Top 17 Anime With Immortal MC (Latest List)

In most anime when our beloved MC got beaten up by the antagonist, we were thinking what would happen to the MC despite knowing the fact that the victorious will be the MC. However in anime with an immortal MC, the audience can enjoy the show leaving the care of outcome between protagonist and antagonist.

Some might count such anime as boring where main character is immortal but I can assure you that the anime world has already given many well-known shows with such traits and people have loved them.

Looking for an entire list of anime where MC is immortal? Don’t worry! Anime Auditor has got you covered from classic to latest.

17: Undead Unluck

Andy from Undead Unluck cant die

Undead Uncluck is one of the underrated anime despite featuring a unique plot, top-notch cast and animations. The name of our male MC of this anime is Andy who is a possessor of a unique ability Undead “which means he cannot die” even even hitting by a nuclear attack.

Now that he is met with busty unlucky girl Fukuo, they have to work together against other unique ability possessors to survive. Honestly, this action anime with Immortal MC is incredibly funny like how Andy’s power works is awkward and funny at the same time.

16: Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

The cautious hero has ability of immortality

This anime flips the script on the typical hero tale, blending uproarious humor and thrilling action. Whether you’re a seasoned anime enthusiast or a newcomer, I can surely say your face will smile constantly while witnessing Seiya Ryuuguuin’s anti-heroic excessively cautious approach.

Seiya Ryuuguuin is an overpowered isekai protagonist but obsessively cautious. His meticulous preparations, from excessive training to buying countless supplies, lead to comical situations. Seiya is not immortal as a being naturally however one of his abilities makes him immortal.

15: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren is long living elf

Frieren is the main character from this anime who has lived for almost a millennium year and yet hasn’t changed even a little bit.

In anime or manga, It’s not clear that Friren is immortal however its same appearance even after a thousand years rings the bell that she’s kind of immortal.

Frieren has defeated the demon king along hero party. Now that her human friends are destined to die within 50 to 100 years, It’s going to be quite an intriguing journey to how Frieren will find a new purpose wondering the beautiful anime landscapes after the end of the previous mission.

14: The Misfit Of The Demon King Academy

Misfit of the Demon King Academy

Misfit of Demon King Academy delivers a unique Demon King trope where Demon Lord is an op and a hottie badass anime character. Honestly, I thought an anime with Immortal and op mc would follow a usual straight forward storyline until this anime’s bigger mysteries caught me off guard.

The Demon King Anos Voldigoad sacrificed himself ages ago to protect humans by creating a powerful mana shield around human territory.

Now that he’s reborn, people used to talk Ill about Anos as an evil entity because someone has changed history. Despite being one of the most op and immortal anime characters, Anos has to work hard to uncover the mystery while attending a magic school.

13: To Your Eternity

Fushi from to your eternity is immortal orb

I bet anime with a unique storyline like To Your Eternity are hidden treasures that every hardcore beginner should watch. As a spoiler, the immortal MC is not the only highlight of this anime as many characters will leave a lasting impression on your mind within a short screen time.

This underrated anime with no bad episodes follows a unique Orb which is sent down to Earth to observe and evolve. He’s immortal and cannot be killed even if his body is shredded into pieces. His journey of evolution will intervene with some outcasts and mysterious characters to present a thought-provoking storyline.

12: Hellsing

Hellsing Alucard is immortal vampire

Alucard is a custom-tailored classic badass anime character who is a vampire in Hellsing anime and yet can’t be killed even revealing to sunlight neglecting the vampirism nature. Honestly Hellsing presents a unique vampire trope neglecting the classic vampire dynasty.

Alucard, a powerful vampire, has been bound to servitude of the Hellsing Organization led by Integra Hellsing for over 400 years. No matter how many times he is stabbed, shot or dismembered in explosive battles against the Nazi vampires and their zombie army, Alucard always resurrects due to his immortality as the reigning no-life king.

11: The Daily Life Of Immortal King

the daily life of immortal king is chinese action anime

The Daily Life of Immortal King is quite an underrated anime as being the production of China. If you can adjust to its Chinese Dub, I bet this action anime will change your perspective of judging Chinese action anime.

Wang Ling is reborn in a modern magical world beholding little to no mana. Despite having such low mana he can do wonders surprising the people around him as he’s the immortal King with infinite power. No doubt this anime with immortal MC will be a lovely watch.

10: Rezero

Natsuki subaru from rezero is immortal

Rezero is one of the fewest Isekai anime where MC is underpowered despite being immortal. Does this make any sense? Yes! because our MC Subaru has no other powers apart from “Return from Death ability” gifted by Satella.

