32 Top Femboy Anime Characters Redefining Personalities

Femboy characters in anime have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their cuteness and ability to surprise viewers with unexpected reveals. From delicate features to charming mannerisms, these cross-dressing “Traps” challenge gender norms and explore what it means to be masculine or feminine.

This article will explore some of the most beloved Traps and Femboy anime characters and what makes their portrayal so enjoyable. Before diving straight into the list, let’s clarify the term “femboy” or “traps” first.

You can also check out “top androgynous anime characters” before diving deep into this list.

What is Femboy or Trap?

A femboy or trap in anime terms refers to male-identifying characters who present themselves in a very feminine or girlish manner through their physical appearance, mannerisms, or choice of clothing.

32: Canute

canute from vinland saga was a femboy before adulthood

Anime: Vinland Saga

With Canute adding to this list, I am referring to Prince Canute as ‘a girlish version’ not King Canute.

Later in the Vinland Saga, we know that Canute has gone through some serious transformation, but there’s no denying that her pre-character development version was a scared little femboy.

The blonde prince Canute used to be a scared, frail little boy with feminine looks until the series forced him to change by killing his dear Ragnar. Even other men in anime often confuse Canute for a girl.

31: Nagisa

Nagisa from assassination classroom is a femboy

Anime: Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is a renowned anime with a femboy MC named “Nagisa.” At first glance, Nagisa’s delicate facial features and petite figure cause many to mistake him for a girl.

He may be a shy and reserved, feminine-looking student, but he has natural assassination traits like being a calm, collected shooter.

For fans of crossdressing or gender-nonconforming characters, Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom is someone they can fully adore and root for as he tackles big challenges with equal parts charm and guts.

30: juuzou suzuya

juuzou suzuya from tokyo ghoul is feminine looking boy

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

I am not sure that using an adorable word for Juuzou Suzuya of Tokyo Ghoul would be right. I mean, he may be adorable as a female-looking character, but not in terms of a mentally unstable personality.

His small, slender physique and features could be seen as feminine, yet they betrayed his true nature—a fearsome and unstoppable force in battle.

This disguising character’s mental instability is due to suffering extreme emotional and physical abuse as a child. But that doesn’t make him evil, though he’s loyal to his companions and only hates ghouls.

29: Crimson

crimson from ragna crimson is manipulative anime character with feminine looks

Anime: Ragna Crimson

Despite not being created as a human, Crimson is an anti-hero ‘former Dragon Monarch’ companion of MC in the recently released shounen anime “Ragna Crimson”.

It’s the fact that “he/she is damn confusing for a normal fan to understand, especially his gender.”

She literally looks like a damn manipulating female but is mentioned as a male dragon monarch on official pages. Besides his feminine appearance, he’s a cruel character and kills many humans to torment his adversaries.

28: Ruka Urushibara

Ruka Urushibara from steins gate is transgen femboy

Anime: Steins Gate

Who said science had no room for tenderness? Ruka Urushibara of Steins; Gate proves otherwise. At first glance within the Future Gadget Laboratory, who would guess this feminine flower housed uncertainties about her gender?

While facing challenges many transgender women face, Ruka maintained elegance and kindness. Through struggles with discrimination and inner turmoil, her gentle nature shone through.

Ruka’s gender by birth is male; however, he has a deep crush on Rintaro and even plans to go on a date with him.

27: Angel Devil

Angel Devil from chainsaw man

Anime: Chainsaw Man

Dressing is the only thing that makes this “Angel Devil” from Chainsaw Man appear as male; however, with little feminine dressing, any hardcore Otaku would fail to identify the gender of this femboy anime character.

Hardly a handful of fans would have remembered this girlish Angel Devil because of its short screen time. If you don’t remember, he is a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunter group and decreases others’ lifespans to create his weapons.

That’s the reason why he shows reluctance to fight and prefers to die over fighting. Considering the enormous popularity of Chainsaw Man, I assume a character from such an anime is good to have on this list of femboy anime characters.

