10 High School Rom Com Anime That Focus Laughter Over Love

The anime industry is full of high-school romances like emotional romances, action romances, romcoms, and ecchi romances. However, in this article, I have listed the top 10 high school rom-com anime that particularly focus on love and laughter.

The below-mentioned anime shows are worth watching for Otakus who prefers watching full of comedy romances with lighter themes, so if you’re one, checking out the whole list is worth it.

10: Horimiya the missing pieces

Most Otakus are already aware that Horimiya is one of the best anime romances with a lot of comedy but I preferred its recently released series “Horimiya the Missing Pieces,” because it’s full of laughter and some romance.

They have created this spin-off type anime series to include the missing manga scenes to fill the gaps between Miyamura and Hori san’s love tale. It’s focused on short high school lovey-dovey moments between couples that were missed in the parent anime.Overall it will make you laugh out loud with the characters’ teenage quirky moments. I would highly recommend watching this high-school rom com anime which is good and completes the parent story.


This is a very funny anime about a shy boy named Naoto who is teased by his popular classmate Nagatoro. She likes to embarrass him and call him smelly. But over time, Naoto starts to like her too. You will laugh a lot watching their cute interactions. Nagatoro is a bold and mischievous character. She pushes Naoto’s buttons to get a reaction from him. But she also supports his hobbies and you can see she cares about him.

Naoto is shy but talented at art. He stands up to Nagatoro more as they become friends. The other side characters are funny too. You will enjoy seeing how Naoto and Nagatoro’s relationship develops in funny ways in each episode. Their personalities make this high school romance very watchable and entertaining.

8: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2)

Jobless Reincarnation is one of the best Isekai anime but you’re wondering why I have added this to the list of high school rom com anime. Well, Jobless Reincarnation’s season 2 is focused on magic school and romance between Sylphiette and Rudeus, and with Rudeus how come you can’t expect comedy?

Season 2 is more focused on Rudeu’s school life than his adventure to find his scattered family. To be precise, it’s even more focused on Rudeus curing his erectile dysfunctionality with the help of Sylphy. Man, each episode is a banger of laughs and quirky dialogues of a lousy Isekai hero. It’s a must-watch show whether you’re isekai fan or a highschool rom-com fan.

7: the girl I like forget her glasses

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses is a newly released high school rom-com anime with some cool animations. You’re gonna fall in love with its vibrantly smooth animations and funny waifu who’s adorable to watch.

Kaede Komura and Ai Mie are classmates who develop a close friendship. Ai struggles with poor eyesight and often loses her glasses. Though she has difficulty seeing without them, Kaede is always willing to assist her and makes sure she can participate fully in lessons. In time, Kaede becomes a caring and supportive friend that Ai relies on, demonstrating that true friendship can form regardless of physical impairments and transcend superficial attributes.

6: Skip and Loafer

If you want a hilariously laughable show with a thought provoking seinen theme, you won’t find any better alternative than this high school rom com anime “Skip and Loafer.” Mitsumi, a rural student, wanted to attend a top Tokyo university to create change.

However, the fast-paced city overwhelmed her. She struggled to adapt until she met Shima, a kind classmate. Shima helped Mitsumi adjust by showing her efficient public transit routes, recommending affordable housing, and introducing her to study groups. it’s a tale of a quirky couple that will make you laugh from beginning to end.

5: Uzaki chan wants to hangout

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! is a hilarious romantic comedy anime. The story follows college student Shinichi and his friend Hana Uzaki, who loves to tease and bother Shinichi. Hana is a bubbly and energetic girl who likes to pester Shinichi into hanging out. Though Shinichi finds her annoying at first, he starts to open up to her funny antics.

The anime is very funny and will have you laughing out loud at Hana and Shinichi’s comedic interactions. Both characters are highly entertaining to watch, especially Hana and her goofy behavior. The comedy and lovable characters make this a lighthearted, fun watch for fans of romantic comedies.

4: Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is a heartwarming romantic comedy about two unlikely friends. Risa and Otani are complete opposites – Risa is unusually tall, while Otani is shorter than average. Despite their height difference causing them embarrassment, they grow very close over time. The anime is hilarious as it follows their daily school lives and romantic misadventures.

Both Risa and Otani are loveable, funny characters who will make you root for them. Their developing relationship is touching to see as they learn to accept each other. Fans of high school romance stories will find a lot to enjoy in Lovely Complex thanks to its charm, humor and charming central couple.

3: The Dangers in my Heart

If you find Lovely Complex a little old, you can try out this wholesome romance anime “The Dangers in My Heart,” which shares several similar properties like as its characters and their complexities.

Kyoutaro Ichikawa hid murderous intentions towards classmate Anna Yamada. During a chance library meeting over her candy stash, their interactions progressed beyond teasing to an unlikely bond forming. Ichikawa found himself fascinated by Yamada’s sunny disposition, seeming to replace his homicidal urges.

2: Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is a funny and heartwarming anime about a beautiful girl named Komi who has severe communication disorder and anxiety. She finds it very hard to even talk to people. The story follows her first year of high school where she meets a fun and kindhearted classmate named Tadano who wants to help Komi make friends.

Through hilarious situations and heartfelt moments, Tadano aids Komi’s journey to overcome her social anxiety. Filled with quirky and lovable side characters, this anime joyfully captures what it means to find your voice and true friends. As a whole it’s a perfect rom com for beginners.

1: Prison School

Prison School is one of the best ecchi romance anime that perfectly falls in the category of rom-com despite being a very lewd anime. Even with such an explicit theme, Prison School delivers a very fine rom-com tale with unforgettable characters.

Prison School is a hilarious anime that follows five male students who enroll in an all-girls academy by mistake. As a punishment, the boys are thrown into the prison-like Boys Correctional Academy. The anime humorously depicts their attempts to get along with the strict female staff and avoid further disciplinary actions. While facing absurd restrictions, the boys gradually make new friends and learn lessons about bonding and trust through funny misadventures. Full of over-the-top comedic situations and colorful characters, Prison School is an entertaining watch that shows how true friendship can develop even in unlikely environments.