20 Top Androgynous Anime Characters (Latest List)

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of including androgynous characters in anime whose appearance or mannerisms may blur the lines between masculine and feminine gender expressions.

Do Astolfo of Fate Apocrypha and Felix of Rezero ring any bells? These are some renowned androgynous characters or famous femboy anime characters. I bet judging the gender of these characters is no less than a hassle, so make sure you follow on.

“I will skip the femboy anime characters list because it’s already covered in detail on Anime Auditor.”

So without further ado, let’s dig up some androgynous prodigies of anime.

20: Mizu

Mizu from blue eye samuari is the best among androgynous anime characters

Anime: Blue Eye Samurai

Blue Eye Samurai is not an official anime because it was not created in Japan; however, it was staged in Japan and features a vengeful protagonist, Mizu.

First things first, tell me, folks, how many of you have watched the whole show “Blue Eye Samurai,” mistaking the MC for a male.

I bet a vast majority are included in this delusion.

Mizu, the MC of this show, is a bastard child of a white man and a Japanese woman, ridiculed by society for her mix of bread. Till the end, everyone, even the cast of this show, was so sure about the gender of Mizu for his manly looks, until his or her true gender came to light.

19: Chigiri

Chigiri from blue lock looks like a girl

Anime: Blue Lock

Although the Blue Lock anime lacks any female cast members, Chigiri fills up the gap with feminine looks and long pink hair.

However, his potential doesn’t lie in his looks, but in his insane sprinting. Bro, man is literally quick as a flash with flowing locks.

This forward prodigy is truly inspirational because, even with a sore leg injury, my beautiful prodigy doesn’t give up fulfilling his dream.

18: Rui Ninomiya

Rui Ninomiya of Gatchaman crowds is unpredictable

Anime: Gatchaman Crowds

Rui Ninomiya is an androgynous idealist seeking to improve society. While a genius creator of GALAX, Rui sees flaws in solely relying on traditional heroism and strives to empower ordinary citizens.

They cross-dress to observe the public freely, blending punk aesthetics with delicate features. Yet beneath Rui’s changing looks lies a caring soul.

I ranked this character quite lower regarding the lessened popularity of this anime; however, in terms of disguise, this guy should ace this list of most androgynous anime characters.

17: Sylphiette

Sylphiette from jobless reincarnation

Anime: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2

Is Sylphiette considerable on this list? Well, looking at her flat chest and slender physique with neutral looks, she might be.

Sylphiette is the elf friend of Rudeus Greyrat, who was also teleported into a magical disaster. In the new land, she wore the disguise of a man for some security concerns.

She might have failed to disguise the audience with her looks, but she had successfully established her status as a man in the storyline.

16: Jinshi

Jinshi sama from apothecary diaries is one of the best androgynous anime characters

Anime: The Apothecary Diaries

Under Jinshi’s mesmerizing beauty lies a complexity of few glimpses. His long purple locks and piercing pink gaze attract all, but intimacy is hard-won.

As an eunuch at court, pressure weighs heavily on his ability to prove himself beyond looks alone. Yet for Maomao, he shows his true playful self, finding acceptance where others fall sway.

Fans of this show can’t hold their laughs whenever this hottest anime character “Jinshi” interacts with Mao Mao.

15: Kiruko

Kiruko from heavinly delusion is one of the best androgynous anime characters

Anime: Heavenly Delusion

If you haven’t watched Heavenly Delusion yet, the character description of Kiruko might mess up your brain.

Kiruko is a female protagonist from Tengoku Daimakyou who helps Maru find a mysterious place called heaven. But here is the catch: physically, she’s a girl, but with the mind of a boy.

Already messed up? While saving his half-dead brother from a monster called Man-eater, she was shot with a bullet in the head. A doctor installed her brother’s brain in her body to save at least one life.

So basically, she has the brain and personality of a male with the body of a female. Should it be counted in the list of androgynous anime characters? It’s up to you.

14: Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff from black butler

Anime: Black Butler

With no confirmation about her gender, Grell Sutcliff is a flamboyant, manly Grim Reaper from Black Butler Anime.

God knows what the gender of this troublesome lady is who carries a chainsaw as her death scythe.

With glamorous long crimson hair and shark-like teeth, this beauty is head over heels for our long black hair prodigy, Sebastian Michaelis. However, he had rejected her without wasting a second.

Wanna date this androgynous phenomenon? Consider this at your own risk.

13: Frieza

Frieza from dragon ball looks quite feminine

Anime: Dragon Ball

Folks, just tell me already: do Frieza’s looks resemble a female facial structure? It definitely would if we were talking about the OG Frieza from Dragon Ball Z Kai.

If you don’t know, he is the most arrogant anime character from the Dragon Ball franchise and the most defeated antagonist.

As he’s still alive after dying multiple times in the series, this scheme artist hasn’t learned anything from his defeats.

In Dragon Ball GT, a female artist has voice over his character.

12: Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran highschool host club

Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

In the disguise of a frail body lies an inspirational anime character in the shape of Haruhi Fujioka.

Under her high school uniform, Haruhi Fujioka hides more than just her gender. She is the main protagonist of the Ouran High School Host Club anime, who wears a male uniform just because it’s less expensive than a female uniform.