26: Gasper Viladi

Gasper Viladi of high school dxd is one of the classic anime femboy characters

Anime: High School DXD

I am sure that Ecchi anime fans are familiar with Gasper Viladi from high school DXD. The author would have drawn Gasper as another female for Issei Hyoudou’s harem but replaced him with a male to keep the harem limited.

Though Gasper is a male, he’s the only one who wears girly clothing with stockings. And what is his reason for wearing such girly clothes are just cute, according to Gasper’.

I bet Gasper would have created an awesome Loli if he were not a male.

25: Yūta Sasaki

Yuta sasaki is cute femboy Cuticle Detective

Anime: Cuticle Detective Inaba

With little to no popularity as a shounen, I am sure that hardly 1% of people visiting this list of femboy anime characters would have known Yūta Sasaki from Cuticle Detective Inaba.

Yeah, the show is not worth highlighting; however, Yuta Sasaki, the cross-dressing buddy of MC is worth mentioning as a femboy.

He’s short, blonde-haired, and a crossdresser boy who found decisive as a girl.

24: Ritsu

Ritsu Sohmna is one of the most hilarious anime femboys

Anime: Fruits Basket

Ever met someone who was super shy? That’s Ritsu from Fruits Basket. With his long hair and cute looks, you’d never guess the worries inside.

Ritsu looks like a princess, but he’s a boy! In Fruits Basket, his long, pretty hair and small frame get him confused for a girl a lot. But Ritsu knows he’s a guy, even if he acts shy and cries easily like ladies do.

It’s hard to find a helpless character like Ritsu; the cute boy is not only timid but lacks social skills and is quite air-headed. Besides all this helplessness, Ritsu is brave and manly on the inside. He’s a clear portrayal of ‘as long as you stay true to your feelings, that’s real courage’.

23: Tatsu

Tatsu of the way of the house husband

Anime: The Way Of The Husband

Do I mention that a femboy doesn’t have to only look like a girl to be considered a femboy? Because I am including Tatsu, who may not look like a femboy but overall acts like one.

I assume you would have realized that much by reading the title. Meet Tatsu, a former badass prodigy who turns into a full-time house husband for his wife Miku.

Once a bloody criminal is now a hilarious husband who can cook, clean, and perform every task that females usually do—actually better than females. With such traits, Tatsu provides a fresh narrative regarding male anime characters. Even with less recognition, my boy is quite famous among female audiences.

22: Marulk

Marulk from made in abyss is a trap

Anime: Made In Abyss

Even today, some fans confuse Marulk of Made in Abyss with a female, but he’s a male with quite a feminine appearance. 

Compared to its hard-core storyline, its lego-like character doesn’t seem charming yet; however, Marulk has gained the attention of audiences as a femboy.

As a guide in the dangerous Abyss, he uses his feminine wiles and gentle nature to help our heroes. Fans adore guessing Marulk’s secret—is he braver than he seems? Whatever the truth, this floppy-eared femboy plays a key role in the harrowing adventures awaiting below.

21: Nasu Suketaka Yoichi

Nasu Suketaka Yoichi from drifter is one of the femboy anime characters

Anime: Drifters

Nasu Suketaka Yoichi is a femboy from the action Isekai anime Drifters. He’s also a depressed femboy who thinks he’s the ugliest despite having killer looks.

A character with long black hair, a slender body, and a generous nature is calling himself the ugliest! I mean, what?

Despite being one of the main characters of Drifters, his plus point is that he possesses intellect in medicine and offers aid to his companions. Even though he’s quite a reserved person, but under the alcohol effect, he’s damn talkative.

20: Eljuia

Eljuia from endride anime

Anime: Endride

I hate making wrong recommendations, so truthfully, Eljuia is a character of the rock bottom isekai anime Endride. It’s no surprise that hardly any of you will dare to explore this femboy because the anime overall sucks.

Yet we have included him in the list of femboy anime characters for the sake of one more addition.

The only thing that is not feminine in this character is his flat chest; otherwise, he has long white locks, a slender figure, a girlish dressing, and tucked blue flowers in his hair.

