10 Anime Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Show

There are countless examples in anime when sidekicks steal the spotlight and become more popular than even the main character. Usually, the side characters are not given much screen time, yet they outrank the MC easily.

Today, we are going to enlist the top anime sidekicks whose popularity, potential, and influence make them worthy of leading a solo show. So let’s begin our list.

10: Yoruichi

Yoruichi is overpowered and deserves his own legacy show

Anime: Demon Slayer

The only anime fans who have witnessed less screen time with Yoruichi compared to manga fans are still aware of the potential of this overpowered character.

The way the anime has shown Yourichi so overpowered, it would be great if given much on-screen time. Even though his story is briefly covered in the manga, it doesn’t really comply with his insane powers.

I mean, his glimpse made Muzan’s cell go mad immediately. A dedicated season covering his backstory and conquest against old Muzan would be awesome to watch.

9: Thors

Thors from vinland saga

Anime: Vinland Saga

Thors is probably one of the few anime characters with zero haters. I mean, his profile is lit with achievements. He’s a strong warrior, a pretty inspiring father, and calmer than a monk.

In the anime, we have seen a short story covering Thors rebellion from a bloody warrior to a man possessing a remarkable sense of justice. He can lead a solo storyline covering how he was persuaded to embark on a solo journey to find peace.

8: Yuno

Yuno can easily outrank any protagonist

Anime: Black Clover

Yuno was first introduced as some kind of deuteragonist and ended up being a sidekick. It pains me how this hottest dude remains off the charts often in anime.

Yuno was introduced as a talented boy living with Asta in a church. Due to his rare talent and a four-leaf clover, he becomes vice captain of the Golden Dawns’ squad in no time.

The character of Yuno does have potential since he is designed and voiced beautifully. People in anime praising Yuno for his natural talent give a smooth experience.

7: Rin Itoshi

Rin Itoshi from blue lock can lead solo show

Anime: Blue Lock

Rin Itoshi was declared the number-one soccer player in season 1. Due to the lower popularity of Blue Lock, I bet a handful of Otakus would have remembered this crazy good striker.

Calling him a one-man army wouldn’t be wrong since he gave our team of protagonists a tough time. He aims to become the world’s best striker and to take revenge against his older brother for abandoning their shared dream.

6: Kishibe

kishibe from chainsaw man is significant to the plot yet cover very little screen time

Anime: Chainsaw Man

Welcome to the most screw-loose anime mentor in history, Kishibe. Even though Kishibe has stunned the Chainsaw Man fans by chopping the MC multiple times, yet they’re unaware of the true personality of this old drunk geezer.

Kishibe has a significant role in the Chainsaw Man manga, yet the story is hardly much focused on him. Spoiler Alert: Denji has defeated the public safety arc antagonist “Mikma” with the help of Kishibe. We really don’t know how Kishibe has become his type of screw-loose devil hunter. Even though his role is not much, its impact is huge.

5: Rem

rem from rezero deserves her own love story with protagonist

Anime: Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World

Re: Zero anime has truly demonstrated the influence of Waifus in the shape of Rem. She’s a prominent female side character and possesses much more popularity than the protagonist of the storyline.

Yes, she’s damn cute, and her former talk tune is even cuter. She is the twin maid in anime who was super rude to the MC at first and ended up forming a love triangle situation in the show. Nothing beats this protective and aggressive beauty.

4: Vegeta

dragon ball vegeta is fans favorite

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

In the gigantic cast of Dragon Ball characters, Vegeta possesses his own fandom. In Dragon Ball Z 1989, Vegeta was introduced as the main villain, who later turns into a protagonist.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I said that he has the most fans after Goku. Vegeta is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational anime characters, having gone through quite a hard character development stage.

Ever since being first introduced in the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta has become one of the main cast members, competing with Goku as a rival. He’s popular enough to carry on his own spin-off series without any trouble.

3: Satoru Gojo

Satoru gojo is the prodigy of side characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Frankly speaking, Satoru Gojo is one of the main protagonists of the series, yet I have included him in this list considering his role in later manga. He’s obviously not the main protagonist, and yet his fanbase is way bigger than the actual protagonist, Itadori Yuji.

We can also assume that the skyrocketing recognition of JJK happens only due to the insane popularity of Storu Gojo. Characterwise, Gojo is one of the most badass anime characters, with insane powers and control over the JJK world. Explaining him too much doesn’t make sense because at least 80% of visitors would definitely be aware of Gojo.

2: Himmel

Himmel from Frieren anime is unique vulnerable hero

Anime: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Himmel was the party member of Frieren in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End storyline. At first, Himmel felt like an ordinary goody-too-shoe hero until fans were head over heels for his heroic teachings.

I can’t say for everyone, but whenever I find Himmel on screen, he always steals the spotlight with his soothing words. We can’t help but appreciate MadHouse Studios or the manga author for Himmel’s character.

1: Levi

Levi ackerman is aot fans most favorite character

Anime: Attack On Titan

Levi was already quite popular among fans until fans fell deeply for him after his unpredictable solo battle against Zeke’s Beast Titan. Even most of the AOT community considers Eren one of the best protagonists, yet Levi’s fanbase is bigger than even him.

According to Mal, he’s the most fan-liked anime side character. We fans have just witnessed his sheer badassness, but we hardly know anything about his miserable backstory. As a tribute to this fan’s favorite sidekick, the author of AOT has dedicated a solo manga volume covering his childhood.

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