Top 17 Smartest Anime Characters With Brilliant Intellect

When it comes to anime, watching the characters use their intelligence and wit to overcome challenges or outsmart their opponents is always entertaining. Determining the top smartest anime characters requires looking at not just their academic knowledge, but also how cleverly they apply critical thinking and strategy.

While there are many badass anime characters worthy of being on this list, it takes more than just book smarts to truly stand out. So let’s check out the list of the top smartest anime characters.

17: Makima

Makima is a smart female anime character

Anime: ChainsawMan

Makima is the calculating devil hunter from Chainsaw Man who always seems to be 10 steps ahead. As leader of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, she displays a tactical and strategic brilliance in tracking and defeating devil threats.

Her ability to fully control the dog devil Pochita gives her immense power, but it is her high intelligence that allows her to manipulate situations and people with ease. I bet you can never judge the next move of this badass female anime character.

16: Aqua Hoshino

aqua Hoshino is intelligent anime character from Oshi noko

Anime: Oshi No Ko

Aqua Hoshino of Oshi no Ko is a genius whose brilliant mind remains from his past life as a doctor. Fueled by trauma and vengeance, Aqua navigates the cutthroat entertainment industry with tactical cunning and emotional detachment.

Behind his icy facade lies a ruthless intellect always calculating the optimal path forward in his singular quest for the truth about his mother’s killer. No doubt he’s one of the smartest anime characters who pretend as an ordinary boy.

15: Askeladd

Askeladd from vinland saga is geniusly political

Anime: Vinland Saga

The mercenary leader Askeladd towers above others with his strategic cunning and ruthless wit. Where battles are won as much by the mind as the blade, Askeladd dominates through deft psychological warfare and manipulation.

Whenever you think that it’s time for Askeladd to be gone, he always comes up with a banging strategy to survive. Askeladd is the mentor and main foe of MC Thorfinn. Askeladd proves himself as one of the most smartest and intelligent characters in all of anime.

14: Loid Forger (Twilight)

Loid Forger is genius detective

Anime: Spy X Family

As the masterful spy “Twilight”, Loid Forger applies unparalleled strategic thinking and rapid deductive reasoning and lies at the apex of his covert profession. Beyond elite martial prowess and stealth abilities, Loid’s gift lies in astutely observing any scenario from all angles to concoct plans three steps ahead.

Whether perpetrating persuasive false identities or infiltrating the world’s most secure facilities, Loid wields his penetrating mind like a scalpel to slice through even the most intricate of problems. With such menacing skills, it’s no wonder why Loid is ladies beloved anime character.

13: Zora Ideale

Zora Ideale from black clover is good at analyzing opponents

Anime: Black Clover

With a razor-sharp mind hidden beneath an abrasive exterior, Zora Ideale stands out amongst his peers for his unparalleled cunning and insight. Zora is not very powerful but what makes him dreadful is his calm and collective use of his trap Magic.

His mercurial temperament and penchant for unpredictable trickery makes him one of the smartest anime characters from Black Clover who can outmaneuver even the most experienced of magic knights.

12: Izaya Orihara

Izaya Orihara from durarara is sharp antagonist

Anime: Durarara!!

Pulling the invisible strings that move the intricate puppet show of humanity, Izaya Orihara revels in the chaotic dance he has orchestrated through the expansive underground web of influence only he commands.

Behind his mischievous smirk lies an unrivaled intellect that gathers and exploits every last shred of hidden human intel to twist cities amidst his own warped experiments. Through psychological subversion alone, Izaya confirms his standing as one of anime’s most brilliantly insidious masterminds.

11: Tanya Degurechaff

Tanya Degurechaff is smartest antihero protagonist from saga of tanya the evil

Anime: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Reborn with a calculating mind far beyond her young visage, this manipulative anime girl rises through the Imperial ranks with a merciless combination of cunning guile and tactical brilliance. Whether manipulating allies or vanquishing enemies, she applies a chilling brand of logic that constantly outmaneuvers even veteran foes.

Behind gun-toting smiles lie eyes that dissect any scenario and conceive plans dozens of moves ahead. Tanya is one of the coldest and smartest Isekai antihero protagonists.

10: Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith is gambling master from aot

Anime: Attack on Titan

Shouldering humanity’s fate upon his calculating shoulders, Erwin Smith stands alone as history’s greatest strategist against the insurmountable threat of the Titans. Also known as the gambling master, I haven’t found anyone more suitable other than Erwin to include in this list of smartest anime characters.

