Top 15 Most Badass and Op Magic Users in Anime Ranked

A select few mystical beings transcend the limitations of common magic in the vibrant world of anime, where imagination has no bounds.

From ancient sorcerers to enigmatic wizards capable of rewriting reality itself, these most badass anime characters have etched their indelible mark on the memories of anime fans.

Get ready for an exciting adventure through the enchanted labyrinth of the most Badass and op magic users in anime.

15: Demon Lord Diablo (How Not to Summon Demon Lord)

 In the anime “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord,” follow Diablos journey as he navigates a magical game world where he becomes trapped inside the body of his top-tier in-game character.

Boundless in magical prowess, he wields spells that shatter mountains and control minds.Diablo can manipulate even the strongest foes to fight on his side, turning them into his loyal allies.

Even with such respectable magic powers, Demon King Diablo stands as the least contender of the most badass and op magic users in anime list.

14: Keyaru (Redo of Healer)

Apart from using his powers immorally to sexually torment his targets, he’s a protagonist of the borderline hentai anime “Redo of Healer.”

From the beginning, Keyaru was a wholesome boy who hopes to help kingdom people to advance as a Hero, but brutal mistreatment of elite heroes corrupted him from a wholesome to an awfully vengeful protagonist.

While being tormented by fellow heroes, he acquire many handy magic skills like healing magic, reverse healing, memory manipulation, skill mimic, foresight, power absorption, and time manipulation.

These abilities, combined with his strategic intellect and unwavering determination for revenge, make Keyaru an exceptionally potent force in the anime “Redo of Healer.”

13: Zeref (Fairy Tale)

Zeref, known as the immortal black wizard in Fairy Tale, is a tragic and enigmatic character haunted by cursed immortality.

As an ancient and immensely powerful mage, his mere presence unleashes death and destruction. He can use the dreadful “Black Arts,” which are capable of destroying entire armies and altering the fundamental nature of existence.

Zeref’s role in the anime is that of a central antagonist, as he is the mastermind behind several major events and conflicts that impact the lives of the main characters.

12: Naufumi Iwatani (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

Naofumi Iwatani is the protagonist of “The Rising of the Shield Hero” anime, who is summoned to another world to save it from catastrophic waves.

Initially, he was mistreated by the Kingdom elite for his uselessness in offensive abilities. People’s disgust towards him worked as fuel to the fire as he embarks on a struggling journey to become stronger.

Frankly speaking, the way Naofumi acquires new abilities as a defensive hero is appraisable. However, what people can expect from a shield hero regardless defense.

You can picture his magical capabilities that he was the only one to be considered as worthy hero from “Glass: a powerful hero of another world.” While the other cardinal heroes were defeated by a single shot of her.

11: Julius Novachrono (Black Clover)

Julius Novachrono is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. As a mage of unparalleled power, he wields a unique Time Magic grimoire, granting him the ability to manipulate time itself.

To examine his magical powers, he was the only one that has given a tough time to Lichet at his full power and got praised by him.

His role in the anime is that of a respected and inspiring leader, guiding the Magic Knights and protecting the kingdom.

As the strongest wizard King, he fits perfectly as the most badass and op magical user in anime.

10: Aladdin The Fourth Magi (Magi)

Aladdin, the Fourth Magi is a cheerful and curious young boy blessed with extraordinary magical abilities. As a Magi, he possesses immense power and wisdom, capable of controlling the Rukh, the essence of life.

Aladdin is capable of using elemental magic, forging strong weapons with djinn, and establishing unbreakable alliances with other characters.

As a showcasing of overwhelming powers, he summons a colossal tornado of fire and water, obliterating the adversaries and leaving all witnesses in awe of his overwhelming power.

9: Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular at Magic High School)

The main character of “The Irregular at Magic High School” anime, Tatsuya Shiba, is a stoic and mysterious genius with incredible magical skills.

Tatsuya’s powers include elemental manipulation, disintegration magic, and advanced combat prowess.

