Best Anime Boys That Are Favorite Among Female Audiences

In the diversified world of anime, everybody’s free to admire what they truly love or appreciate. Boys admire hot waifus, and girls admire hot male anime characters. However, there are some anime characters who are particularly popular among female fans.

Today, we will be ranking girls’ favorite male anime characters while also explaining why they’re girls’ preferences.

10: Stark

start from frieren is loved by everyone including female audiences

Anime: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is one of the top-rated anime and is probably known for making people fall in love with its characters. Whether we talk about Himmel the hero, or Fern, fans just can’t resist their allure.

Stark is one of the main characters of the series and was introduced as a lousy, boastful brat. The first time Stark catches the interest of audiences is in his fight with the red dragon.

Even though he’s a touch foolish when it comes to love, there’s no doubting that fans have adored his funny rom-com mashups. Stark is a reliable male anime character, and that’s why girls love him.

9: Loid Forger

Loid forger is girls favorite male anime protagonist

Anime: Spy X Family

Loid Forger, codename Twilight, is the perfect family man and secret agent spy. In the case of Loid, I am sure people don’t need any explanation as to why he’s the girl’s favorite male anime protagonist.

Loid Forger, aka Twilight, is the main protagonist and the smartest anime character of the Spy X Family. He’s a professional spy operating in a rival country to perform a special task to maintain peace between the two countries.

His profile is lit with achievements; whether it comes down to his profession or taking care of his family, he never fails to do so. For many girls, Loid is perfect husbando material.

8: Tengen

Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer

Anime: Demon Slayer

With a 6-foot-tall masculine physique, killer looks, and insane stamina, Tengen should be unrivaled in the list of girls favorite anime boys. Tengen is one of the main protagonists in the Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc.

I don’t feel like explaining how to praise this hot protagonist, who already has three beautiful wives in the anime. Even demons like Gyutaro envy his killer looks.

The way his character is written and how Ufotable has created it, it’s no wonder that Tengen is a hot anime guy, customer-tailored to be liked by audiences.

7: Mugen

Mugen careless attitude is appraised by fans

Anime: Smurai Champloo

Why do girls love Mugen, who is a 90’s classic protagonist? The answer is simple: girls just love bad boys. Mugen is the main carefree protagonist from the classic action series “Samurai Champloo.”

He is a force of nature with his wild personality and unpredictable fighting skills. The ladies love his bad-boy appearance with messy hair, scuffed clothes, and cocky attitude.

Mugen’s uncontrollable nature makes him an endless source of thrills and entertainment. While Mugen is on screen, please don’t expect any dull moments.

6: Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest from slime anime is famous among females

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Rimuru is the character who should be the dream boy of any female since he can make any wish come true. Rimuru is the OP anime character from the renowned Isekai anime “Tensura.”

Even though he’s a slime monster and appears cute, his godlike reputation and unimaginable powers make him fans’ favorites.

There are no limits to his powers; he can copy any artifact, any special skill, or anyone’s appearance. I don’t see why any girl would not love to admire Rimuru Tempest.

5: Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on ice

Anime: Yuri !!! On Ice

In the infinite pool of blonde anime characters lies Yuri Plisetsky, a hot Russian boy who sometimes confuses audiences as a blonde female. Yuri Plisetsky is the protagonist of the series.

If something makes this femboy girl’s favorite, it’s surely his looks. Under the angry growls and aggressive figure skating of Yuri Plisetsky lies a heart of gold.

Yuri’s only dream is to become the best of the best in figure skating. Female viewers are drawn to his complex emotions and vulnerability. They root for Yuri as he competes fiercely while learning to open up more to others. 

4: Satoru Fujinuma

Satoru Fujinuma

Anime: Erased

How far someone can go to save his loved one? I am sure nobody can go back in the past like Satoru Fujinuma. Satoru Fujinuma is the main protagonist of the remarkable mystery series “Erased.”

Even though he’s a neet, he holds a strong spirit to save his loved ones. Female fans are drawn to his kind nature and dedication to protecting others, especially children, from harm.

Using his power to jump back in time, he faces traumatic events with courage and determination to change tragic outcomes.

3: Satoru Gojo

gojo is most beloved anime character among female audiences

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

There’s no denying the fact that ladies are literally head over heels for this badass white hair prodigy who has been custom-tailored to be like fandom.

Satoru Gojo is one of the supporting characters from the top-tier shonen anime “Jujutsu Kaisen.” With his boundless cursed energy and Six Eyes technique, Satoru Gojo is both the most powerful and badass character in Jujutsu Kaisen. 

His flamboyant fashion sense and unrivaled strength on the battlefield attract admiration. Gojo plays the perfect supporting role as a powerful ally and teacher figure to the younger characters.

2: Jinshi

Jinshi is hot anime character and girls love watching this hot funny royal male

Anime: The Apothecary Diaries

“Possessing silky hair, slender features, almond eyes, and willowy brows, he was just as beautiful as a painting of a celestial maiden.” These are the direct words of Mao Mao for the hottest male character in Apothecary Diaries.

He’s wealthy, intellectual, influential, and kind-hearted. Whenever he’s around, females can’t get off their eyes from this androgynous anime character.

1: Tatsu

Tatsu from the way of the house husband is girls dream boy

Anime: The Way of the House Husband

Tatsu is maybe an underrated anime character that very few people are aware of. Why do I rank a less renowned anime character at the top of our list?

Tatsu is the main protagonist of the series “The Way of the House Husband,” who was once a criminal gang member and now has devoted his life to his wife Miku.

He looks masculine, he has tattoos covering his back, he can do every housework, and on top of that, he’s unintentionally funny. This is a proper combination of characteristics that no female can resist. Tatsu is habitual femboy that is appraised by audiences for his unpredictable character.


Here we conclude our list of anime boys that are popular among girls. These are the top ones, and if anything is missing, please hit me via the contact us page. It would be a great help from fellow otakus.