19: Najimi Osana

Najimi Osana from komi can't communicate is femboy character

Anime: Komi Can’t Communicate

Najimi Osana is one of the earliest friends of Komi. Najimi adapts to things, and that’s why his gender is unknown to everyone.

His gender is yet to unravel because he randomly switches his clothing, sometimes shown in male dress and often seen in girlish clothing in school.

Appearance aside, the communication skills of this femboy are damn crazy. Making friends within seconds is childplay for this adapted human. However, his friend-making streak came to an end when he was unable to befriend Komi “due to her social incapability.”

18: Howl Jenkins Pendragon

Howl Jenkins Pendragon from Howl's moving castle has feminine looks

Anime: Howl’s Moving Castle

Have you watched Ghibli Studios masterpiece “Howl’s Moving Castle”? If not, you’re not only missing a femboy but also an awesome story.

The only feminine trait of Howl’s Moving Castle’s protagonist is his looks. Have you ever noticed, though? I was a little hesitant to include him on the list until I saw many fans voting for this hot anime character as a femboy.

Howl is a powerful wizard who owns a moving castle and has always been a shut-in. Howl was not born with a golden spoon; instead, he was damn ordinary, and he earned his reputation through hard work.

17: Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa is one of the top anime traps

Anime: Danganronpa

Having feminine traits willingly is another thing, but being forced to become a femboy out of fear of bullying is awful.

Chihiro Fujisaki’s turning into a femboy is the result of his early life struggles, where he has faced backlash as a weak boy.

As timid as he was, he was a loner, which helped him find his passion for programming. Calling him a genius wouldn’t be wrong, as he became famous for creating cutting-edge programs, to the point that he started developing top-secret AI programs.

16: Aita Sasaki

Aita Sasaki from my love story with yamada kun

Anime: Love Story With Yamada Kun At Level 999

Honestly, I was not ready to witness the character of Aita Sasaki behind Rurihime, the “sweet girl avatar of the game.”

If you have followed “My Love Story With Yamada Kun at Level 999,” I bet you were also shocked when finding out that Akane’s previous boyfriend was a femboy.

Even his once-girlfriend, Akane, was shocked by this finding. Aita Sasaki may not look like a femboy appearance-wise, but in personality traits, he literally fulfilled all the criteria of femboy anime characters.

15: Xianming Lin

Xianming Lin from Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens is cute tall femboy

Anime: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

In the mystery action anime Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Xianming Lin is a beautiful man who embraces feminine traits with all his might.

This freelance assassin is a sister-complex freak who can go to any lengths to make her sister feel good.

At first, he wore female clothing to survive in the slums of China because it was easier to live in female attire compared to poor men. Later in the series, he finds out that he truly enjoys the female attire.

Although it seems really odd that a professional assassin is such a softie at heart with a great interest in fashion and romance stories, But it’s an anime world, so feel free to enjoy diversified fiction stuff.

14: Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Hideyoshi from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Anime: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi Kinoshita of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is a damn popular prodigy at his school. My femboy nearly gets at least three confessions in a month from males and females.

He is so famous for his feminine looks that his photos are secretly sold and bought in the school’s black market.

Hideyoshi is a calm person but loses his calm when mistaken for a girl. Even though he never reveals his skin, he states that he’s a male, yet characters in the show are unsure of his gender.

13: Niko

Niko from Nanbaka is hidden femboy


Niko is one of the main protagonists of the NANBAKA action comedy anime. He may be the most aged lad on the list of femboy anime characters. Almost 100 years or older.

But don’t let his age deceive you—this trickster packs skill thanks to his mind, which quickly learns any fighting style. His playful wit and flexibility in combat let him dance through battles with flair.

Under the facade of a lively, feminine-looking character lies a victim of drug experiments. He’s a sickly individual who heavily relies on medication, portraying the value of medication for drug addicts.

12: Saika Totsuka

Saika Totsuka from my teen romantic snafu is one of the trap anime characters

Anime: My Teen Romantic Snafu

Who is the beauty with secrets beyond first impressions? Meet Saika Totsuka from OreGairu, perhaps the loveliest femboy in all of anime.