As showcasing his strength, during a school competition, Tatsuya unveils his overwhelming strength, single-handedly defeating a group of highly skilled opponents with unmatched precision and power, earning the respect and admiration of his peers.

8: Anos Voldigoad (Misfit of the Demon King Academy)

Anos Voldigoad in “Misfit of the Demon King Academy” is a reincarnated demon king, reawakening after 2000 years.

He’s incredibly laid-back, cunning, and overpowered, with abilities to manipulate time, control fire and ice, and even resurrect the dead.

Anos engages a formidable foe in a combat situation, deftly neutralizing their strikes and exposing his true nature, astounding everyone with his incredible strength.

With a wholesome goal to reshape the world and unite demons and humans, Anos Voldigoad serves as one of the most badass op magic users in anime.

7: Momonga (Overload)

Momonga, the protagonist of “Overlord” anime, is a player trapped in the virtual reality game Yggdrasil.

As a master tactician and skilled magic caster, he commands the powerful Nazarick guild, overwhelming foes with necromancy, dark spells, and tactical brilliance.

His role in the anime centers on his quest to understand his new reality while seeking to protect and expand the influence of Nazarick.

6: Sinbad (Magi)

Sinbad is a charismatic and ambitious character commonly known as the High King of Seven Seas in the anime.

He forges a great vision for the world by bringing together nations with an unrivaled charisma and a strategic mind.

Sinbad has been gifted with the Djinn Equip power, which enables him to harness the tremendous power of seven Djinn. He forges alliances and takes on tough opponents with skill, excelling in both warfare and diplomacy.

5: Satella (Re:Zero)

Satella, the enigmatic and mysterious character in the “Re:Zero” anime, is the feared Witch of Envy with silver hair and purple eyes.

She possesses overwhelming magical powers, including time manipulation and reality warping. As a whole, she’s the most powerful character in Re:zero anime.

In a crucial scene, Satella exhibits her powerful abilities, destroying everything in her way with dreadful ease and having a profound effect on the plot and its characters.

4: Saturo Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

In which reality, It is possible to avoid Satoru Gojo as the Most badass and op magical user in anime.

Satoru Gojo is a charismatic and powerful jujutsu sorcerer in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” anime. With striking eyes and a laid-back demeanor, he conceals immense strength and exceptional combat skills.

Once someone is struck by Gojo’s spell, it’s inevitable for him to survive and we have witnessed this when special grade curse was so feared to be struck in Gojo’s attack.

3: Gilgamesh (Fate Series)

Badassery comes from arrogance and regal nature, and you can picture Gilgamesh as the most arrogant Hero of Fate series.

Gilgamesh is known as the “King of Heroes” Possessing the “Gate of Babylon” Noble Phantasm. He can summon and wield countless legendary weapons. His overwhelming powers stem from the vast treasury of armaments at his disposal.

Gilgamesh is a fearsome foe due to his conceit and godlike prowess. He easily defeats numerous heroic figures and even more formidable foes in a decisive combat, displaying his superiority as the undisputed King of Heroes.

2: Wang Ling (The Daily Life of Immortal King)

Wang Ling, the protagonist of “The Daily Life of the Immortal King” anime series, is a laid-back and unassuming high school student with a unique secret.

As an immortal cultivator, he possesses overwhelming powers of regeneration, strength, and elemental manipulation.

His capabilities extend to mastering various spells and martial arts. In a pivotal event, Wang Ling defeats the world’s most powerful demon “the giant Frog” with a single Kick while eating snacks. It make sense why he has never lost a fight before.

1: Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

Well, for a god-like Zeno, it’s not a surprise to be listed at the top of most badass and op magic users in the anime list.

Maybe you think he’s not fitted in the list of magical users as he’s the character of martial arts type of anime, but hold on, where have you seen Zeno using his physical body to defeat his targets?

Basically, he’s a God who can manipulate reality as he wishes. And we have witnessed the showcasing of his powers when he defeated Black Goku and Zamasu fusion with a single twinkle of his hand.

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