Top 12 Action Anime Where Mc Is Op

An action anime is imperfect without a powerful protagonist. And nothing beats the satisfaction of an OP Mc beating the crap out of antagonists with ease.

Thinking of action anime with overpowered main characters makes us envision renowned badass anime characters such as Goku and Light Yagami. They sure are, but the rapidly growing anime industry introduces such characters every year.

To make a long story short, let’s explore the most old-to-fresh action anime where MC is shown as overpowered.

12: Rise Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani the humiliated protagonist

MC: Naufumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani is the main protagonist of the renowned Isekai anime Rising of the Sheild Hero. He is one of the four transported heroes but is humiliated for being weak and defensive.

Determined to survive, Naofumi Iwatani forms a low-level alliance and embarks on a journey to become powerful. He eventually became the strongest in anime, with the help of a legendary shield that can block or absorb anything, and with his tactical mind always rooting for success.

11: Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki from tokyo ghoul is overpowered mc

MC: Ken Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul is a horror action anime famous for its shady world and enigmatic characters. The show follows Ken Kaneki, who disgusts ghouls and ends up becoming a half-ghoul himself.

As a half-ghoul, he is considered a very rare species of the Ghouls race. Ken Kaneki possesses more superhuman strength and speed than other ghouls, which makes him quite op. However, there are many other characters who are more twisted and powerful than Ken.

We can safely say that Ken Kaneki is one of the most powerful anime characters from Tokyo Ghoul and, in some cases, overpowered.

10: Death Note

Light from Death Note is super powerful with the deadly book

MC: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the main character of the 2006 renowned mystery action anime series “Death Note.” Even as a casual high school student, Light Yagami is widely considered the most badass anime character in history.

With the devilish Death Note in hand, Light envisioned a world without criminals and injustice. To obtain his goal, he began using Death Note to brutally kill the criminals without giving it a second thought.

With such unique power in his hands, Light was affected by a godly complex and turned into a deadly anti-hero.

9: Chainsaw Man

MC: Denji

To begin with, Denji, aka Chainsaw Man, was an indebted person who made his living by killing devils. But after consuming the most powerful devil Poshita’s heart, Denji has become an insanely powerful chainsaw man.

You can scale his power level, as Makima and Gun Devil were desperate to keep Denji on their side.

Denji, aka Chainsaw Man, can wrap deadly chains around his arms and grow from his head. He’s insanely durable and fast to counter any dreadful attack from his opponents.

8: Mashle: Magic and Muscles

mashle is physically super powerful

MC: Mashle Burnedead

Being born magicless in a country where people without magic do not get treated equally is quite unfortunate. Our Mashle Burnedead is a poor lad who can’t do any magic.

But instead of mastering magic, Mashle has achieved the highest realms in physical combat skills. Despite being overpowered he’s dumb like a toddler who can’t solve even simple queries.

With enormous speed and muscle strength, Mashel can overcome his disabilities to become a Divine Visionary in his magic high school.

7: Code Geass

Lelouch is op with his geass powers

MC: Lelouch Lamperouge

Instead of fighting at close quarters or with sparkling magical powers, how cool is it that you make your target obedient and make him do whatever you want?

Well, the famous action anime’s protagonist, Lelouch, manifests this power of Geass, which allows him to plant commands on his target with eye contact.

With such great power and a genius mind, Lelouch heralded rebellion against the mighty empire of Britannia. To be honest, his smart steps with this incredible power have caused an army-level threat to the Britannia Empire.

6: Hell’s Paradise

MC: Gabimaru

Gabimaru is the most powerful Shinobi ninja, renowned by the name “Gabimaru the Hollow.” Gabimaru seems immortal, as the samurai clan was struggling to kill him with different brutal methods.

Throughout the beautifully animated series, Gabimaru embarks on a journey to a deadly island in search of the elixir of life.

How people fear the infamous name of Gabimaru the Hollow shows how overpowered he is. Monstrously strong muscles, insane durability, and a unique fire manipulation technique make this white-haired prodigy an overwhelming character.

5: Daily Life Of Immortal King

Wang Ling from the daily life of the immortal king

MC: Wang Ling

The Daily Life of the Immortal King is a Chinese action-adventure anime. Wang Ling looks like a weak, ordinary high school boy to others, but despite appearing weak and clumsy, he possesses an intense level of power.

For reference, Wang Ling has defeated the world’s strongest demon with a single kick while eating his favorite chips. If you’re really looking for an action anime where MC is super OP, this anime suits your query with a crazy good art style.

4: The God Of High School

jin mori is the toughest fighter in god of the high school anime

MC: Jin Mori

God of High School is a straightforward action anime that depicts the tale of Jin Mori and his strong friends competing in a high school tournament to obtain the title of “God of the High School.”

Jin Mori fights with ease despite looking weaker than other contenders in the tournament. The anime is full of action sequence fights animated by Mappa Studios and strongly recommended to people who love intense fight scenes and easy-to-understand storylines.

3: Dragon Ball Z

Goku from DBZ

MC: Goku

Even a newbie anime fan would have heard the name of Dragon Ball at some point. While hovering around the internet, you would have seen the iconic debate between Goku and other anime characters.

Among the many protagonists of this classic series, Goku is the MC, who holds a cheersome and loud personality and always stands ready to fight any strong foe.

To begin with, Goku usually struggles to fight strong foes like Jiren and Frieza, but his ability to rapidly grow stronger makes him an otherworldly overpowered character.

2: Mob Psycho

mob physcho

MC: Mob

A famous show named Mob Psycho 100 is one of the most inspirational anime because of its kindest yet powerful main character, Mob.

Even though he’s overpowered, he’s clumsy and always struggles to read the atmosphere around him. With such failures, he wants to improve and live a normal life, despite being the most powerful character in the world.

1: One Punch Man

Saitama is the most powerful action anime mc

MC: Saitama

One Punch Man is another masterpiece of action from the creators of Mob Psycho 100. I bet even a casual person who uses the internet would have seen the bald superhero Saitama by chance.

He’s super popular for his unique look and overwhelming power. You would have seen the debate of power between Goku and Saitama within the anime community.

Saitama is famous for his expressionless face and for defeating enemies with a single punch. If you want to enjoy a smooth animated action anime with OP MC, One Punch is a worthwhile shot.


These are some badass overpowered main characters from renowned action animes. I bet each of them gives you a unique story, unique look, and unique motive for them to be this powerful.

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