10 Best Fan Service Anime Every Pervy Fan Want To Watch

After viewing over 300 anime, I realized that the majority of anime features half-naked attractive ladies, beach scenes, or perverse shenanigans. Such filthy scenarios are known as fan service, and today I’ll be ranking the top new anime series that truly embrace the fan service aspect.

Before jumping into our list of best fan service anime, let’s fully learn about the term fan service.

Fan Service?

Fan service in anime generally refers to elements such as revealing outfits, sexually suggestive scenes, panty shots, shower scenes, and other content inserted into anime and manga that are titillating and appeal to fans’ prurient interests rather than being integral parts of the story or character development.

Without further explanations, let’s jump into our list.

(Anime Auditor has already covered plenty of content related to fan service or ecchi/harem anime shows, so don’t feel shy to jump into other relevant pages mentioned within this article.)

10: Immoral Guild

Immoral Guild is one of the most underrated fan service anime

Immoral Guild is the most underrated anime in ecchi genre, why? Because it does not waste time attempting to construct a complex narrative with fully developed characters.

Instead, it leverages the sexual perversion of the average Otaku to its advantage, resulting in one of the most entertaining concerts of 2022.

Kikuru Madan, the MC of this show is feeling hopeless about pursuing his career further in the local guild of Mebuki. guild’s receptionist, Enome has assigned four problematic girls to help him find a successor for this guild.

With the arrival of these hot lewd chicks in this guild, the monsters around begin behaving oddly targeting these girls salaciously, causing the party endless problems in more ways than one.

9: Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a renowned ecchi anime with fan service

Despite being released 2 decades ago, the anime community has still not found a single relevant masterpiece like Elfen Lied.

The perfect blend of nudity, complex plot, unique characters, and a binge-worthy storyline make this dark romance anime perfect to stand out as one of the best fan service anime of all time.

The story revolves around a mysterious girl called Lucy who has been a test subject to the government for her special breed “Diclonius.”

She has become a deadly murderous object due to insane torture and on her escape she unleashes a torrent of bloodshed.

During her breakout, she receives an injury that leaves her with a split personality disorder. Two college students have found her unconscious and taken her under their wing without knowing her identity.

8: Danmachi

Danmachi is fantasy action anime with explicit dressing

Danmachi is a perfect example of an anime that is a guilty pleasure in and of itself. It doesn’t have the best writing, there are plenty of clichés and fanservice, and the pacing is occasionally problematic, but it never fails to entertain.

Overall girls wearing impossible-to-wear outfits are the main fanservice element of this action fantasy show.

The show follows the wholesome Bell Cranel who joined the Hestia family as a newbie adventurer.

While pursuing his dream to become a professional adventurer, he’s determined to explore the deep floors of dungeon where insane hardships are waiting to test his courage.

7: Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven is action ecchi anime with plenty of fan service

A weak tale, a normal high-school setting, an overly complicated magic system, and a lot of fanservice. Trinity Seven would have been completely ordinary and forgettable if not for its remarkable characters.

This one is a little different, with the main character being more open and honest, and all the women slamming him in a more genuine manner, which adds a refreshing atmosphere to this rarely-seen best action harem anime.

Ever seen the sun stop shining in any fictional storyline? This Breakdown Phenomenon happens in Trinity Seven destroying the hometown of mc “Arata Kasuga.”

In order to investigate the phenomenon Arata enrolls in a top-secret magic school where six attractive females are awaiting him. With this newfound team, Arata is determined to save his town from destruction.

6: Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier is latest anime with fan service

Chained Soldier is the most recent fan service anime on this list, and it focuses on telling a unique story while still being vulgar.

Chained Soldier is the most recent fan service anime on this list, and it focuses on telling a unique story while still being vulgar.

While babbling about his career, Yuuki Wakura was sucked into a horror dimension known as “Mato.” On the verge of getting killed by a senseless monster, he got rescued by a damn hot white-haired commander.

When even she was overwhelmed by the monsters, she was forced to form a contract with Yuuki to maximize the chances of their survival.

Together they form a slave and master pact, beating the crap out of their adversaries. After this bizarre incident, Yuuki decides to live in Mato considering his slave role as his new career.

5: Gushing Over Magical Girls

Gushing Over Magical Girls is latest beautifully animated anime

If you want to watch a show simply for the obscene cliches, boob-fondling fan service, and sexual escapades, “Gushing Over Magical Girls” is your best bet.

The show follows Utena, a sadistic girl who admires magical females who fight evil. One day, she was invited to become a magical girl herself.

But the problem is that she has been approached by an evil organization, and she must combat magical girls as an evil force.

She is initially hesitant to battle against her idols, but she soon enjoys inflicting agony on the magical girls in filthy ways.

4: Jobless Reincarnation

Jobless Reincarnation is the best anime with fan service

The reason for Jobless Reincarnation anime’s meteoric success is that it maintains its storyline despite extensive fan service keeping it in a natural way.

The plot revolves around a neet who was reincarnated in another universe as Rudeus Greyrat. As he accepts his new fate and family, he begins to excel at magic while connecting with others and gaining friends.

While exploring this new realm, he will encounter several puzzles that will put his 35 years of experience to the test. The majority of fans believe this anime to be one of the best ecchi with an amazing plot due to its fluid pacing, slightly unusual plot, and a touch of fan service.

3: Food Wars

Food Wars anime delivers mild fan service

Do you love cooking and food? Do you love watching people react to food in exaggerated and sometimes erotic ways? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Food Wars is the anime for you.

Food Wars follows the adventures of Soma Yukihira, a young chef who enrolls in Totsuki Academy, a prestigious culinary school where students compete in shokugeki, or food wars, to prove their skills and earn respect.

Along the way, he meets and challenges various rivals, friends, and mentors, each with their own specialty and personality.

Food Wars is a feast for the eyes and the stomach, as it showcases mouth-watering dishes, creative recipes, and hilarious fan service.

2: Super Hxeros

Super hxeros is one of the most extreme ecchi anime

I bet you won’t be complaining in terms of fan service regarded this anime since it’s mostly about ecchi situations and that’s it.

The show’s premise is simple; Earth has been invaded by some buggy aliens who get their powers from humans’ sexual drive.

A group of high schoolers who have enough erotic energy has been chosen to fight against these invaders. Will they be able to save humanity from these pervy killers, find out by watching this extreme ecchi anime.

1: Konosuba

Konosuba is the most hilarious anime with fan service

Unlike other shows that present amazing stories or explore philosophy and other issues, Konosuba “The legendary ecchi isekai anime” concentrates just on fun! Due to its clearer plot, Konosuba reigns supreme as one of the best fan service anime of all time with above 8 mal ratings.

Kazuma, a reclusive gamer, dies in a bizarre manner and encounters a goddess named Aqua, who offers him the opportunity to reincarnate in a fantastical realm. However, he can only bring one item with him, and he chooses Aqua herself, much to her dismay.

Their journey to destroy the Demon King is fraught with mistakes, misfortunes, and fan service as they face various creatures, villains, and friends in this funny spoof of RPG stereotypes.