Top 10 Kindest Anime Protagonists With A Golden Heart

The best thing about anime is its unique protagonists. Each anime comes with unique characters. While some anime protagonists exhibit a badass nature, there are some goody two-shoe anime protagonists with the most kindest nature.

The anime world is so vast that you can definitely find a character custom-tailored according to your imagination. It’s totally up to you what you prefer. Whether you’re into badass anime characters or wholesome anime characters with kind hearts, you can find them in the enchanting world of anime. The good thing is Anime Auditor has covered such info in detail. For now, let’s check out the most kindest anime protagonists with wholesome hearts.

(Keep in mind that this list only contains protagonists, not any supporting cast members or anything else.)

10: Asta

Asta is one of the kindest anime protagonists

Anime: Black Clover

I would like to begin our list of kindest anime protagonists with Asta a zero-to-hero anime kid from Black Clover anime. Asta is the quintessential kind-hearted shonen hero. Despite growing up without any magic in a world where it is everything, he maintains an unyielding optimistic spirit.

His dream has always been to prove himself and help his village and others and he strives for this with unrelenting perseverance. Through hard work and an innocent desire to befriend all, he forms strong bonds and inspires friends to keep fighting for a better future of Clover Kingdom.

9: Atsushi Nakajima

Atsushi Nakajima from bungo stray dogs is truly wholesome protagonist

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

What I like the most about Atsushi is its generous nature, like even against horrible foes, instead of cluelessly attacking, he prior to understanding the situation of his foes. Atsushi joined the Armed Detective Agency seeking to help others with his powers. Despite a troubled past, his gentle nature shines through with his desire to prevent harm.

He believes in second chances, as seen when persuading enemies like Odasaku to abandon evil ways. Through selfless acts with an open heart, Atsushi proves himself one of the most kindest anime protagonists demonstrating how power can best be used—to aid others above all else.

8: Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda from fruits basket warm and kind protagonist

Anime: Fruits Basket

Tohru radiates kindness. Even when met with harsh words, Tohru reflects with empathy, not anger. Tohru Honda’s incredible kindness has forced me to pick her from the infinite list of romance anime genres.

Whether fighting inner pain or helping resolve family issues, Tohru’s acts of selfless love know no bounds. Though mysteriously bound by the Sohma family’s secret curse, Tohru accepts them wholly with her warm and caring heart. She lights up their gloomy household with gestures both great and small – from homemade meals to uplifting smiles.

7: Bell Cranel

Bell Cranel from danmachi is a kindest adventurer

Anime: Danmachi

The darling boy of the Hestia Family “Bell Cranel” is not only a strong adventurer with unique powers, but a kindest boy with a golden heart, good with friends and foes equally. Bell Cranel ventures into the dangerous Dungeon with a heart of pure gold. While other adventurers lust for fortune and fame, Bell seeks only to protect those in need.

Hope you would have remembered the Xenos arc. It was Bell’s kind heart that felt the warmth of monsters of dreadful dungeon. In a world where monsters are only known as a threat, Bell has tamed monsters with his pure deeds. Surely he is one of the great kindest anime protagonists.

6: Miyo Saimori

Miyo Saimori from my happy marriage is sadisticly wholesome anime protagonist

Anime: My Happy Marriage

Miyo Saimori’s gentle spirit endures where bitterness might have taken root. Since childhood in her family’s estate, only cruelty knew her name. Neglected and imprisoned, with none but a cold stepmother as family, the days offered little but pain.

Yet within Miyo flourished not vengeance but patience—for all slights she met simply quiet grace. With a kind heart and enduring soul, she is considered one of the saddest anime characters.

5: Mob

Mob Psycho is kind protagonist despite being super op

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

Mob is honestly one of the kindest anime characters I’ve seen. Even though he is the most powerful in his world, yet he never seeks to intimidate or show off. When bullies pick on the little guys, Mob quietly steps in to help without hurting anyone.

It’s easy to lose your cool when emotions run high, but Mob stays calm and in control. You can tell he only uses his gifts to help people. Even the worst dudes might find the good in themselves through Mob’s gentle example. In a world where strength is everything, he shows real strength is how you handle things with care.

4: Monkey D Luffy

Monkey D Luffy is truly pure heart protagonist

Anime: One Piece

This silly straw hat-wearing pirate Luffy is seriously one of the kindest dudes out there despite being little dumb. Sure he’s always yapping about becoming King of Pirates, but what really drives him is finding loyal friends to share adventures with.

No matter how many times Nami bashes him for being an idiot, he just laughs it off with that goofy grin. When enemies threaten his nakama, you better believe Luffy unleashes hell – but it’s always to protect others, never for himself. Don’t get me started on how he inspires everyone to follow their dreams no matter what. This guy’s heart is solid gold under the rubber exterior.

3: Naruto

Naruto being kind

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Man, Naruto has like the biggest heart of anyone, you know? Even when the whole village was treating him like crap as a kid, he just wanted to prove himself and gain their respect. All that training and never giving up – it’s always been to protect others, not for himself.

Like the way he never stopped trying to save that Sasuke dude and bring him home, or how he went toe-to-toe with monsters like Gaara just to show them there’s good inside. Even now as a big hero, he’s always putting others first. I remember this one time he basically died trying to stop some bad guys, just because he believes no one is beyond redemption.

2: Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado being wholesome

Anime: Demon Slayer

Honestly speaking, while witnessing the horrible acts of demons in “Demon Slayer Anime” even I find it irritating to digest the kindness of Tanjiro towards demons. This forehead scar is too good to fit in the cruel world of Demon Slayer. After everything he went through losing his family, you’d think he’d be filled with rage but nope.

Dude just wants to help others however he can. Whether it’s taking care of that little sister Nezuko even though she’s a demon now, or risking his life to save people from flesh-eating monsters. And he always believes in seeing the humanity left in demons too. It really takes a special kind of soul to stay soft in this messed-up world but that’s what makes Tanjiro one of the most kindest and pure anime protagonists.

1: Thorfinn

Thorfinn becoming the kindest anime protagonist

Anime: Vinland Saga

I think including Thorfinn in this list is a little controversial but if you pick up the season 2 Thorfinn, he can ace anyone. My boy has gone through the real character development in season 2. He’s the only character that has become the kindest from sheer badassery.

This vengeful protagonist has become to most calm and collected soul in seek of redemption. While season 1 Throfinn was known as the conquerer of wars, season 2 Thorfinn is always ready to sacrifice himself to avoid the war. After witnessing his utmost sacrificial acts in season 2, I am forced to rank Thorfinn at the top of the list of most kindest anime protagonists in anime history.