Top 25 Beautiful Anime Girls With White Hair (Latest List)

There’s no shortage of characters with different hair colors within the anime realm. However, the white color is the most unique to make characters fan favorites. So are you looking for the top anime girls with white hair?

Thankfully you have arrived at the very latest list regarding your query. Frankly speaking, there are countless anime girls with white hair & obviously, you’re looking for binge-worthy white hair females, so we will try to cover the anime characters from the latest and renowned shows.

From the action genre to wholesome romance, brace yourself to witness the best anime girls with white hair from all genres of anime.

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25: Daki

Daki from Demon slayer is demonic beuty in white hair

Anime: Demon Slayer

Let’s begin our list with a hot demonic busty girl Daki of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc. Daki surely doesn’t require any introduction if we look at the success of this Demon Slayer season.

Originally the hair color of Daki is pitch black, however, it transforms into full white when Daki unleashes its full potential. Her looks aside, every aspect of Daki has played an important role in making season 2 a total success. Whether you praise her lewd looks or arrogant devilish nature, she’s definitely one of the beautiful anime girls around with white hair.

24: Riselia Ray Crystalia

Riselia Ray is a royal beauty in white hair

Anime: The Demon Sword Master Of Excalibur Academy

In the list of kindest anime characters, Riselia Ray Crystalia is no less than Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket. Riselia Ray Crystalia is the most beautiful character of this series. Definitely not only because of her white hair and modelish physique but as a sweet and kind girl.

Wholesomeness aside, she acts as quite a perverted character when around Leonis “The MC”. She’s also a talented royalty who has lost her family 6 years ago. She’s also known as the vampire queen who can’t die even when revealed to sunlight. Though she needs to suck some blood for survival which perfectly fits to set up ecchi moments for this royal beauty.

23: Shino

Shino from girlfriend girlfriend is intellectual white haired girl

Anime: Girlfriend Girlfriend

In the whole harem of reckless girls in Girlfriend Girlfriend anime, Shiro depicts a very binge-worthy mature girlfriend with a minimalist approach towards her lover.

If you don’t know about this anime, this is all about ecchiness and comedy whereas our white-haired slim girl set the tone in the second season of this anime by revealing her true feelings for Naoya “The MC”. I bet you can’t hold your laugh when this intellectual girl gets wrapped between the meathead girls of Naoya’s harem.

22: Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse is shamless white haired girl from ecchi anime

Anime: The Testament Of New Sister Devil

How it’s possible for ecchi fans to forget this shameless female anime character from borderline ecchi anime of all time? Even though she presents a tiny physique, don’t judge her mischievous acts for her size.

She’s the servant of Mio Naruse and has sworn to protect her at all costs. This little anime girl with white hair is perverted succubus responsible to set up ecchi contracts between Mio and Basara “The MC.”

21: Yin

Yuri from darker than black is a emotionless white hair girl

Anime: Darker Than Black

Yin is a mysterious blind girl from the anime Darker Than Black. Yin presents a binge-worthy character evolution in this anime from a depressed and emotionless girl to a caring female.

Her hair often shows as white or grey but what makes her fascinating to watch is her insane ability to make anyone commit suicide. Apart from helping Hei in his deadly missions, she can play piano as a professional. Such traits definitely make her a strong contender in the list of best anime girls with white hair.

20: Leen

Leen from In another world with my smartphone

Anime: In Another World With My Smartphone

Despite being 612 years old Leen looks like a fragile doll. She’s the tribal chief of the fairy tribe and possesses a very respectful nature to talk.

She often uses some random jokes that don’t sound funny but present this doll’s wholesome nature. As a spoiler, she later becomes the wife of Touya “The MC” and begins living with him.

19: Shiro

Shiro from Deadman wonderland is white haired anime female

Anime: Deadman Wonderland

Shiro is a complex yet captivating character with her striking white hair. On the surface, she maintains an upbeat and kindhearted demeanor, offering optimism to those in need of hope. However, beneath lies a darker story of painful experimentation that fractured her psyche.

Though small in stature, Shiro possesses formidable hidden strengths as the first successful Deadman. Her ability to persevere through suffering while still showing compassion for others “especially for under powered MC Ganta Igarashi” , despite the personal struggles within, makes Shiro both a enigmatic yet endearing figure among the best white hair anime girls.

18: Eiai Nano

Eiai Nano is smart beautiful girl in white hair

Anime: 100 Girls Who Really, Really, Really Loves You

100 Girls Who Really Really Loves You is full of beautiful female characters and Eiai Nano outranks every other contenders with her preserved and very straightforward personality. Honestly speaking, elegancy admirers can’t move their eyes from this elegant white hair slender female.

