15 Hottest Anime Guys Of All Time With Sheer Beauty

Trying to pick up the hottest anime guys of all time is such a difficult and controversial task when there are so many.

Respecting the majority, I have ranked the most beautiful and hottest male anime characters according to their popularity in fandoms. As this list is the most updated one, you can hope to see some hot male anime characters who are on the way to becoming the hottest.

From covering some wholesome nerds to badass prodigies, let’s dig up some of the hottest male anime characters you can’t resist admiring.

15: Howl

Howl is femboy anime character as classic male beauty

Anime: Howls Moving Castle

Let’s kick off the list with the main MC of a famous anime movie by Ghibli Studios, “Howl’s Moving Castle.” With sharp feminine facial features, Howl is also a femboy anime character.

Howl is a renowned wizard in the movie who owns a moving castle and tries everything in his grasp to avoid conflicts. He first appeared as ginger blonde, but his hair turned a raven black color due to some hair coloring potion.

Even though he looks like a prodigy with charming wizard powers, his persona is a little childish, and he is often seen throwing a tantrum while begging for attention. Audiences have highly praised his beauty by praising the art style of Ghibli Studios.

14: Loid Forger

Loid Forger from spy x faimly is one of the hottest anime guys

Anime: Spy X Family

With his genius intellect and wholesome resolve, Loid Forger reigns supreme in the ranking of the hottest guys in anime history. After witnessing his popularity, one thing is sure: he’s the new favorite among female audiences.

Behind the facade of an ordinary doctor, Loid Forger is a spy on a mission to maintain peace between two strong nations. To fulfill his mission, he forms a temporary family by adopting a psychic toddler and a dumb assassin.

Well, it’ll always remain a mystery how a genius spy is not aware of his own family, and the fun part is that he is never shown suspecting them in anime. Every complaint aside, watching love-dovey moments between Loid and his badass assassin wife is binge-worthy.

13: Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai from bungo stray dongs is intellectual beauty

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

Osamu Dazai is a tall and slender man with brown hair and dark eyes. He often wears a long trench coat and bandages around his body, hinting at his obsession with suicide.

He is one of the smartest anime characters, with deep sayings about humans and society. Dazai is a witty person who likes to tease and prank his friends and enemies. 

Despite his cheerful and outgoing personality, Dazai has a dark and tragic past. He was an executive of the Port Mafia, a ruthless criminal organization that he left four years ago.

Despite not being the main character, he has stolen the show with his professional allure.

12: Xie Lian

Xie Lian of heaven's official blessing is sheer beautiful male anime characters

Anime: Heaven’s Official Blessing

If a male possesses such alluring features as a tall, slender body, long black hair, and enlarged eyes like Xie Lian, it’s no wonder that even other male anime characters can be attracted to such absolute beauty.

As the main character of Chinese anime, he has much less popularity compared to his nailing character design. If wholesomeness has any face, it should be this strange prince who just wants to save his common people.

Honestly, when his golden mask was first removed, even fans’ jaws dropped on the floor witnessing this male anime character with long black hair. Appearance-wise, he is undoubtedly one of the hottest anime guys of all time.

11: Miyuki Shirogane

miyuki shirgane from kaguya sama love is war

Anime: Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Shirogane is a complex and fascinating character who balances his strengths and weaknesses, his pride and vulnerability, and his ambition and love. He is one of the hottest anime guys of all time because he is not only attractive but also admirable, relatable, and endearing.

Miyuki is admired by many for his intelligence, leadership, and hard work; however, in my case, his smug face and dead fish eyes are the best things in his character.

He is the perfect match for Kaguya, who is equally smart, beautiful, and stubborn yet can’t confess because he doesn’t want to lose the love war by confessing first, which is also the whole plot line of the anime.

10: Light Yagami

light Yagami from death note is formidable hot prodigy

Anime: Death Note

With light brown hair, an averagely tall physique, and cunning resolve, light Yagami is the epitome of hotness. As the top arrogant character at his high school, he had the sharp mind of a genius, which became deadly when Death Note fell into his hands.

As a whole, this anti-hero is a total package of badassery. Despite being famous among his peers for his looks and personality, his eyes are set on making the world crime-free with the help of Death Note.

9: Aqua Hoshino

Aqua Hoshino of Oshi no ko is blonde hot guy

Anime: Oshi No Ko

As the son of the most beautiful pop star idol, it’s no wonder that Aqua Hoshino made it onto the list with his inherited facial features.

With a tall physique, blonde hair, pale white skin, and a cunning aura, Aqua is the center of attention even in anime.

