10 Most Perverted Anime Characters Who Can’t Resist Lewdness

Amidst the seriousness of the anime plot, it’s always refreshing to enjoy the quirky perviness of some perverted or naughty anime characters. These stalkers love chasing girls like sticking bees and give us a moment of laughter.

It doesn’t concern them whether they are capable of the opposite gender or not, they go with the flow to fulfill their desire. By referring to such characters, you already would have imgainated some characters but believe me there are more than you can think, so let’s dig in to find these naughty rascals.

10: Gakuto

Gakuto of prison school is hugely perverted anime character

Anime: Prison School

Honestly, Gakuto’s compassion to see girls’ panties is otherworldly and he is the one whose plan has sent the other male character to the school’s prison for stalking the girls.

Gakuto is a strategist with a penchant for schemes that stand out in the chaos of Prison School. His elaborate plans often revolve around love and mischief, adding a layer of humor to the series.

Despite facing constant setbacks, Gakuto’s determination and quirky strategies keep the audience entertained, making him one of the most perverted anime characters of all time who never give up on his stalking strategies.

9: Kazuya Kinoshita

Kazuya Kinoshita

Anime: Rent A Girlfriend

Kazuya Kinoshita, the useless and most underpowered protagonist of Rental Girlfriend, takes “fake it till you make it” to new levels. This bro’s life is a total mess. Despite having five females in the anime bro has failed to make a single loyal girlfriend until 3 seasons.

He may be a very perverted anime character but at the same time, he’s a very honest and muscle-headed freak with a straight straightforward approach.

His ventures into the world of rental girlfriends lead to a cascade of comedic misadventures. Kazuya’s relentless pursuit of love, coupled with his awkward charm, makes him a character you can’t help but root for, even when his endeavors take unexpected turns.

8: Maria Naruse

maria naruse is one of the most perverted and shameless anime character

Anime: The testament of new sister Devil

Maria Naruse is the most shameless devilish seductress of The Testament of New Sister Devil who brings a sultry twist to the naughty list. When it comes to lewdness, she stops at nothing.

Maria was the one who suggested Basara to make a sexual contract with Mio to protect her. This girl only needs to simple reason to get clingy.

Despite her often-foiled attempts at romantic conquests, Maria’s provocative presence ensures that things are never too serious in the demon-infested world of the series.

7: Dot Barrett

Dot Barrett from mashle is real perverted

Anime: Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Do you think Mashle is the only dumbest protagonist in Mashle: Magic and Muscles? Wait there’s one more insanely stupid character Dot Barrett who can fall for any nearby passing girl with a first glance.

Unlike Mashle this red-haired freak is real hot-headed and obnoxious. Despite being a powerful mage and straightforward character, he’s kind of sensitive from deep inside who’ll cry out loud getting rejected by a random girl.

6: Denji

Denji being a naughty character

Anime: Chainsaw Man

In the realm of perverted anime characters, Denji from Chainsaw Man has his own legacy. I mean how a person could take on a life-risky job just to squeeze the boobs of some devil girl.

Just take a look at the saying of this clueless anime freak, & you’ll realize how dumb and naughty he’s.

Every woman I meet tries to murder me!! Everybody’s after my Chainsaw heart! What about my heart?! Denji’s! Does nobody want that?! Huh?

5: Zenitsu

Zenitsu being romantic character

Anime: Demon Slayer

Ever wondered what would happen if a scaredy-cat became a demon slayer? Enter Zenitsu. Constantly terrified, this lightning-fast chatterbox is a comical contrast to his serious companions.

Zenitsu’s pursuit of love is like his battles—full of thunder and lightning, but mostly just sparks for Nezuko Chan, yet always gets rejected.

Despite his constant rejections, his undying devotion adds a dash of humor to the intense world of Demon Slayer which felt very refreshing at some moments.

4: Andy

Anime: Undead Unluck

You would have met many perverted characters through your journey in anime but have you remembered any perverted character who remains fully naked all the time? Meet Andy aka Undead a cool tall and muscular anime character with a scar on his face.

Within the first episode of the anime, Andy was attracted to Fuuko aka Unluck. Yes, attraction is natural for any man but this insanely reckless character has suggested sex with Fuuko after meeting for the first time. How lewd and ecchi someone can be than Andy.

3: Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus is super ecchi and perverted anime character

Anime: Jobless Reincarnation

Have you ever seen a protagonist who worships the panties of her master, yes you heard it right, this is Rudeus Greyrat for you.

Rudeus Greyrat, the reincarnated protagonist of Jobless Reincarnation, has a penchant for finding trouble. His journey from an unemployed shut-in to a world-class adventurer is marked by his amorous escapades.

You can’t estimate the pervertedness of this freak. Despite the frequent rejections and some successes, Rudeus’s naughty nature adds a touch of humor to the otherwise serious fantasy setting, making him a lovable yet unpredictable character.

2: Master Roshi

Master Roshi being a simp

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Imagine a wise, old turtle hermit who moonlights as a martial arts master but can’t resist a peek at the fairer sex. That’s Master Roshi, a legendary badass mentor in Dragon Ball.

With his sunglasses, cane, and a perpetually sly grin, Roshi’s naughty antics are as much a part of the series as the Dragon Balls themselves. His pursuit of love might be questionable, but it’s undeniably comical, turning even the most serious moments into a lighthearted affair.

Beneath the façade of a lecherous sage lies one of the most perverted anime characters whose mischievous nature adds a layer of humor to Dragon Ball’s epic battles and world-altering events.

1: Jiraiya

Jiraiya being a pervert

Anime: Naruto

In the hidden villages of Naruto, where ninja skills reign supreme, meet Jiraiya a white haired charismatic and eccentric mentor who’s a genius with jutsu but an utter failure in matters of the heart.

With a silver tongue for jutsu and a notorious eye for the ladies, his pursuit of romance is as wild as a kunai fight.

His mischievous persona and love for romance novels add a unique touch to the series, reminding us that even in the world of shinobi, love can be as elusive as a ninja in the night.


The world of anime has countless perverted and naughty anime characters, frankly, it would be more than 100 or so. As we can’t cover each of them, enjoy these top 10 for now.