Top 12 Most Badass Female Anime Characters Worth Exploring

From unleashing incredible power to displaying unmatched confidence, the most badass female characters have become icons in the anime world.

While exploring the features of animes, there are some aesthetics that force anime Otakus to remember a certain anime show, and badass anime characters are one of the important ones.

Genuinely speaking, there is a handful of badass female anime characters as 70% of anime goes in favor of male leads.

However, we have ranked some most badass female anime characters you would have encountered before but never think of them in a way of being “Badass.”

12: Yor from Spy X Family

Brain, beauty, and talent make a female superior to others, but when combined with a skill like assassination, it makes a female truly badass and overpowered.

We have surely witnessed an overpowered Yor in “Spy X Family” obliterating his targets with ease.

Yor is the main female character in Spy X Family. While pretending to be Loid Forgers’ shy wife, she works as a secret assassin renowned with the name of “Thorne Princess.”

Whether it comes to disposing of her targets or rescuing Anya from mafia, she can do both while overwhelming his targets.

Her precise personality, calmness amidst crisis, and politeness to ask her targets before killing make her one of the most badass female anime characters.

11: Rize from Tokyo Ghoul

Rize from “Tokyo Ghoul” was ran short on screen time, even within a while, she delivered the most troublesome and selfish version of a female character.

From a wholesome start, Rize hasn’t wasted even a moment before becoming a blood-lusty ghoul. Her bold personality and selfish will is enough to distress even a mature person within a screen time of 15 minutes.

Despite she was killed in the first episode, we fans have successfully remembered her dark and bold nature.

And even when Kaneki was on the verge of collapsing, Rize’s self-serving and harsh instructions in Kaneki’s memories help him triggering his powers.

10: Aiz Wallenstein from DanMachi

Including an overpowered female, who has never lost to anyone and everyone got shivers with her nearby existence, would be justice to this list of overpowered female anime characters.

I am talking about Ais Wallenstein, a level 5 adventurer who never hesitates to dispose of her targets within seconds.

Ais Wallenstein is the overpowered mentor of the protagonist “Bell Cranel” in Danmachi anime. 

Despite her thin and short appearance, Ais possesses an immense technique to overrun the deep floors of the dreadful Dungeon. With overwhelming power and dull appearance, Ais is the talk of town as “Doll Princess.

9: Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale

As you know, discipline brings power and capability, power brings attitude and attitude helps a character to appear as badass or bold. These are such characteristics to be seen in the S-rank mage “Erza Scarlet.”

As a very strict and facts-spitting personality, Erza Scarlet perfectly fits in the rank of the most badass female anime characters.

She never misses an opportunity to disgrace her guild members for their mistakes, and hate the people who take too long answering her.

Definitely, her strict persona comes with capabilities like requip type of Spatial Magic and Ezra’s signature form of Magic that allows her to swap weapons, armor, and clothes at will.

8: Android 18 from Dragon Ball Cell Saga

Before becoming the wholesome robotic mommy, Android 18 was the female antagonist of Dragon Ball Cell Saga.

Those were the days when Goku had recently awaken his super Saiyan form. The fans were super happy for him, but before too long, Android 18 slammed Super Saiyan form that took away the happiness of fans within seconds.

Well, it makes sense that nobody should expect emotions from a robot and Android 18 literally nailed it with her stoic behavior.

Despite becoming evil to good, this blonde anime girl never shows the slightest reluctance before eliminating the threats to her daughter.

As a fearless robot, she remains confident and cool as a cucumber amidst battles and possesses the ability to easily overrun a typical Saiyan.

With raw strength, durability, and infinite stamina, she’s one of the most valuable member of Goku’s team.

7: Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen

Honestly speaking, it was such a hassle to pick Maki Zenin over Mai Zenin from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series. But some punky dialogues are not enough to make someone a badass character.

Despite being born as a non-sorcerer in a renowned sorcerer family, Maki is a self-assured and passionate individual, who possesses the capabilities to move forward without relying on others.

Regardless of her disability as a non-sorcerer, she is second only to Itadori Yuji in matters of physical strength.

In addition, she also mastered the use of various curse tools which is definitely a talent in Jujutsu Kaisen.

