Top 10 Anime Where Mc Is Freakingly Cold And Emotionless

Imagine if you are looking for an anime with a main character who is as emotionless and frigid as ice. A character that is cool as a cucumber and who always stay ready to sacrifice others for his own sake. Well, my friend! Get ready to witness top anime where MC is badass, emotionless and cold.

Particularly How Cold and Badass?

There are two types of badass protagonists exist.

  1. Who are badass in terms of their power but reflect a wholesome or ethical aura. Like “Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise” and “Mashle from Mashle: Magic and Muscles.”
  2. Other ones who are not only cold and badass can be pictured as anti-heroes or antagonists for their self-centered approach.

So, my hardcore anime otakus, we’re ranking protagonists who strongly exude an antagonistic aura and nailed the term of being emotionless with an extreme approach.

Without further ado, let’s crawl the rankings of new-gen badass anime characters whose emotionless expressions spark intrigue among die-hard fans.

10: Alucard (Hellsing)

The epitome of badassery, Alucard brings a chilling vibe to the screen with his crimson eyes and ominous presence. As an arrogant blood lusty vampire, Alucard exudes a unique blend of power and coldness that bring viewers to a contradictory thought, is he a hero or an anti-hero?

The series centers on Alucard and Seras Victoria, a former police girl turned vampire who boasts overwhelming supernatural abilities, effortlessly obliterating his foes. They both work for Hellsing Organization which aims to eradicate vampires from England.

As a whole, Hellsing is a dark fantasy anime where Mc “Alucard” stands as an emotionless and cold character with intriguing charisma.

9: Hajime (Arifureta)

Arifureta’s main character, Hajime, brings a terrifying edge to the anime as a badass and cold protagonist. His journey from a common student to the world’s strongest is nothing short of ruthless. The reason why Hajime is such a badass protagonist is his ice-cold merciless tactics and lack of empathy.

This Isekai show revolves around Hajime Nagumo, a bullied underdog character who is betrayed by his own classmates in another world. After losing all survival hopes, Hajime undergoes a brutal transformation, becoming a merciless force to survive and find a way back home.

8: Angelo Lagusa (91 Days)

Angelo Lagusa is the vengeful protagonist of 91 Days who embodies a chilling combination of badassery and coldness due to his single-mindedness. However, occasionally his self-centered approach blinds him to the consequences of his actions.

Driven by a relentless desire for revenge, Angelo navigates a world of mafia intrigue with a calculated and ruthless demeanor. Angelo’s determination to dismantle the Vanetti family descends him deeper into darkness, leaving you both in awe and questioning the cost of his pursuit.

7: Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Talking about the brutal and gruesome underdog character evolution, Ken Kaneki stands tall as of becoming an unrivaled cold-heart zero-to-hero protagonist. My boy suffers truly horrible torture to walk down the path to becoming a badass character.

In Tokyo Ghoul, a dark horror fantasy anime with the best storyline ever, we have witnessed a heart-wrenching transformation of Ken Kaneki becoming a cold and emotionless protagonist from a wholesome graduate.

In Tokyo Ghoul, a dark horror fantasy anime, we have witnessed a heart-wrenching transformation of Ken Kaneki becoming a cold and emotionless protagonist from a wholesome graduate. As he grapples with his newfound existence, Kaneki’s experiences of intense suffering and betrayal shape him into a stoic and detached individual. In Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki wrestles with his humanity and the moral implications of his choices, making him a complex and compelling character in this thrilling and dark anime storyline.

6: Keyaru (Redo Of Healer)

Similar to Angelo Lagusa, Keyaru is a defensive healer thriving for vengeance. But the way he takes his revenge is not even suitable to talk about. Here we are talking about the op character of border-line ecchi anime, who masters his immunities by enduring the gruesome torture of elites.

It’s rare to find ecchi anime with such emotionless and cold MCs like Keyaru, who can climb to the utmost brutal limits while tormenting his targets.

