Most Inspirational Anime Characters With Realistic Teachings

Anime is full of memorable characters with incredibly inspiring stories of strength, courage, and personal growth. Even as a part of fiction, we find these characters’ journeys very relative to reality. From my first ever anime “Dragon Ball” to my continuous Otaku journey, I have discovered many inspirational anime characters that possesses such storylines that leave a lasting impression on weebs like me.

If you’re assuming some renowned run-of-mill anime characters like Naruto, Goku, Tanjiro, and Luffy from this list, you better read this whole content. We already know they’re inspiring because they’re the main protagonists but my beloved weebs! the contenders of this list are definitely gonna knock your socks off so let’s get into it.

15: Kento Nanami

Kentaro Nanami from JJk is adult who protects his minions and present an inspirational anime character

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Imagine what inspirational anime characters are lying on top ranks as our list is already kicking off with Kento Nanami from JJk. Apart from cool tom boy looks this man has a pure heart.

Although season 1 fans can’t simply feel the vibe of this anime character however Shibuya incident arc lovers do know what was the hype when Namai eventually turned into a cursed soul by patched face Mahito.

The most inspiring thing about Nanami was, he wasn’t cocky of her repute as a Jujutsu sorcerer, instead, his capabilities made him a responsible character on which other weak characters can rely.

So if you ever feel despair just remembers what Nanami said. “The Accumulation Of Those Little Despairs Is What Makes A Person An Adult.”

14: Gugu

Gugu from To your eternity is forgiving supporting and inspirational anime character

Anime: To Your Eternity

Honestly, To Your Eternity was a rollercoaster of emotions for me because every character in this anime has been written beautifully. Among these characters, the most impressive and wholesome was Gugu “The Monster Child”.

If you ask me a character who remains positive after endless suffering, it would be Gugu whose face got wrecked while saving his love interest and yet he never complains.

The inspiring thing we should adopt from Gugu is patience and wholesomeness. It beautifully delivers how a strong man should face all the difficulties while always being ready to throw himself in danger to save his loved ones.

13: Vegeta

Vegeta is the most inspirational anime character with deep development

Anime: Dragon Ball

Do you know who is the weakest man? A man who is good in everything and suddenly falls from heights. It is always tough for such a man to stand again but our prince Vegeta has conquer this life uphill proving the essence of “even the strongest needs to be defeated in order to grow.”

Among all Dragon Ball anime characters, this anti villain has gone through some hard character developments where his pride has fallen many times, and yet he stands up and becomes more potent.

12: Himmel

Himmel the hero from Frieren is wholesome hero who throw quotes

Anime: Frieren Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren is a thought-provoking anime full of inspirational anime characters, however, I ended up picking Himmel who has an inspiring journey as a side character whose only purpose is to look like a hero.

Even with little to no screen time our long-dead hottest anime hero throws a wholesome charisma whenever Frieren remembers the past. Himmel is the face of selflessness who goes beyond limits to help others becoming a soothing inspiration for both his companions and us viewers.

Even with little part in the storyline, this guy loves throwing inspiring quotes. Quote: “The purpose of life is to be known and remembered, only a little. You just need to change someone’s life. That’s all, im sure.”

11: Thorfinn

Thorfinn from vinland saga

Anime: Vinland Saga

Just imagine how much this is inspiring, “A vengeful boy who has killed thousands of people in seek of vengeance ends up becoming the most forgiving and peaceful man.

“Only anime fans were definitely not expecting such character traits which are shown in season 2 from season 1 Thorfinn who was a brat.

Thorfinn’s Journey inspires us that no matter how tasty the revenge may look alike but the inner peace can only come from forgiveness. His character development from a wicked revenge obsessed boy to a peaceful man makes him one of the best inspirational anime characters with realistic teachings.

10: Kintaro Oe

Kintaro Oe from golden boy is talented yer hard working

Anime: Golden Boy

If you’re familiar with Kintaro Oe of Golden Boy, it’s only possible if you’re a cult anime lover who hasn’t missed this classic lewd anime.

Leaving his perverted personality aside, I believe youth should follow Kintaro Oe who can do any job for a living. He studies while traveling and do any sort of part-time jobs even as a toilet cleaner.

If you’re interested, this anime has only 6 episodes with not a single dull moment.

9: Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith from attack on titan a inspirational will

Anime: Attack On Titan

Don’t take me as an obsessed fool who picked Erwin for this list leaving all the other major characters of AOT aside. Erwin’s curiosity and will to take action can’t be overlooked.