Oh boy, his first interaction with our depressed and arrogant MC was truly amusing to the point that I was laughing out loud.

With emotional intelligence beyond his youthful appearance, he brings people together through compassion and witty smiles. It’s no surprise that viewers and characters alike develop feelings for this charming soul.

11: Rimuru Tempest

rimuru tempest in female form

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime

Is a slime monster acceptable on this list? I think Rimuru Tempest, “The Slime Monster,” is considerable since his origin is male and he usually remains in the appearance of a female.

Rimuru Tempest is an overpowered Isekai protagonist who can adapt to any shape or object once analyzed. He can become a sword, orb, shield, dire wolf, or even a female.

10: Aoi Hyoudou

Aoi Hyoudou from maid sama is crossdressing lover femboy

Anime: Maid Sama

Aoi Hyoudou is a supporting character in the famous Shojo anime “Maid Sama!”. He’s the nephew of the owner of Maid Cafe, who likes adorable things like fluffy dresses.

He enjoys female attire and often toys with men to validate his own cuteness in his feminine appearance. He was often kicked out of the house by his father for wearing female attire.

The reason he consistently switches to female attire is to avoid the bullies at school he faces for his liking of cute things. Even in a funny way, his femboy character highlights a common social issue about bullying and harsh femboy struggles.

9: Hideri Kanzaki

Hideri Kanzaki from blend s is one of the most hottest anime femboy

Anime: Blend S

He’s the offspring of a poor farmer family who has a dream of becoming a cute idol and who can happily help anyone with a very simple favor: “The person should call him cute,”  and that’s our femboy Hideri Kanzaki from Blend S.

Hideri Kanzaki is undoubtedly one of the cutest femboys in anime. He works as a host at a café called Saint-Germain, where he effortlessly charms customers with his cheerful smile and graceful manners.

However, unknown to the patrons, Hideri is actually a teenage boy who simply loves embracing his feminine side. From his delicate features and slender figure to his high-pitched voice and love of dressing in frilly dresses, Hideri fully embraces his feminine persona.

8: Komiya Chihiro

Komiya Chihiro from shonen maid is short little femboy anime character

Anime: shounen Maid

Shounen Maid is a show that can be described in one word, “wholesomeness,” just because of its main character, Chihiro Komiya. A short-weighted orphan boy with a delicate feminine face who works as a household for his uncle.

Though there’s nothing very special one could find in this anime besides learning how to support someone in their despair.

With long brown hair and wide eyes, characters in the show often mistake Chihiro for a girl. Pure slice-of-life anime lovers can give it a shot to witness the quirks of this femboy.

7: Ryuu Zaō

Ryuu Zaō from cute high earth defense club-min.jpg

Anime: Cute High Earth Defense Club

Witnessing femboy anime characters sounds inevitable from a show whose title is “Cute High Earth Defense Club Love.”

Including a character from this series was damn tough because, literally, the whole cast is a bunch of femboys.

Yet Ryuu Zao seems more feminine than his party members. Apart from facial feminity, he transforms into a damn cute femboy in his special mode, “Thrilling Prince, Battle Lover Vesta.”

Well, he’s a supporting character, so he ran short on screen time, but you can admire the show’s whole cast, “who are a bunch of femboys saving the earth in delicate attire.”

6: Haku

Haku from naruto is the best anime femboy

Anime: Naruto

Do you remember that Naruto once stated, that Haku is beautiful, even prettier than Sakura? This statement will undoubtedly bring some solace to Sakura haters.

With his graceful movements and delicate features, Haku is the definition of beauty and elegance.

He uses his quick wits and snow techniques as a powerful shinobi fighting for his master, Zabuza. However, Haku’s gentle nature prevents him from killing opponents whenever possible.

I could run short on giving a brief on this legendary femboy, so you can check on your own if you’re living under a rock and haven’t watched Naruto yet.

5: Ryuji Ayukawa

Ryuji Ayukawa from blue period is best looking among femboy anime characters

Anime: Blue Period

Ryuji Ayukawa’s gender revelation was nothing but heartbreaking for me. Why the hell do animators need to draw a femboy that is good-looking, even the wholesome Waifus envy?