This curvy young woman is the fourth GF of Rantaro. What makes people love this freaky girl is her obsession with problem-solving and calm approach even the times of crisis.

17: Koneko Tojo

Koneko tojo from highschool dxd

Anime: Highschool DXD

Koneko Tojo is one of the main female cast of one of the best ecchi anime of all time “Highschool DXD“. Watching Koneko truly makes sense as to why anime is considered a world of enchantment and illogical things.

I mean just look at her little physique and she is shown as the most physically toughest member of the Gremory clan. Yet she provides a very quirky screentime with her quiet nature and unnecessary clinginess with Issei Hyoudo.

16: Ariane

Ariane is the most beautiful anime elf in white hair

Anime: Skeleton Knight In Another World

Ariane’s captivating character design was my only motivation to watch this isekai anime Skeleton Knight in Another World. Man, she’s hands down one of the most beautiful Elf girls in white hair I ever have witnessed.

Ariane is the most beautiful woman in this whole anime with golden eyes and hip-length white hair. It may look like Sakura Pink but mentioned as white. What makes her truly lovely to watch is her short-tempered approach that always puts her allies in danger.

15: Vladilena Milizé

Vladilena Milizé is beautiful army girl with white hair

Anime: 86 (Eighty Six)

Vladilena Milizé commands attention with her long, flowing white hair – a rare beauty among the Alba ethnic elite. But beyond her striking appearance lies a compassionate spirit, as the handling lieutenant devotes herself to advocating for the oppressed 86 fighting squad.

Vladilena Milizé is shown as a role model girl who wants to chase her dreams as a military officer rather than get married and throw away her dreams for royalty concerns. She’s a pro lady who can sew, chase her rebellious dreams, and even manipulate her targets. I bet she’s a whole package in the list of best anime girls with white hair.

14: Akiho Kosaka

Akiho Kosaka is a lewd anime girl

Anime: My Girlfriend Is A Showbitch

Girls with straightforward personalities always come in handy same as like Akiho Kosaka. Akiho is an excellently intellectual lewd girl who excels at everything, whether it comes to sports or studies, but one thing that truly troubles her is her relationship with her BF.

She is a beautiful and aloof-looking high school second-year model student whose casual approach to following sexual topics will make you laugh loudly.

13: Tomori Nao

Tomori nao from charlotte is supernaturally gifted female

Anime: Charlotte

Tomori Nao commands attention with her ethereal waist-length locks the color of fresh fallen snow. Yet beyond her fair visage lies formidable ability, as her mastery over hyperpyrexia allows her to aid others with both formidable strength and gentle care.

At Hoshinoumi Academy, she offers sage guidance to friends developing unique powers, like decisive MC Yuu Osakada. Though blessed with rare talents, beautiful Nao dedicates herself not to displays of strength but to empowering those in need of steadfast support.

12: Meiko Honma

Meiko Honma is a little anime girl in white

Anime: Anohana

Meiko Honma is the most innocent soul on this whole list of the best white hair anime girls. She’s the only character in this list who will think to benefit others before herself, she’s definitely a selfless soul.

This girl has gone through the most tragic life where she doesn’t only lose her family but also her visibility, she can only be seen by Jinta and interact with others through a Notebook. She might not be the best looking on this list but her wholesome tragic soul is worth exploring for sadistic storyline lovers.

11: Reina Aharen

Reina Aharen is white haired little girl

Anime: Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

You can assume Reina Aharen the white-haired version of Komi from the famous rom-com Komi can’t communicate. Reina is a short teenage girl with long white-silver hair who shares almost one stoic expression all the time even while laughing or in anger.

Just like Komi, she’s a reserved beauty who can’t express her joy, lacks friendship ingredients and often remains in her stoic shell. honestly, her stoic expression is the necessary ingredient to make this anime truly rom-com.

10: Shiro

Anime: No Game No Life

Shiro from no game no life

In the list of best anime girls with white hair, Shiro is undoubtedly the most intelligent often recalled as the genius girl. Shiro of No Game No Life captivates with her long white hair flowing gracefully down her back. Due to the color scheme, it may not look like white but many followers of fandom consider them as white.

Partnered with her brother Sora, this gaming prodigy overwhelms any challenge through meticulous strategic reasoning. While soft-spoken in nature, do not underestimate her skills – time and again, Shiro’s keen intellect and ruthless strategies claim victory for their duo.

9: Ninym Ralei

Ninym Ralei is strict white haired beauty

Anime: Tensai Ouji no Akaji “The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt”

Ninym Ralei is the most strict white-haired girl on this list who is mature like a bureaucrat. honestly, she’s a quite complex character who often shows as damn strict and sometimes like a caring mother.

