12 Main Anime Characters With Unique Powers and Abilities

In the captivating world of anime, a realm where imagination knows no bounds, anime characters with unique powers stand as true marvels. These extraordinary individuals wield powers that defy the laws of nature, captivating us with their otherworldly talents.

From the ability to manipulate time and space to harnessing the elements with awe-inspiring finesse, these badass anime characters push the boundaries of what’s conceivable. So let me introduce you to the most unique and dangerous abilities wielders in anime.

As a hardcore Otaku, I have tried my best to include every worthy member of a unique ability holder to this list from old to new, so let’s begin our power level inquiry.

(Caution: We have only pick up the mc’s so there’s no antagonists or no sidekicks.)

12: Gabimaru (Flame Ninjutsu)

Anime: Hell’s Paradise

I hope many of you would already know about the protagonist of Hell’s Paradise “Gabimaru The Hollow.” Hell’s Paradise by Mappa studios is commonly famous for its unique character and its visual aesthetics.

Gabimaru is a white haired Ninja raised just to kill people. Within the first episode, Mappa Studios has superbly introduced this op MC who wants to give up on his life but nothing really hurts this beast Shinobi. Despite having a super ironic physical body, Gabimaru possesses a unique Ninjutsu, “an ability to create and behold flames.”

As he has mastered this Ninjutsu, Gabimaru can’t be hurt by fire, he won’t get hurt even by boiling alive. Gabimaru is surely one of the handy mc among OP anime characters with unique and dangerous powers.

11: Asta (Anti Magic Grimore)

Anime: Black Clover

Asta is a short teenager with ambitious dreams of becoming the Wizard King. Despite being born without magic in a world where everyone has magic, Asta is determined to prove his worth. He possesses a rare anti-magic grimoire containing a demon. This unique grimoire makes him overpowered in Black Clover word, even though he’s little air headed or straightforward.

While others see him as weak for lacking magic, his grimoire grants him the unique power to “nullify” any magic thrown his way. His anti magic sword can even cut through the strongest spells. With his anti-magic swords and indomitable will, this zero-to-hero anime character strives to demonstrate how his special power makes him a formidable wizard.

10:  Tanjiro (Sun Breathing)

Anime: Demon Slayer

Tanjiro is a kindhearted young man who hails from a family of charcoal sellers in the mountains. He strives to support his family after a tragedy turns his sister Nezuko into a demon. Devoting himself to mastering a secret breathing technique called Water Breathing, Tanjiro undergoes grueling training.

While battling with the lower moon 5 demon “Rui,” on the verge of getting killed, Tanjirou eventually awakens his Sun Breathing technique called Hinokami Kagura Dance. This is an ancient technique that is known as the strongest Breathing Style in the Demon Slayer world where Tanjirou is the only person who can use this style after Yorichi. This ancient style makes Tanjiro a most unique power possessor in the world of demon slayer anime characters.

9: Natsuki Subaru (Return from Death)

Anime: Rezero

Natsuki Subaru is an ordinary teenage boy who is mysteriously transported to a magical fantasy world. While weak-willed at first, Subaru faces immense challenges that awaken a hidden courage within. He soon gains an abnormal power – the “Return by Death” ability to revive after each death. Whenever he dies, Subaru retains all his memories and is forced to redo scenarios while pursuing his goals. However, other than this torturous blessing he’s a quite underpowered protagonist.

His unique ability allows relentless trial and error until he succeeds. You can literally consider his ability immortality but a painful blessing. No wonder why not consider this underdog prodigy in the list of op anime characters with unique and dangerous powers.

8: Bell Cranel (Liaris Freese)

Anime: Danmachi

Bell Cranel is a shy and kind adventurous boy living in the city of Orario, where gods and humans coexist. Despite being one of the weakest in terms of physical abilities, Bell has an unwavering will to become stronger. Through his bond with the goddess Hestia, Bell has gained access to a mysterious power known as Liaris Freese.

Liaris Freese is a pretty handy ability that can accelerate the host’s growth and development. Although Bell is the only character in the world of Danmachi blessed with such unique ability. With Liaris Freese awakened, Bell is able to push beyond his limits, rapidly overcoming opponents through skills and strength that would normally take years to attain. His unique gift allows Bell to evolve at an incredible pace, proving his qualities as a brave young hero.

7: Keyaru (Healing)

Anime: Redo of Healer

Keyaru is a vengeful protagonist from the famous ecchi anime “Redo of Healer”. don’t get confused by his name, he’s not a goody two-shoe hero, but a humiliated soul who only thinks of taking his revenge in a super creepy way.