Aside from beauty, he possesses a keen intellect, as he’s the reincarnated version of a doctor who got murdered while chasing a stalker. After years as his new mother Ai got killed by an anonymous man, his only pursuit is to find that man using any corrupt means without reluctance.

8: Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui from demon slayer is damn hot guy of anime world

Anime: Demon Slayer (Entertainment District Arc)

You can estimate the beauty of this tall 6-foot freak by witnessing the envious remarks of the Upper Moon 6 Demon on his personality.

He is maybe the second-weakest Hashira, but also the most beautiful male anime character in Demon Slayer.

However, this flashy boy is super famous among females for his looks, and he already has three beautiful wives. With an overall flashy profile, he’s definitely the talk of the town.

7: Miyamura

Miyamura of horimiya is quite beautiful anime figure

Anime: Horimiya

After witnessing Miyamura, I came to realize that even stylish guys can be introverted freaks. With a lot of piercings and tattoos as a teenager, Miyamura was once an introverted MC of the famous romance anime “Horimiya.”

With a slender physique, ocean blue eyes, pitch black hair, and quite a reserved personality, Miyamura falls head over heels for quirky popular girl Kaori.

Watching this introverted freak come back to life with the help of Kaori’s companionship is truly praiseworthy.

6: Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo of solo leveling

Anime: Solo Leveling

There’s nothing more refreshing than witnessing a bottom-tier character climb the ranks with sheer power and struggle.

The same happened in the case of Sung Jin Woo, who once was the weakest and ended up having a special power, which turned him into a prodigy throughout the storyline of Solo Leveling.

As the series kicks off, Jin Woo is introduced as a week-and-not-good-looking hunter; however, once he achieves the unique power, he begins evolving eventually into a hottie.

5: Himmel The Hero

Himmel the hero is influential hottest male anime character

Anime: Frieren Beyond Journey’s End

One thing is sure: Frieren Beyond Journey’s End is the most satisfyingly soothing anime, and within it lies the smoothness of Himmel the Hero.

The most inspirational anime character who can melt anyone’s heart solely with his calm, deep words.

This blue-haired legendary hero is one of the supporting characters of Mal’s top-rated series, whose only job in the series is to appear in flashbacks, making audiences head over heels for his personality.

4: Eren Yaeger

Eren Yaeger of aot

Anime: Attack On Titan

For this spot, I know some fans would recommend Levi from AoT. But appearance-wise, how can one forget Eren Yaeger with long hair or tied-back hair?

With long black hair, an open shirt, and a flawless physique, this anti-hero with the most killings shines as one of the hottest anime guys appearance-wise.

If you’re living under a rock and don’t know about Eren, he is the most badass anime character with unique powers from the renowned series Attack on Titan.

3: Yuno

Yuno of black clover is beautifully designed anime guy

Anime: Black Clover

Yuno is one of the main characters of Black Clover and, basically, the rival of Asta in the race to become the Wizard King.

Where Asta was shown as a magicless child, Yuno was blessed with superb mana potential. He was the rare child who got the 4 Clover Grimoire, which was shown as super rare in the Black Clover universe.

Apart from being blessed with special powers, Yuno is a calm and collected expressionless material who rarely talks to anybody. He’s damn straightforward and can beat the crap out of any dreadful antagonist in the series.

Without a doubt, he’s been created as the most beautiful anime character in the whole series.

2: Jinshi

Jinshi from Apothecary diaries is feminine looking hottest anime

Anime: The Apothecary Diaries

Master Jinshi is the deuteragonist of the latest series, “The Apothecary Diaries.” Calling him the son of beauty and the beast wouldn’t be wrong since he possesses beautiful feminine looks along with a muscular, slender body.

As a whole, he’s really an androgynous anime character in The Apothecary Diaries.

This beautiful lad is the epitome of handsomeness because wherever he goes, all the ladies of the empire fall head over heels for him, willing to do everything for the sake of his little attention.

Even though his allure never works out to impress the main protagonist, Mao Mao, there’s no denying that Jinshi is the most attractive male in the series.

1: Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo of JJk is the most beautiful anime character among hottest anime guys

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

All hail the sheer prodigy of the anime world, “Satoru Gojo,” who is custom-tailored to be liked by everyone. Just look at his character design, facial features, beautiful eyes, and overall profile; you’ll know why I have used the word “custom-tailored.”

Once he stated after his awakening, “I alone am the honored one throughout Heaven and Earth.” Now I knew the actual reason behind those words.

No doubt he’s the most favored anime character of all time whose sole existence has a deep influence on the JJK world because the mere presence of this prodigy scared all the curse users.

As a whole, Gojo is the hottest male among anime guys of all time.