Mere two or three flashbacks of Erwin’s childhood were enough to teach us that ‘being curious doesn’t mean you’re an outcast.” Even though his curiosity took his father’s life, my commander didn’t stop following his dream.

Instead of retreating, he became more determined to fulfill his dream of revealing the truth outside the walls.

8: Narumi Kanai

Narumi Kanai from scum's wish is forgiving and inspiratinal anime sense

Anime: Scum’s Wish

Despite being an ecchi anime, Scum’s Wish is a total roller coaster of emotions where twisted souls try to find solace. If you have watched this show you would remember Narumi Kanai’s “Hanabi’s Love Interest and Teacher”.

Despite being a supporting character, this wholesome sensei has stolen the seat in the list of most inspirational anime characters. Forgiving a person who’s seeking forgiveness is easy but to forgive a shameless female anime character like “Akane” is beyond simple.

In case you don’t know, Akane is one of the main female anime characters of Scum’s Wish who loves to steal spotlight as pleasure. Despite her ideology and self centered acts, how Narumi changes this twisted girl with love and forgiveness is a tale to be inspired.

7: Akira

Akira from zom 100 is free spirited

Anime: Zom 100: Bucket List Of Dead

Picture yourself as a person who awakes from sleep and finds out that the whole world has been overrun by a zombie apocalypse and within any minute you would die all along. What would be your reaction? May be your body stops moving with fear but in case of Akira, this scenario is all different.

Instead of getting depressed, carefree protagonist Akira took out his pencil and wrote down his 100 wishes he wanted to do before becoming dead.

The Journey of Akira shows us how we should live the little present moment when we are alive instead of fearing for the future.

6: Arata Kaizaki

Arata kaizaki from relife anime

Anime: Relife

Arata Kaizaki from relife is a perfect example that age is just a number. Anyone can start from anywhere leaving the past journey behind.

I would highly recommend Relife anime for Neets who has been stuck in the first gear to inspired by the fiction story of Arata Kaizaki who gets a chance to rediscover himself when tastes youth again.

The biggest inspiration one could get from Kaizaki’s experience is that your life needs only one good event to set a direction so what’s the hassle of being depressive all the time?

5: Asta

Asta is zero to hero anime character who never gives up

Anime: Black Clover

Not including Asta in the list of inspirational anime characters would be an injustice with the Shonen trope. I might don’t have to explain anything about Asta’s inspiring journey unless you’re living under a rock.

Despite being born with all odds, and being mocked by even the lowliest magicians, this anime centers around the magicless child who dreams to become the wizard King embracing all odds. By never giving up, Asta’s zero to hero journey becomes the most inspiring one.

4: Mari Tamaki

Mari Tamaki from A Place Further Than The Universe

Anime: A Place Further Than The Universe

People hate leaving their comfort zone despite knowing that they have to one day. Mari Tamaki is something relatable character who initially hates to try new things due to her insecurities related to their outcomes.

Although it’s in human nature that we are scared of changing gears but we also know that those who show courage usually find success afterwards.

I bet you’ll find enough courage after witnessing incurred Mari Tamaki’s trip to Antarctica.

3: Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku of demon slayer is wholesome strong anime character

Anime: Demon Slayer (Mugan Train Arc)

At the end of Mugen Train Arc, it was not only Tanjiro and the party weeping over the death of Kyojuro, there were tears outside the screen also. It was truly remarkable that every viewer felt connected with Kyojuro’s character within 90 minutes of screentime.

This flame Hashira was the epitome of wholesome who continues chasing his dreams when his mentor “father” abandoned him halfway. Instead of being strayed, he chooses to follow the trail of his dreams.

Quote of Kyojuro: “One day, I will become a flame that illuminates the world.”

2: Hajime

Hajime for Hajime no ippo

Anime: Hajime No Ippo

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.” If you want this quote in graphical form, Hajime No Ippo is for you.

Like many other sports anime, Hajime No Ippo is also focused on inner self challenges, formidable foes, and dreams. Although it’s more than 100 episodes long, it’s up to you if you wanna try it.

1: Boji

Boji from rankings of kings is one of the most inspirational anime characters

Anime: Rankings of Kings

They say there is nothing impossible to him who will try and Boji from Ranking of Kings is the perfect picture of this saying.

Boji, A disabled prince, next heir to the throne amidst conspiracies and hatred for not being complete. Yet Boji is determined to become the next King.

If you can keep up with the art style, Boji “The Cursed Child” will be your next top of the rank among inspirational anime characters.