12 Most Vengeful Anime Characters Fueled By Vengeance

In the captivating world of anime, where characters and stories weave intricate tapestries of emotions, we delve deep into a fascinating theme: the “Most Vengeful Anime Characters.”

These are the fiery souls who seek payback like a determined hunter on a relentless quest. Within these animated realms, grudges burn fiercely, and retribution takes center stage.

Join me on an enthralling journey as we unravel the stories behind these badass anime characters, exploring their relentless pursuit of revenge and the gripping narratives that ensue.

(Our list has featured vengeful anime protagonists, antagonists, and sidekicks)

12: Myne

myne is annoyingly vengeful anime character

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero

One’s arrogance creates enemies and after being humiliated by these foes, one always ends up hating those self-created foes. The same procedure happens for the shameless female character of this anime “Myne”.

From the beginning, Myne, an arrogant royalty has hated the shield hero for an unknown reason. After being humiliated by this shield hero, she has vowed to take her revenge no matter what it costs.

Though it’s true that she’s a useless royalty who has no talent except fake acting, she has caused many troubles for the defensive hero.

There is nothing more annoying than watching Myne revenge revenge-obsessed personality in this Isekai where MC is humiliated for being weak.

11: Clare

Clare is the one of the best vengeful anime characters

Anime: Claymore

Certainly! Clare, the main character of “Claymore,” is a relentless avenger. Her heart burns with a fierce desire to settle an old score with a powerful Yoma that destroyed her life.

Well, it’s natural for a character to go berserk against foes who have killed his entire family but in the case of Clare with beautiful eyes filled with determination, she never wavers from her path of vengeance.

Clare’s unyielding spirit and unwavering pursuit of her nemesis make her a captivating and revenge-obsessed protagonist, driving the intense and suspenseful storyline of the series.

10: Masamune

Masamune is vengeful anime character in a rom com

Anime: Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune is a man on a mission. Years ago, Aki crushed his heart by rejecting him harshly. The pain fueled his desire for vengeance. He’s now transformed himself into the cool guy every girl wants.

But there’s an endgame – make Aki fall for him, then shatter her like she did to him. You can’t help but root for this one of the best vengeful anime characters, even as his obsession with getting even takes him to unpredictable places.

His obsession with revenge is both comical and captivating, driving the hilarious twists and turns in the story as he navigates the tricky terrain of love and vendetta.

9: Keyaru

Keyaru is a cold blooded humiliated prodigy of vengeful anime characters

Anime: Redo of Healer

If you’re an ecchi lover and always dream of watching extreme content with a op anime protagonist, This vengeful anime antihero Keyaru gonna live up to your expectations.

Keyaru lives for vengeance. After being humiliated, he gains the power to change the past. But instead of healing old wounds, he’ll inflict new ones.

Each meticulous move is calculated retribution against those who hurt him. What drives this man to sacrifice redemption for relentless payback?

As his cunning plans unfold, enemies fall one by one. But each victory transforms Keyaru from a broken soul into a man no one can defeat. This morally gray tale explores the dark allure of getting even, testing how far we’d go in the name of vengeance.

8: Afro

Afro is vengeful samurai raged with vengeance

Anime: Afro Samurai

Revenge is all Afro knows. As a boy, he witnessed the horrific death of his father – the legendary Number One samurai. The traumatic memory fueled a burning desire to avenge his family.

Now, nothing matters for Afro but defeating the man responsible – the sinister Justice. With every foe that crosses his path, Afro hones his skills. Each battle brings him closer to the day he’s dreamed of for so long – facing his father’s killer.

Justice may have torn Afro’s world apart once, but now the roles will be reversed. Through blood and sweat, Afro climbs the ranks, stalking his prey with single-minded focus.

7: Frieza

Frieza is a never settling revenge obsessed anime antagonist

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Even a 30-year-old anime Otaku can’t forget this annoyingly arrogant god of vengeful anime characters “The Mighty Frieza” responsible for the destruction of planet Saiyan.

After being humiliated several times by Goku, this arrogant anime character never learns a lesson. He always boasts around with his new forms but always ends up defeating by Goku and Vegeta.

