11 Anime Characters With Most Beautiful Eyes

Welcome to the enchanting world of anime where characters’ beautiful Eyes play an aesthetical role in developing a separate fan base for a particular character.

Eyes are often called the windows to the soul, and this is especially true in anime. Anime artists pay careful attention to characters’ eyes, using detailed and expressive designs to reflect their personalities.

Beautiful anime eyes draw viewers in, conveying emotion and depth. Fans love anime characters with striking eyes in shades of emerald, sapphire, violet, and gold.

Without further explanations, let’s jump into the world where you’ll be forced to watch an anime just to experience the characters beautiful eyes.

11: Miyo Saimori

miyo Saimori from my happy marriage with such detailed eyes

Anime: My Happy Marriage

The one thing that forced me to watch “My Happy Marriage” is its character designs along with charming landscapes. It reminds me of the awesome animation of the movie “Weathering with You”.

The anime revolves around the female protagonist “Miyo Saimori,” who was born into a joyless arranged marriage. After her mother’s death, she bears with mistreatment of her stepmother and sister.

Miyo has been animated beautifully and feels very human, and you have to praise the beauty that lies in her eyes.

Her Sakura pink wide-open eyes along with a lean flawless face make her an anime character with beautiful eyes.

On top of that, watching a top-notch beauty with a sweet little voice being humiliated puts anyone’s heart on rage.

10: Ultimatia

Ultimatia from Ragna crimson is anime girl with beautiful eyes

Anime: Ragna Crimson

Ultimatia is the main antagonist of 2023s one of the most underrated action anime Ragna Crimson. After witnessing Ultimatia’s role in anime, you’ll feel betrayed by animators because ‘who makes such aesthetically rich anime antagonists?’

This anti villain anime girl not only has beautiful eyes, but a cute voice and a hot waifu appearance, yet overall epitome of cuteness. However, her personality and thoughts deliver a separate twisted picture.

She’s the angelic Monarch who has the ability to stop time. Ultimatia’s only goal is to kill every human being with lesser suffering so she can fulfill Kami’s “god” wish. Among all anime characters with beautiful eyes, this anime girl will confuse you about whether she should be appraised for her rich appearance or hated for her evil thoughts.

9: Violet

Violet has beautiful blue eyes

Anime: Violet Evergarden

Violet’s most striking feature is her large, deep violet eyes, which perfectly match her name. Their unusual shade stands out, complementing her pale skin and hair.

Violet’s eyes reflect her innocent sad nature, empathy, and sincerity as she navigates human emotion.

Like when she smiles or cries, her eyes shine with an emotional depth that draws in viewers.

Overall, Violet’s expressive violet eyes aesthetically reflect her sweet, gentle soul, creating a mesmerizing viewing experience.

8: Alucard

Alucard has dreadful deep red or orange eyes

Anime: Hellsing

Sometimes I used to think that Alucard from Hellsing is custom-tailored to appear as a most badass anime character.

Just look at his long black hairs spread on his forehead, covering his deep red eyes and gigantically tall physique, which sometimes confuses the audience that he might be an antagonist.

His devilish smile along with his creepy face expresses how bloodthirsty he is.

Despite being released in 2001 which is considered the developing stage of anime, Alucard’s anime character with beautiful eyes and overall appearance deliver the best of the best.

7: Claymore

Claymore demonic eyes beautiful and dreadful

Anime: Claymore

Claymore’s ordinary silver eyes are nothing to be appraised for but the real deal is when she taps into her demonic powers.

The coldness in Claymore’s gaze reflects her stoic personality as a half-demon, half-human hybrid warrior. Her intense eyes convey the inner turmoil between her human and demon sides.

Their unnatural color and penetrating glare are unsettling yet mesmerizing, encapsulating the horror vibe of Claymore.

Claymore is quite an underrated anime featuring a main character with beautiful beast eyes and floating blonde hair.

6: Mayumi

Mayumi has the most beautiful eyes in whole anime

Anime: Pretty Boy Detective Club

What if a character intentionally needs to wear glasses in order to avoid showing people her eyes? How cool her eyes would be?

Frankly speaking, Pretty Boy Detective Club is solely famous for drawing anime characters with beautiful eyes, but Mayumi’s eyes are built differently.

Her most striking feature is her pair of large, expressive purple eyes, illustrated with tiny white stars twinkling within her irises.

These magical eyes shine brightly, reflecting Mayumi’s warm, imaginative soul. But she often hides them behind glasses, worried people may judge her uniqueness.

5: Makima

Makima has manipulative yet beautiful eyes

Anime: Chainsaw man

Makima is one of the smartest anime characters who not only have beautiful eyes but a sharp intellect as well.

Am I the only one who thinks her eye pattern looks like Madara’s Narringan eyes? Everything aside, Mappa has brilliantly drawn her eyes to suit her manipulative personality.

Her overall aesthetic character design with her stoic yet fake caring personality gives chills to the audience.

4: Marin Kitagawa

Marine Kitagawa has beautiful meron eyes

Anime: My Dress Up Darling

Are you a fan of cosplay? if not, watching this anime will make you a hardcore one, mark my words. Well if you ask me about my favorite Waifu, Marin Kitagawa is my top-notch recommendation.

Not only her deep violet eyes but her overall appearance is hands-down perfection that makes her stands out as a popular female anime character.

Violet Eyes, blonde hair, ear piercings, powder white skin color, and curved long lashes make this beauty a most beautiful romantic anime character.

3: Madara Uchiha

Madara's rinnegan make him a anime character with the most beautiful eyes

Anime: Naruto

When talking about the anime characters with the most beautiful eyes, it’s hard to pick one from Naruto anime as multiple character has rich looks.

As Madara Uchiha was the first one to ever awaken “Rinnegan“, he’s more suitable to pick in our list.

For reference, Rinnegan is the Uchiha clan’s most potent powerup, which makes ripple-patterned lavender eyes with hypnotic black concentric circles of the host.

The soft purple color and cool design match Madara’s long spiky black hair. His mystical eyes show how strong and the greatest shinobi he is.

2: Doma

Doma's rainbow eyes are beautiful and godly

Anime: Demon Slayer

I didn’t forget that day when Ufotable first leaked the animated design of Doma in a teaser, believe me the demonic boy has created a separate fanbase with his glance.

Apart from his artificial god cruelty, his rainbow eyes were the only thing fans were excited about. like how good it looks.

Although it’s another story that Ufotable has received much appraisal from character designs and characters’ attractive eyes.

Doma is upper rank two demon in Demon Slayer anime, he is renowned for his idiotic but cruel personality.

Don’t fall for this guy’s pretty eyes, he looks like a wholesome god but in actuality he’s the utmost opposite.

1: Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo has the most beautiful eyes among all anime characters

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

If somebody asks me to suggest an over-the-board favored anime character, Satoru Gojo will be found at the top.

Sauro Gojo is the absolute prodigy of badasses, he’s tall, well-built, flawlessly written, and a handsome protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen Anime. Though he’s little dumb but overall he’s prodigy.

His powers aside, he’s the only character in Jujutsu anime with such beautiful ocean-blue eyes. In Jujutsu Kaisen’s first season, fans were amazed by the glance of Gojo’s beautiful yet powerful Eyes.

Overall, his unique eyes encapsulate his abilities and complex character, making them both beautiful and formidable.

Well if you ask me or any random fan, Satoru Gojo has the most beautiful eyes from whole list of anime characters.