Anime is centered on the main lead Keyaru who once hoped to use his powers for good; mistreatment by the elites potentially switches his goals from wholesome to vengeance. And at some points in anime, his acts exude the literal aura of an anti-hero or villain.

5: Kiyotaka Ayankoji (Classroom Of The Elite)

At first glance anyone could guess even by his impressions, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a cold and emotionless lead character in Classroom of the Elite. His dead-looking eyes, calm persona, and self-feeding strategies sometimes make viewers delusional, is he a protagonist or Mastermind antagonist?

Classroom of the Elite is psychological thriller anime that takes place in a school where top-ranked classes get the most freedom and benefits. Kiyotaka is the mastermind of class D, a class of something like bottom tiers. With assassin-like speed, overwhelming strategic strength, and a self-centered approach, Kiyotaka can overcome any crisis within the school of bizarre tactics.

4: Lelouch V Britannia (Code Geass)

How Come it is possible to not include Code Geass anime that features Lelouch V Britannia as history’s most brutal and self-serving protagonist or anti-hero.

Lelouch can be expressed as a rebellious genius boy who initiates a dreadful war against Britannia after manifesting the powers of “Code Geass.” That allows him to plant commands in others’ minds. His ultimate motive is to take revenge on Britannia and to make a better world where his loved ones can live freely.

His motive would sound ethical and wholesome but his approach to achieve is demonic and unethical. For reference, our badass cold MC can even sacrifices his close ones for his own good.

3: Hei (Darker Than BlacK)

Frankly, if you’re in search of an action anime without a single bad episode, here comes Darker Than Black. This sci-fi anime revolves around a character initially known as Li Shengshun, who becomes Hei, a skilled contractor with electric powers.

Hei’s past experiences, including the loss of his sister, shape him into a detached and enigmatic figure. His calculated and efficient approach to his missions makes him a certified expressionless badass. To achieve his pursuit of uncovering the truth behind the mysterious Hell’s Gate and the disappearance of his sister, Hei takes on covert operations, battling other contractors and unraveling a web of conspiracies.

2: Light Yagami (Death Note)

Till date, Death Note is a potential anime that can easily make audience head over heels with its showcasing of renowned protagonist Light Yagami.

Tbh, it’s anime where you’ll struggle to point out the antagonist and protagonist. The anime revolves around Light Yagami, a keen realist, who becomes overpowered with the help of Death Note. A book that can easily kill anyone anywhere whose name is being written on it.

As a keen thinker, his pursuit was just to clean the world from injustice, and darkness. To begin with, it looks like a wholesome idea until the godlike power Death Note falls into his hands.

Once he began his operation to dispose of certified sinners, he forced himself to kill even innocent people in order to preserve his identity. I must say this storyline comes in handy to identify the aura of the protagonist, which makes this an anime where Mc is emotionless and cold. Who can consider taking any gruesome approach for his own good.

1: Eren Yaeger (Attack On Titan)

I beg to differ if someone thinks of any other character than Eren Yeager to rank top in this list. Yup, till the first two or three seasons, we have witnessed a wholesome and dedicated Eren Yeager. But things turned 180 degrees after watching Marley Arc.

In Marley Arc, we have witnessed the most troublesome sadistic, badass, and emotionless persona of Eren Yeager who didn’t show the slightest reluctance even to murder Marley citizens. For die-hard anime fans, it was such a drastic twist watching their beloved protagonist becoming the cruel demonic murderer. Even being responsible for the world’s greatest genocide, Eren Yaeger has won the best character award in 2022.

We can’t consider Eren Yeager as a self-proclaimed personality, but a protagonist who can go as far as possible to ensure a bright future for his friends.

After watching the Rumbling arc animated by Mappa Studios, It’s decided that Aot is the anime where MC is emotionless and cold enough to be considered an antagonist.

Check out the flash of Eren’s coldness as a protagonist.

Quote: “I… made a choice, And it killed everyone.”

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