Sometimes even I ask myself, do they create this character just to be disgraced by the protagonists? Whatever the reason, Frieza never gets tired of his revenge-obsessed plans.

6: Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch is cold mc with dark motivations of  revenge

Anime: Code Geass

Lelouch knows the pain of loss. His noble family fell from grace, tormented by a ruthless empire. Now only one goal drives this freakingly cold mc – bring Britannia to its knees.

Disguised as the enigmatic “Zero”, he rallies a rebellion with unparalleled tactical genius. Some fight for justice, but Lelouch fights only for vengeance.

His family’s suffering demands blood, no matter the cost. While seeking a better world, Lelouch walks a dark path, sacrificing his soul for revenge. No wonder why the anime community remembers this badass anime character as a horrifying antihero.

5: Kurapika

Kurapika is the most vengeful anime character

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika, from “Hunter x Hunter,” is a character fueled by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. His life’s purpose centers on avenging his slaughtered Kurta Clan, mercilessly massacred by the Phantom Troupe.

Possessing a unique ability that grants him incredible power when pursuing his vendetta, Kurapika is both a skilled Hunter and a master strategist.

Despite his composed exterior, Kurapika’s heart seethes with rage, making him a captivating and morally complex figure as he navigates a treacherous journey filled with peril, suspense, and the pursuit of justice.

4: Angelo Lagusa

Angelo Lagusa is best gun slinger and cold protagonist

Anime: 91 Days

Angelo Lagusa, from “91 Days,” is the epitome of a vengeful anime characters. He’s a top level gun slinger consumed by a thirst for revenge in a world full of mafias.

After the brutal murder of his family, Angelo adopts a new identity to infiltrate the mafia family responsible for the tragedy. What sets him apart is his relentless pursuit of justice.

Plus, his remarkable skill with firearms makes him an awe-inspiring gunslinger, turning every confrontation into a heart-pounding showdown.

It is worth watching if you enjoy crime dramas with a focus on revenge and moral ambiguity. Its awesome vengeful protagonist transformation is truly worth watching.

3: Thorfinn

Thorfinn's is revenge obsessed anime character

Anime: Vinland Saga

Thorfinn is a poor zero to hero anime protagonist who has seen his beloved father murdered by pirates. After this event, he has just one goal, to avenge his father’s death.

Ever since he was a boy, he has been hellbent on killing Askeladd, the man responsible for murdering his father and his mentor.

Thorfinn isn’t interested in much else besides his quest for vengeance. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.

While other characters have more depth or complexity, Thorfinn is singularly focused on carrying out his vendetta against Askeladd by any means necessary. His thirst for revenge knows no bounds.

Although he lost his revenge obsession and set an example for anime lover as becoming a most inspirational forgiving anime character.

2: Guts

Guts is legendary revenge obsessed anime character fueled after betrayal

Anime: Berserk

Guts, the formidable and vengeful protagonist of “Berserk,” is a man consumed by a burning desire for revenge. His sad journey includes witnessing the brutal massacre of his comrades by his former friend and mentor, Griffith.

This horrifying betrayal ignites Guts’ unrelenting quest for vengeance against Griffith and the God Hand, the sinister beings behind his suffering.

Guts is a depressed warrior, wielding a massive sword with unmatched skill and strength. His journey is one of blood-soaked battles, as he carves a path towards his nemesis.

Yet, beneath the scars and rage, Guts’ complex character and enduring humanity shine, making him an unforgettable vengeful anime character in the world of anime.

1: Eren Yaeger

Eren Yaeger is anime history's most vengeful anime character

Anime: Attack On Titan

If you have watched the first 3 episodes of Attack on Titan, you will agree why I have placed this most badass anime character on top of the list.

Eren Yeager is the boy who has witnessed the brutal death of his beloved mother in front of his eyes, where he vows and says the iconic dialogue, “I will kill them all, every last of them.”

In the first season of AOT, he hates the existence of Titans and always wishes to wipe out them without giving it a second thought.

After the struggle of almost a decade, the vengeful legacy of Eren Yeager is finally going to end in 2023.


I have ranked these vengeful anime characters according to my own perception, how I perceive their character. Majority of the anime community also votes for these. I hope you’ll enjoy this list.

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