Her open acceptance of gender norms conveys a deep message about how someone should be more concerned about the things that matter.

11: Envy

Envy from fullmetal alchemist

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Although its name literally conveys the whole character premise, there’s more to know about Envy.

The gender of this character is not specific because he or she is a shapeshifter who can either become male or female.

Despite having such a unique ability, Envy hates humans for their ability to form bonds and relationships because this is something they can never do.

10: Grey

grey from black clover is a disguising anime character

Anime: Black Clover

Within the unconventional Black Bulls magic knight squad lies an even more enigmatic figure: Grey, one of the few female members.

Once she returned to her original gloomy form, my jaw was literally on the floor with her sudden character revelation.

She possesses transformation magic, which allows her to change her physical form, making her a highly versatile or quite ugly round fighter. Which makes it nearly impossible to guess the actual gender of this shy, shapeshifting female.

9: Nurugai

Nurugai from hell's paradise

Anime: Hell’s Paradise

Nurugai is the most unpredictable character among all anime androgynous anime characters, whose character revelation hilariously came to light.

Nurugai is the major supporting character in the action anime Hell’s Paradise by Mappa Studios. This wrongly convicted to death sentence girl joins dreadful criminals in an expedition to find the Elixir of Life.

Even fans were not sure of her gender until her security companion blushed at seeing her private parts. Nurugai carries a manly look for a reason that you’ll know from this quote of hers.

Quote: I’ve always been prepared to deal with who I am and what this era thinks about that. So I have to use my own strength to protect myself.

8: Inosuke Hashibara

Inosuke Hashibara from Demon Slayer has very feminine looks

Anime: Demon Slayer

Who would have thought there was a super handsome face behind the stupid boar mask? At least I hadn’t.

The Inosuke face reveal comes with a banger. This masculine beast boy has the most beautiful looks in the whole series.

He has inherited these delicate facial looks from his long-dead mother. Honestly, his personality didn’t match such graceful looks; that’s why the audience was stunned at first glance at his face.

7: Inukashi

Inukashi of No 6 anime is a androgynous male character

Anime: No 6

Inukashi means dog lender in Japanese, and this femboy not only loans out dogs but also loves them more than humans due to their loyalty.

Why does he care so much about dogs? It is because he’s also been raised by a female dog called Shion Jr.

This self-aware sidekick is damn cocky and short-tempered; however, when it comes to living, he’s mature like an old man. With his odd clothing and overall appearance, judging his gender is a difficult task.

6: Griffith

Griffith of berserk is elegantly androgynous

Anime: Berserk

Among the top androgynous anime characters, Griffith is the best example of why we shouldn’t judge anybody solely for his or her looks.

For me, this anime character with white hair is the symbol of royalty with an androgynous appearance that should be pronounced as just beautiful.

Before you begin admiring him only for his looks, let me tell you that he’s one of the most emotionless anime antagonists in anime history. If I tell you how it’ll spoil the legendary storyline for you, so make sure to check on your own.

5: Mugaro

Mugaro from rage of bahamut

Anime: Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis (Rage of Bahamut)

Every cloud has a silver lining. That’s the hope that El/Mugaro clings to, as he lives in a world where humans oppress and enslave demons and gods.

Even Azazel names him Mugaro, thinking he is a girl, and treats him like a daughter.

Unlike Griffith, the audience can root for this wholesome child, who is a brave and loyal character who willingly sacrifices himself for the sake of his friends and his ideals.

With catlike, different-colored eyes, no one can resist the charm of this beautiful androgynous anime character.

4: Muzan Kibutsuji

muzan is a shape shifter most ancient demon

Anime: Demon Slayer

Is it okay to add two androgynous characters from one anime? Well, considering the popularity of Demon Slayer, there’s no harm in including some extras.

If you’re living under a rock and haven’t heard about Muzan, he’s the main antagonist of the Demon Slayer Shonen series.

As the Demon God, this immensely powerful demon is a shape shifter and is often shown as a female or a kid in the series till now.

3: Uraume

Uraume from JJk gender is hidden

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

JJK is overflowing with potential characters, and remembering most of them is quite impossible.

Uraume is one of the underrated characters of JJK who has given a super tough time to Jujutsu Sorcerrors at the end of season 2.

After witnessing her potential in the series, if you’re still taking her lightly, she’s the direct servant of Sukuna, and they both have stayed together for almost a thousand years.

As their facial looks and overall physique make it a little tough to identify their gender, they should be considered on the list.

2: Gowther

Gowther from seven deadily sins is truly unpredictable anime character

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

If not verified as a doll in the anime, I bet this cult beauty would have aced this list of most androgynous anime characters with ease.

His on-screen time and impact on the story are quite limited, so you won’t find much material about this male-classified doll, which literally exudes the aura of a female.

Gowther is the Goat’s Sin of Lust of the Seven Deadly Sins and was created by a legendary mage.

1: Tieria Erde

Tieria Erde from mobile suit gundam is the most iconic androgynous anime character

Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam

Don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s the first lesson you will learn when you encounter Tieria Erde, one of the Gundam Meisters of Celestial Beings.

I mean, just look at him. Don’t you think I should use her for him instead?

Tieria is not your typical hero. He is an Innovade, a genetically engineered being who can connect with Veda, a supercomputer that oversees the plan to end all wars.


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