She’s pure wife material who is damn loyal to the mc “Wien“, greatly excels at physical abilities, and gets jealous when Wien is involved with another woman. This white-haired waifu can easily become the dream girl of any Otaku.

8: Isla

Isla from plastic memories is a beautiful robotic girl in white hair

Anime: Plastic Memories

Isla is the only nonhuman character among white hair anime girls. As a giftia android created by the retrieval agency to carry out designated functions, she was designed devoid of emotion.

But pairing with coworker Tsukasa awakens within Isla a capacity for care, as she begins bonding with others in a way beyond her programming. Despite lacking comprehension of social norms, her awkward charm renders this bustling beauty irresistible.

7: Meiko Shiraki

Meiko Shiraki from prison school anime is white haired big oppai lew anime female

Anime: Prison School

Let’s change the atmosphere of this list by including the busty tall anime figure Meiko Shiraki. Meiko Shiraki is not popular among fans with her ultra manly physique and long whir hair but for the explicit scenes.

For ecchi anime fans, Meiko is the ultimate role model of an ecchi girl with glasses, ponytail white hair, openly showing oppais, and a manly lower body. I can assure you she’s the most entertaining ecchi element of the whole series.

6: Lucy

Lucyna Kushinada from cyberpunk edgerunners has natural white hair

Anime: Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Lucy may look like wholesome girls from the exterior but don’t get distracted by this dreadful girl as she can kill anyone within the blink of an eye. Though her hair looks rainbow-colored, but her natural hair color is white.

She is quite an introverted girl who is living only to flee from Night City “The cyber city“. She’s a net runner who steals tech stuff to make her living and falls in love with the mc afterward in the storyline.

5: Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva is arrogant anime girl with white hair from Black Clover

Anime: Black Clover

Let’s introduce the most arrogant female anime character on this whole list “Noelle Silva” the abandoned loyalty who never goes off her ego. As a royal descended from the Silva household of the Clover Kingdom’s magic knight brigade, mastery over water magic flows in her veins.

However, due to an incident in her youth involving a lack of control, she believes herself to be devoid of talent. But finding her place among the Black Bulls allows this tsundere princess to cultivate confidence as well as her dormant skills.

4: Kanade Tachibana

Kanade Tachibana is a straight forward snow hair color girl

Anime: Angel Beats!

Cool and collected on the surface, Kanade is our angelic girl with white hair and a fragile body. You can never know or estimate what scheme is happening in the mind of this reckless beauty.

As Student Council President of the afterlife school, she helps the deceased come to terms with their deaths to “graduate.” Kanade’s calm leadership and intriguing backstory make her one of Angel Beats’ most fascinating characters.

3: Mei Mei

Mei Mei from JJK is the badass white haired girl

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Don’t judge me wrong for putting Mei Mei on the very top of the list neglecting the fact that she has a very little screen time than many other characters of JJK. As an anime Otaku I believe some anime characters don’t need hours of screen time to make a separate fandom of themselves and the same happened with the badass female anime character Mei Mei.

She is a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer who works independently only for money as we have seen recently in Shibuya Innedent arc. Despite being greedy she’s damn powerful and openly accepts her greed. This is the second most badass female anime character I have witnessed after Black Lagoon female MC Revy.

2: Emelia

Emilia from rezero is wholesome white hair half elf female

Anime: Rezero

Emelia is the half-elf main heroine of the famous dark isekai anime Rezero and the love interest of our underpowered protagonist Natsuki Subaru. Taking in the hopeless Subaru and supporting him despite his failures, Emilia displays unwavering kindness even facing oppression.

She strives to change views of half-elves while battling dark forces terrorizing the city, all with steadfast poise. Emilia’s graceful determination amid fierce prejudice and supernatural threats only adds to her allure for fans of Re:Zero.

1: Frieren

Frieren is the most decent and beautiful anime girl with white hair

Anime: Freiren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren is a carefree white-haired anime elf who has lived almost a millennium years and has seen her dear ones become dead before her own eyes. You have to admit she’s a strong being who has never complained about her life following her miserable life long journey.

The presentation of a soothing and life-teaching experience in Frieren’s after-journey makes Frieren the best and most popular anime girl with white hair without a doubt. Let’s appreciate Frieren’s long life and mentorship with a short life-changing quote.

Quote: “I’ve simply been pretending to be an adult until I can make it as an ideal grown-up.”


So fellows here we wrap up our list of the best white hair anime girls of all time. I hope you would have known many of them, but in case you don’t, make sure you follow Anime Auditor as we usually came up with such informative Otaku content.