his own family.

Scenes of Jiraiya offering Naruto honest life advice while also developing his talents always touched fans’ hearts. It’s evident Naruto looks up to him.

4: Gintoki

Gintoki from Gintama is careless anime protagonist with white locks

Anime: Gintama

When you first start the show, Gintoki’s perpetually bored expression and unruly silver curls don’t seem that special. But boy, under that relaxed facade beats the heart of a total badass.

When bad guys come to hurt his friends, Gintoki shows them not to mess around. He doesn’t need a superpower, just his wooden sword.

Gintama is hilarious and exciting thanks to Gintoki. He teaches you it’s okay to have fun and be yourself. Gintoki is my favorite because he’s the coolest and funniest anime character with white hair ever!

3: Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck of Hunter X hunter is popular white haired anime character

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

As the saying goes, “still waters run deep” – and this quietly deadly assassin is certainly full of surprises. Trained from a young age in his family’s business, Killua possesses lightning-fast reflexes and mastery of electricity.

Yet beneath his easy smile lies trauma from his upbringing. By befriending Gon, Killua discovers there is more to his destiny. Fans root for his journey of self-discovery away from the shadows of his past.

Even though as the deuteragonist of Hunter X Hunter, he has a two times bigger fanbase than the main protagonist of the series. No wonder why he’s ranked in the top third spot in our list of best male anime characters with white hair.

2: Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki badass half ghoul

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

The Tokyo Ghoul anime spent the whole first season making it worth witnessing Ken Kaneki’s revolutionary transformation into a fierce white-haired half-ghoul.

The world is surely a cruel place where nothing goes as planned and people have to change themselves in order to survive. This little quote perfectly fits the amazing Shonen anime protagonist, Ken Kaneki.

Ken Kaneki kicks off as a wholesome lad whose life is turned upside down when doctors plant a ghoul’s organs in the body of Ken Kaneki to save his life. To me, Ken Kaneki is one of the most depressed anime characters of all time, with deep teachings.

1: Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is the best male anime character with white hair

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

On the top spot, we have no other than the most badass anime character of history Satoru Gojo from JJK who is custom-tailored to be liked by audiences.

Whether we talk about the most overpowered anime characters, dumb characters, or hottest characters, Gojo fits in diverse categories as a universal prodigy. No wonder he’s the most liked protagonist in the whole JJK fandom.

He is a special-grade jujutsu sorcerer who is widely regarded as the most powerful in the JJK world. Satoru is the Gojo Clan’s pride, having inherited both the Limitless and the Six Eyes for the first time in over 400 years.

From physical traits to beauty traits, Satoru nailed it in every aspect, so it should be settled that he’s the best character among the list of top male anime characters with white hair.