Top 10 Most Arrogant Anime And Egoistical Characters

Some of the most arrogant anime characters in shows are those who let their power and abilities go straight to their heads. Believing themselves superior to others and unable to be defeated, they display arrogance through their words and actions.

These badass anime characters can be protagonists, antagonists, and sidekicks who never show’s reluctancy before roasting their surroundings.

10: Akane Minagawa

Akane Minagawa from scums wish is shameless and arrogant anime character

Anime: Scum’s Wish

Scum’s Wish is vastly famous for its dramatic love triangle, in reality, there is more to explore in this show full of shameless anime characters.

Amidst full of bizarre characters Akane Minagawa is one of the leading characters with the most arrogant personality.

She is a kind of twisted character who can’t endure watching any couples happy around her. She arrogantly assumes that every surrounding male should pay attention to her instead of any other girl.

If I could ever create a list of the most jealous anime characters, Akane’s place would be sure in that list. I don’t wanna spoil it, but the way her character is written is truly fascinating to watch and bear.

9: sanemi shinazugawa

Sanemi is arrogant hashira

Anime: Demon Slayer

We have just seen a little glimpse of Sanemi in the first season of Demon Slayer and we have already gotten an idea of how arrogant and OP he is.

However, his arrogance comes from his power level compared to other Hashiras. According to Manga he never treated anyone with a greeting other than the master of the mansion.

Whether you look at his scars or his overall character design, he is custom-tailored to break rules and regulations.

From a whole bunch of Demon Slayer characters, Sanemi is one of the most arrogant anime characters without any debate.

8: Aki Adagaki

Aki Adagaki is cruel princess with egoistical nature

Anime: Masamune Kun’s Revenge

Aki comes from a very wealthy family and is renowned with the nickname “Brutal Princess” as she had rejected many proposals from male students.

She is the smartest girl in her class and knows it. Aki looks down on others and likes to show off her high IQ. She thinks she is better than everyone because of her rich background and intelligence.

Her egoistic nature is super cruel and famous among the whole school as she has rejected many male proposals in the most arrogant ways.

She doesn’t only reject the proposal but she humiliates badly who dare to reach her. She has also labeled the MC with “Piggy” on account of his weight.

7: Masahito Date

Masahito Date is self concerned doctor from btooom

Anime: Btooom!

Normally doctors are considered lifesavers but this selfish arrogant dude is life taker. Masahito Date is the most creepy and arrogant character from action anime Btooom!

He’s not only arrogant but has a super self-centered personality who sees other peoples as tools to utilize for his own survival.

I don’t know how many times he has portrayed his arrogancy with his words and actions within 3 episodes of screen time.

Date is the kind of doctor who doesn’t even want to waste food to save his patients’ lives. For me, he is one of the most arrogant and disgusting anime characters I have ever witnessed.

6: Yamori

Yamori is torturous and arrogant antagonist from tokyo ghoul

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Power in the wrong hands can cause huge losses and Yamori from Tokyo Ghoul has proved this with his arrogant actions.

Frankly speaking, he is the most annoying antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul who never lets go of any chance to abuse others.

The way this arrogant Yamori has tortured the MC Ken Kaneki is super disturbing to even watch. Check out his creepy egoistic personality with his villainess quote.

“Those with the power are free to do as they please.”

5: Mari Kurihara

Mari Kurihara is arrogant female president in Prison School anime who hates all the the men

Anime: Prison School

You may have seen many egoistic school presidents in anime but Mari Kurihara from Prison School is alone in his league.

His arrogance always fueled up whenever she encountered a male existence. She thinks that males are some kind of rabbits born only to do pervy things.

Though she is very competent and kind from heart, on the other hand, she’s super arrogant to forgive a single mistake from any male character.

4: Vegeta

Vegeta is prideful boasting prince saiyan from Dragon Ball

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

While talking about the most arrogant anime characters, how come this is possible to leave our Prince Vegeta from this list?

In terms of arrogance or so-called pride, he is the most egoistic character from the whole series of DBZ.

He never gives a damn shit about anything until that particular thing or action affects our great prince Vegeta.

It’s amusing that even after being ridiculed by different characters of DB, he’s still holding strong to his pride.

3: Saturo Gojo

Saturo Gojo is overconfident badass anime character due to his extreme capabilities

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

With god-like powers and insane capabilities, our one of the most badass anime characters Satoru Gojo is a hell of an arrogant protagonist.

He’s super powerful and god-gifted, It makes sense how all the antagonists fear of him. With such repute and otherworldly unique capabilities, it’s normal for him to be prideful.

With his unique colorful eyes and laidback smile, Gojo seems carefree but is always ten steps ahead of his opponents. He shows off his abilities proudly and looks down on other sorcerers who can’t match his level.

While hilarious and helpful to his students, Satoru’s ego is huge and he freely flaunts his dominance. He stops at nothing to win using his awesome curse techniques.

2: Frieza

Frieza is cruel and arrogant anime antagonist from Dragon Ball

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Frieza is the ruthless emperor of the most powerful intergalactic empire. He is arrogant, egotistical and believes himself to be the strongest in the universe, while he’s not.

When it comes to unnecessary boasting and showing off, no one literally no one can beat this hell of an annoying androgynous anime character.

He looks down on all other alien races as mere insects. Frieza takes great pleasure in destruction and killing as he has destroyed planet Saiyan without any remorse.

His sole aim is to rule over all with an iron fist fueled by his immense pride and vanity, yet he always ends up getting kick assed by protagonists.

1: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is most arrogant anti hero from Death Note with god like persona

Anime: Death Note

In my Otaku diaries, Light Yagami is the most hottest arrogant and egoistical anime character. He totally thinks he’s a god or something after getting that Death Note.

Death Note anime is one of the rare shows where MC is emotionless and badass neglecting typical action storyline.

Light believes he’s so smart and thinks he can cleanse the world of criminals. The guy starts killing dozens of people each day just because he feels like it.

And you know what, Light actually starts liking the power and getting a huge ego about being this god-level figure. He looks down on everyone and thinks he’s ten steps ahead of everyone else.

Light definitely lets the power go to his head and becomes a huge egomaniac who thinks he’s untouchable and better than everyone. What a cocky villain, am I right?