After going through a painful process to properly use his healing powers, he has eventually learned to manipulate time and matter. While refining his healing ability, Keyaru has gained other magical powers such as Superhuman Augmentation, shape-shifting, corruption healing, memory rewrite, and many more. He’s undoubtedly the supreme mc among op anime characters with unique and dangerous powers.

6: Goku (Saiyen constant growth)

Anime: Dragon Ball z

Within Goku in the list of op anime characters with unique powers and dangerous abilities, everybody will be thinking that his unique ability or form would be Ultra Instinct. Dragon Ball is a continuous anime where no form or ability could be called supreme because you never know when they will nerf the form by introducing a bigger fish. But One thing is constant, which is Saiyan’s constant growth after being defeated.

The Saiyans were a mighty race because their planet Sadala had gravity 10 times stronger than Earth’s. They were also warriors who often fought to the death. When Saiyans almost died in battles but survived, their bodies developed a way to get even more powerful. All this training in the high gravity and near-death fights helped the Saiyans become extremely strong over time. Don’t tell me you weren’t aware of this.

5: Lelouch V Britannia (Geass)

Anime: Code Geass

Lelouch is the elegant yet scheming student council president of Ashford Academy. Behind his calm facade lies a brilliant emotionless mind and a secret ability. With just a glance of his striking Geass eyes, he can command anyone to obey his every order.

Lelouch wields this power to lead the underground rebel group Black Knights in their fight against the mighty Holy Britannian Empire. Though only 17, no challenge is too great for his possessor of a unique ability. Even after more than a decade of its release, the anime community passionately praises the badass character of Lelouch V Britannia.

4: Light Yagami (Death Note)

Anime: Death Note

Light is a handsome and talented high school student near the top of his class. However, underneath his calm facade lies a mind thirsty for change in the world. After discovering a mysterious black notebook called a Death Note, arrogant Light realizes he now wields godlike power over life and death.

Simply by writing a name in the notebook, he can eliminate anyone he chooses. With this ability, Light begins secretly punishing criminals to “cleanse” society. Calling himself “Kira,” he aims to reshape the world through his power and intellect alone. He could ace this list of anime characters with unique powers but there is a drawback of Death Note, it can’t hurt anyone if the writer doesn’t know the name and face of its target.

3: Rimuru Tempest (Gluttonous King Beelzebub)

Anime: That time I reincarnated as a slime

Once a typical Japanese salaryman, Rimuru found himself reborn in a fantasy world as a slime monster. Now don’t jump to the conclusion that what really a mere Slime can do, because it can do anything literally anything.

While initially dismayed by this weak new form, Rimuru’s curious nature led him to develop bizarre powers far beyond a normal slime called “Gluttonous King Beelzebub“.

with this power, Rimuru commands immense magical abilities like the creation and manipulation of elements just by absorbing them. He can make copies of swords, he can copy the skills, and he can absorb any of his foes into himself. It’s obvious that a mighty character can never lose a fight.

2: Satoru Gojo (Infinity)

Anime: Jujutsu kaisen

With his trademark lazy smirk, beautiful eyes, and laidback attitude, Satoru Gojo seems an unlikely choice to be the most powerful Jujustu sorcerer alive.  I am bit a confused about which of his powers should I include in this list because he is truly the blessed mentor in Jujutsu world with so many powers like infinity domain, six eyes, and prodigy charm.

Among all of his prowesses, The Infinity is the supreme one. Why because just imagine as a protagonist no harm or attack could ever reach you, you can say with infinity Gojo the prodigy is untouchable. His Infinity is the convergence of an immeasurable series; anything approaching it slows down and never reaches him. I personally think that this is the most handy and unique ability among all the above anime characters but there is a little draw back. In crowds, Gojo can’t use this technique because it’ll unintentionally kill its surroundings.

1: Eren Yaeger (Future Memories)

Anime: Attack on Titan

Eren is a determined and angry young man with a strong sense of justice. Ever since Titans destroyed his home and killed his mother when he was a child, Eren has been driven by a desire to wipe out every Titan and reclaim humanity. well, it’s another story that he also inherits a titan.

I always think that each other titan possesses a unique ability but what about Eren’s Attack Titan. Is foolish aggressiveness and howling in the prowess of Attack Titan until Aot reveals that it can see things that will happen in the future. The Attack Titan’s user had some degree of access to a future inheritor’s memories as well as the ability to witness events that their future selves would go through. I think this is the most handy power.


Remember that this list of OP anime characters with unique and dangerous powers has only listed the main characters. However, the anime industry is overflowing with characters, protagonists, antagonists and sidekicks having unimaginable powers.