12 Worst Anime Worlds To Live In

Anime creators are free to imagine and provide any kind of fantasy, and they’ve done it admirably throughout the years, bringing us both the wholesome and the worst anime worlds where anyone would think twice about living.

To be honest, the distinctive world settings in an anime contribute significantly to its success, and people fall head over heals for a fresh and goriest universe. Obviously, we audience enjoy witnessing such realms, but we would never dare to picture ourselves living in such awful environments.

Today, we’re going to rank some of the worst or most deadly anime worlds that audiences would never consider living in.

12: Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly delusion world is one of the worst to imagine living in

Heavenly Delusion often referred to as “Tengoku Daimakyou” is the most underrated mystery anime of 2023 that introduces one of the worst anime worlds.

Heavenly Delusion depicts a dystopian world in which humanity has been reduced to 5% and mysterious man-eating monsters prowl everywhere, wreaking havoc.

With no protective force, no medical care, people with literally zero humanity, and monsters lurking everywhere, I am sure surviving in this bizarre world would be tough even if someone has special powers like Maru “The Mc”.

11: Devilman Crybaby

devilman crybaby is very scary anime

As many of you are aware, Masaaki Yuasa is one of today’s leading anime directors. He is constantly pushing the boundaries wherever he can. He demonstrated his talents in the original supernatural action seriesDevilman Crybaby.

The world of Devilman Crybaby is a terrifying place filled with graphic violence and chaos. As demons emerge and possess humans, friends suddenly transform into brutal monsters with no mercy.

Cities erupt in savage battles between good and evil as the demon lord Satan himself makes a play to take over. Nowhere is safe and anyone could turn at any moment.

Akin aims to fight back and save humanity, but the odds seem impossibly stacked against him in a world where demonic power has gripped civilization and carnage rules the streets. It’s a nightmarish vision of society spiraling into hell.

10: Blood C

Blood C anime is scary as hell-min

If you are not the series’ protagonist, I bet you have no chance of living in the harshest world of Blood C anime.

The narrative centers on Kisaragi Saya, a shrine maiden who hunts down and kills these monsters “Old ones”. In each episode, she hunts down at least one dreadful creature while navigating her normal school life.

Monsters pop out from nowhere and penetrate through human bodies turning them into cheese-shaped objects.

9: Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss is unintentionally scary

To be honest, the universe of Made in Abyss and its characters seem at first like an animated series with adorable characters created primarily for the entertainment of young viewers.

However, your nice assumptions will be ripped away when you see these adorable characters getting torn apart by monsters in horrifying ways.

This anime with awesome plot revolves around a world where a mysteriously deep labyrinth has appeared and people dive in this to collect valuable artifacts. This labyrinth is the living place for monsters which become more horrifying as adventurers go deeper into this hole.

8: Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

It is normal for people to feel concerned about the rapid advancement of technology. Where it grows advanced and valuable in assisting people, it also becomes more useful for harmful or criminal purposes.

Cyberpunk Edge Runners is the perfect example in anime, where humans have become more ignorant with the advancement of technology.

I am pretty sure nobody wants to live in such a fast paced place where screw loose people wreak havoc with advance technology only to satisfy their mean desires at the cost of innocent souls.

7: Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball z is the worst world to live in wihtout any powers

Just when things seem peaceful, a new menace appears with power that seems impossible to overcome in the Dragon Ball series. Whether it’s Frieza blasting entire planets or Cell absorbing his victims, these baddies will stop at nothing to conquer the next world.

Goku and his friends have their work cut out for them trying to outmatch these foes. Through it all they never give up, pushing their limits to gain just a little more strength to turn the tide.

With so much at risk, you gotta admire their dedication to protecting the Earth and its people. Dragon Ball is a never-ending battle world where huge-scale destruction is treated as normal. It’s definitely one of the worst anime place or world to live in.

6: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most admirable classic mecha anime with a super complex world-building and plot.

It’s staged in a post-apocalyptic world affected by a nuclear war and now struggling to counter against gigantic monsters called Angels.

The world outside the steel walls of Tokyo-3 is a frightening mystery. All anyone knows is that some 15 years ago, gigantic monsters called Angels started appearing and wreaking havoc.

Now Shinji Ikari has arrived at the secret underground base, thrust into the middle of their fight against these enigmatic foes.

5: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is staged in world where humans are hunted by ghouls

Just imagine yourself as a wholesome Chad who has recently found an attractive girl suddenly their vibe matched and they went on a date. Unfortunately, the beautiful girl turns out to be a man-eating ghoul. Would you prefer to live in such a world? I am sure you’ll not.

In Tokyo Ghoul’s dark dystopia, humans live in constant fear of ghouls – lethal creatures who mimic humans yet feed on their flesh.

Kaneki is thrown into this nightmarish world when he survives a ghoul attack but is transformed into one of them.

4: Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Powerful spirits known as curses haunt the shadows, preying on unsuspecting humans for sustenance. Standing against these horrors are Jujutsu sorcerers – gifted individuals who can harness cursed energy in battle.

From this description, it obviously looks like curses are the main problem in this new gen anime but it’s not, the problem is some psychopath evil sorcerers with twisted motives.

On what scale these sorcerers have caused havoc in the Shibuya Incident arc is totally menacing. Unless you’re not Satoru Gojo, don’t ever wish to live in this one of the worst anime world.

3: Parasyte

parasyte anime is horror show

In a seemingly normal world, a shocking invasion has occurred just below the surface. Alien parasites have begun infiltrating human hosts by burrowing into their brains to take control of their bodies.

Who can you really trust anymore? In Parasyte anime world, any person could be harboring a deadly secret – the fact that they are no longer truly human

No one is safe once the sun goes down and the Parasites emerge, preying ruthlessly on any unhosted humans. How do you stay alive in a bloody violent anime world where your friends could suddenly become your fiercest foes?

2: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is staged in scary world

The world of Demon Slayer depicts the light on beautiful anime world with a vibrant art style by Ufotable, It’s beautiful until the Sun goes down and Demons with no humanity start hunting humans.

Once it’s night, nobody is safe nor their families, a tremendously powerful demon can appear from anywhere feeding on humans like a lump of fresh meat.

The people of the Demon Slayer world who don’t know any breathing style are much of sheep destined to be slaughtered by demons in the darkness of night.

1: Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan is the worst anime world where anyone can imagine living in

The concept of enclosing mankind within walls is not new, but the way Attack On Titan has presented it makes it both revolutionary and terrifying.

The people of Paradise Island are living their lives inside giant walls without knowing what is outside these huge walls and they never even bothered to care about it.

The temporary peace is broken when a 60-meter-tall Titan appears and crushes the gates of these barriers, allowing mindless titans or creatures to feast on humans.

They would rip the people half apart, mold them like sandwiches, or eat them chewing them alive. All because feasting on humans is the only thing they know.

Among all of the above-mentioned shows, Attack on Titan anime presents the worst anime world setting where even a die-hard fan would never wish to live in. Every otaku should at least watch this super-odd suspense anime once in a life time.


As you know, each of the anime tries to present a unique anime world to pique the interest of audiences and there are many, to be honest. However, these are the ones that the vast majority of audiences consider the most dangerous anime worlds of all time. If I have missed any potential anime world, Anime Auditor’s contact us page is open for your suggestion.