This femboy is often seen cross-dressing. In male attire, he looks just fine, but in female attire, even the audience can blush at his beauty quirk.

One should learn from Ryuji’s boisterous facade how even deeply anxious people can smile. However, his deep respect for his grandmother is truly inspiring for young lads.

4: Wakasa

Wakasa from Orenchi no furo Jijou

Anime: Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Sometimes I am forced to evaluate the imaginations of some authors. Watch Orenchi no Furo Jijou (Merman in My Tub). It’s a short Shoujo anime you can finish within 50 minutes.

Imagine you go into your bathroom and find a beautiful Merman lying in your bathtub. In the case of a mermaid, it would be a different story, but a merman, seriously!

The name of this Merman is Wakasa, who is lively and uninformed about human societal norms. Hugging and bathing with Tatsumi ‘MC’ is normal for this least shy Merman. The whole show with the monstrous femboy is worth exploring, and it won’t cost you much time.

3: Felix (Ferris)

Felix (Ferris) from rezero is anime femboy

Anime: Rezero

I bet you will laugh out loud while witnessing Natsuki Subaru’s expression upon finding out Ferris or Felix’s gender. Even I was shocked. ‘What a trap he was’.

Felix Argyle, known for his cat-like, striking amber eyes and long blonde hair, is quite a beautiful sight. As a member of the marginalized race of demi-humans called Felisans, Felix lives among humans as a knight.

He prefers to be referred to by female pronouns out of pride for his race and disdain for gender norms. Despite his delicate features and gracefulness, Felix possesses immense physical strength and hates weak people.

Felix is undoubtedly the most famous trap among all the femboy anime characters, and honestly, he’s worth exploring.

2: Astolfo

Astolfo from fate Apocrypha

Anime: Fate Apocrypha

Even today, in the presence of awesome high-definition anime, fans can’t deny the fact that UFOtable has cooked the Fate series very well.

Bouncy pink hair, a playful smile, and a body any maiden would envy—Astolfo is the vivacious femboy that stole fans’ hearts in Fate Apocrypha.

He sees warfare as a game and finds joy in small pleasures. While his peers are shocked to discover Astolfo’s true sex, he could care less about adhering to gender norms.

1: Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Kuranosuke Koibuchi from princess jellyfish is the biggest trap in anime

Anime: Princess Jellyfish

On the top of our list of the best femboy anime characters, Kuranosuke Koibuchi reigns supreme in terms of fashion. Kuranosuke Koibuchi is the offspring of a rich political family.

He’s shown as the second-most important character in the Princess Jellyfish series, yet people are more aware of Kuranosuke Koibuchi than the main MC.

This cross-dressing dude is damn fashion addicted. Though he was a bastard, his only motive to find his true mother was to check on her closet so he could evaluate her fashion sense. Yeah, pretty insane!

Even as a fashion addict, he’s quite wholesome and believes in gender equality. To fully praise his fashion addiction, let’s cherish this femboy with his awesome quote.

Quote: “Sadly, in this world, there are lots of people who judge by appearances. Including our enemies, of course, so don your armor and change your taste in clothes to look better.”

Bonus: Hange

is Hange from aot is femboy

Anime: Attack On Titan

Do you know what is the gender of Commander Hange from Attack On Titan? Though there’s no clear statement in either manga or anime about his or her gender, most of the fandom is quite sure that she is female.

Every perception in my mind related to Hange changes when Captain Levi motivates him or her by hitting his fist on Hange’s chest. I mean, hitting on a woman’s chest without her consent is inappropriate, so what’s going on here?

Even though most of the fans believe that Hange is female, the author hasn’t disclosed anything about his/her gender. What do you think? If her gender is disclosed today and turns out to be male, it’s going to be the all-time biggest trap in anime history.


While providing the details of these above-mentioned femboy anime characters, I mean no harm or criticism towards any character, series, or author. I am pretty sure that this list has covered all the anime femboys, from classic to the latest. If anything is missing or there is a need for some factual correction, feel free to hit me via the contact page section.