Anime Auditor has a humble start in 2023 to become an authentic and trusted anime recommendation website. The ultimate motive of Anime Auditor is to convey authentic latest anime facts after briefly analyzing several authorized anime sources, such as anime news networks, IGN, and CBR. I will try my best to make the anime audiences aware and informed of what’s best and how it’s enjoyable to watch within the anime industry. So if you’re feeling helpless with queries like “Which anime should I watch and why?” feel free to trust and visit Anime Auditor as a reliable and informative source for your queries.


As there are many respected and reputable anime update websites already on the market, why should you visit us?

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Top Recommendations:

In the “Top Recommendations” category, we have included lists of top animes according to multiple queries like “best long anime, top post-apocalyptic anime, underrated psychological anime,” etc. As a whole, this category is a mixture of multiple genres and multiple queries.

Romance Anime:

In the “Romance Anime” category, the audience can specifically see content related to romantic genres and queries. Romantic genres such as Ecchi and Harem are also included in this category.

Anime Characters:

You might know the skyrocketing success behind anime shows is its remarkable characters, and surprisingly, there’s a lot to talk about anime characters. In the “Anime Characters” category, you’ll specifically see content related just to characters.


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