11 Most Underrated Slice of Life Romance Anime Of All Time

A lighthearted romance journey is what defines the best of slice of life anime and it hurts when such show went underrated. Everybody knows the best slice of life romance shows, but nobody gives a damn about underrated. That’s why I have created this list to pay a tribute to such anime shows.

What is Slice of Life Genre?

The slice-of-life genre focuses on mundane everyday activities of ordinary people. It depicts everyday challenges faced without much drama or action sequences but brings out peaceful feelings through relatable daily-life themes.

Without further scratching into details, let’s list down the most underrated slice of life anime romances, aka slow-paced romance animes.

11: Just Because

Just Because is underrated slice of life romance anime

Let’s begin our list with truly an underrated romantic drama masterpiece “Just Because”. Why a masterpiece? Because I doubt there would be any pure high-school slice-of-life anime with such a realistic storyline.

The story follows a group of troubled high schoolers struggling with their own passions like one is working on reviving a photography club other one is baseball-obsessed finding his career in sports.

Though they yet hardly communicate with each other, their lives intervene with the arrival of a third-year transfer student Eita Izumi who once used to live here before.

Such characters together shape a romance storyline with lots of love triangles and future insecurities you can witness on your own by watching this slice of life anime.

10: Dreamy Boy Is A Realist

The dreamy boy is a realist is calm high school romance anime with slice of life genre

If you’re a boy, especially an introvert, this high school romance anime is fully recommended. Why? Because of the way it introduces MC as a creepy lover and suddenly evolves into a cool prodigy.

Meet Wataru Sajou who is famous in school for consistently confessing to a pink-haired chick Aika Natsukawa. One day while throwing his regular confessing tantrum, he came back to his senses.

He realizes that his consistent stalking has shrunk down the friends’ circle of Aika. He peacefully chooses to withdraw. What will happen next is your task to find out because it’ll spoil the anime.

9: My Tiny Senpai

My Tiny Senpai is a workplace romance anime

Have you watched some workplace romance anime like Wotakoi? If yes, this hilariously calm but underrated slice of life romance anime staged in a workplace won’t disappoint you.

The newbie office worker Shinozaki is receiving special attention and nurturing from his elderly colleague, a tiny girl Shiori Katase.

First, her actions seem like a colleague fulfilling his duty, however, Shinozaki began realizing the hidden feelings behind her senpai’s nurturing approach.

8: Insomniacs After School

insomaniacs after school is the most underrated seinen slice of life anime

Honestly very few slice of life series are able to display the youth struggles in a realistic manner, Insomniacs After School is among them and yet went underrated despite having 8.1 MAL Ratings.

This seinen romance follows Ganta Nakami, an average high school boy unable to sleep at night. His sleeplessness is also causing his high school activities.

One fateful day, while seeking a hideout for sleep in school, he encounters a similar insomniac Isaki Magari. As both troubling souls find out about each other, friendship blooms lessening the anxiety of both.

7: Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!

Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable is a latest high school romance anime

What could be possibly more wholesome than watching Hokkaido Gals falling for Tokyo lad Tsubasa?

Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! is undoubtedly the most relaxing slice of life romance anime of winter 2024.

Watch Tsubasa, you super ordinary wholesome lad returns to Hokkaido from Tokyo. Upon his arrival, he instantly makes a blunder by leaving the taxi in frenzy weather.

As this blunder give him chance meeting a blonde Hokkaido Gal at bus station, this should be rather called a fateful decision.

6: Sounds of Life

Sounds of Life is slice of life romantic anime

Honestly speaking, Sounds of life is quite slow-paced even compare to slice of life genre, although witnessing super adorable romantic events like rich girl falling for mc surely compensate for its slow pacing.

Meet Chika, nothing but a ordinary boy who join the Tokise High School Koto Club to impress his late grandfather despite having zero interest in this field.

Although the club was not ready to include him due to his bad reputation, somehow he got in.

Along with three band members and a rich girl, Chika embarks on journey to compete in national competition.

5: The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten is a relaxing slice of life romance anime

Want to witness a pure wife material popular girl falling for introverted mc, must consider this soothing slice of life romance anime with literally wholesome fanservice.

Fan service and wholesome? Yeah, you’ll find out on your own.

Amane is little introverted mc with good looks and little troubled past. One rainy day, he lend his umbrella to beautiful girl Mahiru while coming back from school.

They have barely even talked before and it was total revelation to them that they’re neighbors.

Wintessing Amane’s reckless living force Mahiru offer him little friendly service of homemade cooking as it’ll also help Mahiru to reduce her expenses too while helping Amane.

The wholesome romance blooms between both characters by intereacting on daily basis and sharing meals.

Slice of life romance anime beauty at its peak.

4: I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness

I'm Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness

A demon lord teaching an innocent girl to be naughty in perveted ways….!

It’s the whole premise of this cheezy slice of life romance anime that gone underrated for not giving things that it never promises.

An royal blonde Charlotte collapsed deep in the forest while hiding from her persuars.

Fortunately infamoused demon king Allen arrives and offer her living with him.

As she was tormented before, she’s given up on chasing to her whims. Now Allen “The Demon King” is determined to heal this innocent girl by teaching her fun ways of living.

3: Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

Ever wonder how games are created or what things are required to create a game? learn while having some laughs in this hybrid ecchi show with zero action.

The show features an Otaku culture-obsessed protagonist Tomoya Aki who is determined to create his own game.

Obviously he can’t do all the stuff by himself; therefore he recruits some other girls throughout the storyline.

Honestly I have complains with its pacing despite knowing it’s a slice-of-life. No you decide what you wanna do with this underrated slice of life harem romance anime.

2: Higehiro


Everything aside, I just love the portrayal of this anime protagonist. Why? let’s figure it out.

Now there is an ordinary salary man who is recently dumped by his senpai and stumbles upon a high school runaway girl who is offering one night stand if he let her stay at his apartment.

What is he gonna do? Find out yourself by watching this anime where mc saves the girl throughout the series and I bet you won’t be disappointed.

1: Tsukigakirei

Tsukigakirei is the most underrated slice of life romance anime of all time

Before giving this most underrated slice-of-life romance anime a shot, I wouldn’t have thought that I would ever witness such an amazing kids’ love story.

With a new school year comes, aspiring writer Kotarou Azumi and track runner Akane Mizuno end up together in the same class.

Even though they’re total strangers and haven’t talked a lot, a slow-burn romance blooms between both souls.

Honestly speaking, the realistic plot and comforting pacing are the soul of this drama romance anime. This is undoubtedly the best short romance anime under mere 13 episodes.


Sometimes good shows are buried under the presence of renowned slice of life romance anime, that’s why I have created this list to put some underrated gems that deserve to be discovered by the otaku cults. So Enjoy!