Top 8 Most Shameless And Immoral Female Anime Characters

Some of the most unabashed and bold female anime characters break all boundaries when it comes to word shameless.

I am not talking about Ecchi anime female characters alone, because from ecchi anime, there is no shortage to find such wicked characters.

The female anime characters we are talking about are bold, self-proclaimed, boasting, and sexually aggressive.

Though morally questionable, their audacity and sultry attitudes make them fascinating to watch. Their confidence comes from fully embracing who they are, no matter how provocative.

(While not role models, their daring personalities captivate audiences.)

8: Sayu Ogiwara from Higehiro

Sayu is a shameless girl her sexual aggressiveness

Hope you have watched Studio “Project NO 9” one of the best slice-of-life drama anime ‘Higehiro.’ If not! You should, it’s my personal recommendation.

Sayu Ogiwara is a school run-away girl in this romance anime, who has spent several nights with different boys shamelessly to merely stay at their residence.

It’s not an ecchi anime or an R-rated show, but still has some fanservice moments featuring this shameless high-school runaway.

Sayu has even tried alot to pick up with the main protagonist, “Yoshida” but he has withdrawn considering this act shameful.

Even for setting up a plot, this is quite a shameless act and surprisingly this act has lured many fans towards this anime.

7: Vanessa from Black Clover

Vanessa is a lousy witch

In a party of Outcasts, “Black Bulls,” Vanessa has beautifully presented the role of an always half-naked busty witch who has just one sole purpose in anime, ‘just to drink wine and flatter the surroundings’.

You can consider her one of a shameless female anime characters for her alluring appearance among outcasts, or a lazy witch who can’t even do proper dressing.

After watching 170 episodes of Black Clover anime, I am just wondering what the whole purpose of this anime character is, or she’s included just for fan serving stuff?

6: Power from Chainsaw man

Power is shameless and untrusty female anime character

The words childish, rude, spoiled and shameless, all seamlessly fit Chainsaw Man’s incompetent villain ‘Power.’ Let me tell you why.

She is not what she looks like, she has plotted a whole trap to feed our dummy protagonist Denji to a monster, as he was just a toy and not a living thing.

isn’t it a shameful to act to kill someone to achieve your self-proclaimed wishes. Apart from this stuff our spoiled fiend has also offered her boobs squeeze opportunity to Denji as a cheap service.

5: Phryne Jamil from Danmachi

Phryne is disgusting morally and appearance wise.

Phryne is a mere sidekick in Danmachi anime, though she has covered quite a screen time to be considered a well-acknowledged character.

If you think her character design is the only worst thing in Danmachi, then maybe you are not aware what she was up to do with poor protagonist Bell Cranel.

Despite her worst body and face, she has consumed many adventurers by forcefully mating with them. And she was going to do the same with Bell Cranel.

Bluntly speaking! Just thinking of it with her disgusts me to puke.

Apart from her worst-looking character design, she is unarguably the most shameless and hated female anime characters in Danmachi for her immoral acts.

4: Myne from The Rising of Shield Hero

Myne is most irritating shameful female anime character

If you’ve watched The Rising of the Shield Hero, Myne doesn’t require any introduction. It is obvious that her character has been set up to be hated.

At the beginning of this Isekai anime mc got humiliated by this woman for false charges of rape, on top of that everyone believes Myne because she is royalty “the elder daughter of King”.

The worst part is, this manipulative girl never quit her shameful tactics to disgrace our unfortunate protagonist “Naofumi“.

Even at hand to hand dual of Naofumi with another hero, she intercepts with invisible wind magic to fraudulently make Naofumi lose. I think this is enough to honor your grace.

3: Kaya Saimori from My Happy Marriage

Kaya is Spoiled and shameless anime girl

After watching drama romance anime “My Happy Wedding,” you’ll realize how tormenting someone’s stepsiblings can be and Kaya is one of them.

After being blessed with supernatural sight, Kaya has become her parents’ favorite child. In reply to her sister Mio’s kindness, Kaya has always tormented her and used her for her own good.

As a favorite child of her parents, she trickly takes over the secret admirer of Mio and becomes her fiancee. This resulted in Mio’s forcible marriage to a cruel person.

As envious sister when Kaya finds out that her sister’s fiancee is more attractive than hers, she bluntly begins to force Mio to refuse from marrying that cruel person.

For Kaya’s annoyingly envious tricks, I’ve placed her in such a top position in this list of most shameless female anime characters.

2: Kikyo Kushida from Classroom of the Elite

Kikyo is backstabbing shameless high school female

Ugh, Kikyo seems all nice and peppy at first, but she’s really just a two-faced mean girl. She pretends to be friends with people, then screws them over by spreading their secrets or stealing their stuff.

Kikyo is totally fake – she acts all sweet and innocent with her cutesy voice, but she’s actually cunning and manipulative.

She does whatever she wants just to get attention, like lying, betraying people, you name it. Kikyo is a total snake, stirring up drama in class to serve her own interests.

As a whole, she’s a backstabbing attention seeker who thinks she can get away with being a jerk just because she’s cute. But her shameless behavior just makes her super irritating.

1: Akane Minagawa from Scum’s wish

Akane is twisted shameless female anime slut

Akane seems like a sweet girl at first, but she’s actually pretty twisted. She secretly has the hots for Hanabi’s man Narumi and pretends to be Hanabi’s friend just to get close to him.

Then she seduces Narumi behind Hanabi’s back and tries to ruin Hanabi’s love life out of jealousy. Akane is supposed to represent how messed up human emotions can be.

She stirs up drama in the anime by playing mind games and turning people against each other.

Basically, she’s a scheming, boy-stealing backstabber shameless female anime character who spices up the plot through her sneaky tricks and manipulation.


Do you know such shameless females or any kind of anime characters boost up your craving for anime indirectly?

Their attention-seeking, two-faced behavior serves as a cautionary tale on the darker sides of unchecked human nature. Still, their daring attitudes captivate audiences.

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