6: Mereoleona Vermillion from Black Clover

the most badass female anime character

It’s easy to pick short temper, loud and insanely powerful female in list of cold-ass characters. In Black Clover anime, I am talking about fans’ favorite unauthorized captain Mereoleona Vermillion.

She is undoubtedly the most powerful member of House Vermillion, and recently we have witnessed her spark with the former Wizard King in the movie “Black Clover and the Sword of Wizard King.”

It’s no child’s play to be appraised by an ancient former Wizard King, but it is for Mereoleona.

As a bold and aggressive woman, she believes action is more powerful than only words.

Apart from being powerful, she lacks the moral sense of nudity and sexuality, she never shows the slightest hesitation to ordering both men and women stripe and take bath in hot spring together.

Her bold thoughts on obtaining power, extreme durability, raw strength, and wizard King level speed with a healthy amount of experience makes her one of the most badass woman in whole Black Clover anime.

A surprising fun fact that even Yami is scared of this woman.

5: Mikasa from Attack On Titan

In the list of most badass female anime characters, we can’t dare not including Eren Yeager’s cold lover “Mikasa Ackerman.”

Whether it comes to slicing the necks of ignoramus titans or rescuing Eren from the mouth of a female shape shifter titan, she never hesitates to swing her sword.

Apart from chopping titans with ease, we have witnessed the most badass Mikasa when she stood against Captain Levi in favor of Eren. If you’re Attack on Titan fan, you know what it means to vie against LeviThe most badass anime mentor.”

As Mikasa belongs to family of Ackermans, she is unbelievably accurate, fast, and calm even amidst do or die battles against mighty Titans. In hand-to-hand combat, she comes next after Captain Levi and such traits makes her one of the most popular anime girls.

4: Makima from Chainsaw Man

cold ass female anime character

Within Chainsaw Man’s first season, we haven’t got to see Makima’s badass version due to short screen-time. But Manga readers know about which coldass witch I am talking about.

Well, fans have seen a glimpse of her power in the last episodes of Chainsaw Man, where she uses prisoners as sacrificial materials to eliminate her targets.

Despite the sadist-looking keen thinking lady, Makima is an unhealthy INTJ personality type, who use her co-members and Denji as mere pawns in order to accomplish her goals.

Yet her most badass ability is to manipulate others with extremely cold and manipulated negotiations.

As a closed-minded person, once she is convinced on what she’s doing, literally no other point of view matters to her.

3: Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan

It can be controversial for some die-hard AOT fans to see Annie Leonhart ranking above Mikasa Ackerman. Well if we compare these kitties following the term of Badass, Annie can literally ace Mikasa without a trouble.

Annie is one of the most troublesome antagonists of AOT. Annie might lose in terms of battle with Mikasa but don’t forget the destruction she caused during season 1.

She was the supreme mystery in season one that wiped out Levi’s most professional squad within a single episode.

Including female titan powers, she possesses hardening titan powers along with her close to infinite stamina.

Apart from her abilities, her punk face, dead eyes and stoic personality are enough to be considered her badass female anime character.

2: Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi is the protagonist in the anime and manga series “Ghost in the Shell.” Physically she’s a cyborg who serves under the command of Japan’s National Public Safety Commission.

The defining traits of Kusanagi are fearlessness, professional spying, breaking in as a cop without giving it a second thought and carrying a whole bundle of badass weapons.

In terms of skills, she is proficient in using any type of gun machinery, which makes her one of the top ranked gunners of anime has ever produced.

1: Revy from Black Lagoon

revy of black lagoon

Rebecca Lee, renowned as Revy is the main female protagonist of the Black Lagoon series.

As a person, she literally exudes the aura of a badass punk lady with characteristics like being short-tempered, aggressive, loud, confident, sarcastic, bloodthirsty with weapons, fearless, and competitive.

With lightning-fast reflexes and a devil-may-care attitude, Revy fearlessly confronts danger head-on.

In a gritty episode of Black Lagoon, Revy’s bold and badass nature takes center stage when cornered by a group of armed gangsters; she effortlessly takes them down with her unmatched gunfighting skills and unwavering confidence.

Giving Revy no 1 spot in this ranking of most badass female anime characters would be justice.

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