Erwin always remains one step ahead of his decisive foes in strategizing. Despite being a supporting character in AOT, Erwin’s strategies have made many fans of his intellect.

9: Meruem

Meruem from hunter x hunter has achieved maximum intelligence by consuming humans

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Meruem started as the most powerful creature born from the Chimera Ant King, but his true prowess lay in his supreme intelligence. By consuming countless humans, Meruem quickly absorbed their collective knowledge and skills. In mere games, he outsmarted grandmasters, displaying a genius learning ability.

He grew wise beyond all others, emerging as a hyper-intelligent philosopher-king with a mind that reached its zenith as the greatest the world had ever seen.

8: Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise from steins gate brilliantly excels at studies

Anime: Steins Gate

As a child prodigy immersed in the realms of science, Kurisu Makise wields an analytical mind that unravels even the greatest mysteries with cold calculation. Joining Okabe’s ragtag lab, her keen intellect and skills in neurological research prove pivotal in cracking the code of their time machine.

With a combination of book smarts and emotional growth, Makise proves why she stands among anime’s greatest female geniuses.

7: Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai is goofy and superbly genius character

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

Osamu Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs stands as one of anime’s brightest minds. His genius isn’t just in his strategic brilliance but also his ability, “No Longer Human,” to nullify superhuman powers.

His profound knowledge and complex, often morose personality make him an intriguing character, contributing to the series’ unique blend of literary references, supernatural abilities, and strategic intrigue. Dazai’s intelligence, combined with his hot prodigy charm, cements his status as one of anime’s smartest characters.

6: Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuo is smart due to his psychic abilities

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Beneath this unromantic lad’s apathetic facade lies a secret – Saiki is gifted with incredible psychic abilities that place him far above normal humans. With his sheer telepathic powers, he’s undefeatable, Yet he longs for an average life, hiding his superhuman intellect from peers.

While academics bore him, he finds high school a daily trial. Saiki’s bored sighs conceal how effortlessly his gigantic brain solves any problem. Though taunted into occasional displays of power, Saiki’s lazy genius shines through minimal muttered phrases.

5: Senku

Senku from doctor stone is a true genius who excels at every field of science

Anime: Dr.Stone

While quoting academic intelligence, this great genius lad Senku would stand at the top of the list of the smartest anime characters. You can estimate his intelligence by the fact that he has counted seconds for 3700 years after being pettrified.

Armed with only his wits and insatiable thirst for knowledge, he strives to rebuild civilization from scratch after the petrifying disaster. His analytical yet daring spirit inspires all who witness the towering edifice of modern marvels erected by his gifted hands alone.

4: Lelouch V Britania

Lelouch v britania from code geass is the smartest anime protagonsit

Anime: Code Geass

As the masked rebel leading the Black Knights, Lelouch is a vengeful protagonist who plays both allies and enemies like a fiddle. No plan is too complex, no scheme beyond his brilliant strategic thinking.

While others react to events, Lelouch is the true puppet master, foreseeing outcomes and manipulating factors to achieve his goals. This calm and collective freak can sacrifice anything that stands in the way of his rebellious plans.

3: L Lawlight

L Lawlight from death note is brilliant detective and smart anime character

Anime: Death Note

To be honest, It was L who has given such a tough time to the badass anti-hero Light Yagami. Behind L’s messy appearance lies the keen mind of the world’s greatest detective.

Through crazy hunches and fearless experimentation, this anti villain inches closer to unmasking his cunning enemy. It’ll take every last one of his formidable intellect and stubborn refusal to lose to outsmart even a god of death himself.

2: Kiyotaka Ayankoji

Kiyotaka Ayankoji is strongest and smartest anime character from class room of the elite

Anime: Classroom of the Elite

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is the most deceiving anime antihero who pretends to be weak But here’s the twist—he plays it cool, hiding his genius behind a mask of ordinary.

What makes him stand out? It’s not just his sharp mind but the way he crafts ingenious moves, always a step ahead in the high school social game. Ayanokoji’s the guy who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, making him one of the smartest and most intriguing characters in the anime world.

1: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the smartest anime character and protagonist

Anime: Death Note

After witnessing multiple smartest anime characters, I can’t withstand any other character standing at the top of the list smartest anime characters. With an intellect that eclipses brilliance, Light stumbles upon a Death Note—a lethal notebook that allows him to eliminate anyone whose name he writes in it.

His strategic mind transforms this supernatural power into a deadly game of wits with law enforcement. Light’s ingenious manipulation of the Death Note and his high-stakes battles of intellect paint him as one of anime’s most brilliant characters.

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