Honestly, this goriest Isekai doesn’t require any introduction as fans are desperately waiting for its 3rd season.

Rezero Isekai follows Natsuki Subaru who got transported to a fantasy world assuming fantasies that are shown in typical Isekai anime shows. But to his surprise, this world is totally opposite to his fantasy thinking because he’s not overpowered and has to go through all storylines getting killed multiple times.

9: Beyond The Boundary

beyond the boundary anime has immortal mc Akihito Kanbara

Beyond the Boundary is quite a controversial anime that receives praise for its detailed animations “thanks to Kyoto Animation” however, performs a little less in terms of storyline directions. Honest opinions were my duty however I myself have found this supernatural anime worth watching.

This stunningly animated story follows the immortal mc named Akihito Kanbara who happens to save a high school girl Mirai Kuriyama from committing suicide and their lives become interwined for the rest of the story.

8: Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms!

Maquia is long living Elf with immortality features

Among the list of anime with immortal mc, Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms! is a movie that you can consider a wholesome mixture of Violet Evergarden and Frieren Beyond Journey’s End.

The story revolves around an orphan girl Maquia of the Iorph Clan who can live thousands of years without getting aged. Despite her perpetual youth, Maquia raises the boy named Ariel, while grappling with the agony of watching loved ones age and pass away.

7: Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas of seven deadly sins

While searching for Seven Deadly Sins, make sure you don’t end up watching Seven Mortal Sins. Because if you’re an ecchi anime lover, you must know.

As the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas carried a curse of immortality bestowed by his demon father. While his beloved Elizabeth was fated to be reborn, he would remain undying, outliving her lifetime after lifetime.

6: So I’m A Spider, So What

So I am a spider so what mc

If you adore watching anime with inhuman MC, make sure you begin your list with the world’s cutest spider who is living in a dungeon amidst terrible creatures.

A former high school student Kumoko reincarnated as the cutest spider in another world and is thrown into a dreadful dungeon that runs on a survival of the fittest scheme.

Despite being weak and mortal Kumoko the spider has to clear the horrible paths of the dungeon where danger lurks everywhere. As a spoiler “she achieves immortality in the end by allying with the demon lord.

5: AJIN: Demi-Human.

Ajin Demi human is horror anime with immortal mc

How many of you have watched the horror action anime Parasyte The Maxim & Tokyo Ghoul? If you’re looking for a mixture of them, make sure you don’t miss this anime AJIN: Demi-Human with additional trope of immortal mc.

AJIN: Demi-Human centers on Kei Nagai, once a high school student, and now turns into an Ajin, an immortal being hunted by the government like Tokyo Ghoul.

As Kei grapples with his newfound abilities, he becomes a target and joins forces with other Ajin to survive. While they can’t die, immortality brings its own set of challenges, blurring the lines between humanity and inhumanity.

4: Heaven’s Official Blessing

Heaven's official blessing Xie Lian

I think Heaven’s Official Blessing is the only anime with 8.34 MAL ratings as of a Chinese anime. After watching this anime, my first thoughts were, why did you name this anime Heaven’s Official Blessing? The author would be drunk at that time.

However, this anime is definitely worth watching if you’re into anime with an immortal MC and twisted male love storyline.

Xie Lian, a prince-turned-god, ascends to the heavens for the third time to investigate mysteries. Accompanying him is the Ghost King Hua Cheng, Xie Lian’s devoted partner despite their opposing factions.

As they delve deeper, unraveling a hidden web of intrigue, their forbidden romance also blossoms amid the celestial duties and demonic pasts they must overcome.

3: Noragami

Yato of noragami anime is immortal stray god

Are gods, Shinto myths, and folklore to your fancy? Then Noragami, long popular for its action-packed supernatural scenarios where spirits collide in a modern setting.

Yato was a minor but immortal deity, dreaming of his own grand shrine, while struggling to find work in a supernatural world shifting beyond his control. That was until he saved Hiyori from a monstrous ayakashi, forming an unexpected bond.

2: Overload

Momonga is op and eternal

Tired of watching wholesome anime with immortal protagonists? Overlord the game-related Isekai by MadHouse can deliver a unique plot with the Antihero Momonga.

Momonga was once a powerful magic caster in the game Yggdrasil but got attached to his character when the servers shut down.

As the new ruler of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga seeks to expand his territories through immense power yet struggles with his morality as his followers come to perceive him as their godlike, immortal overlord.

1: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Rimuru is immortal op main character of slime anime

Slime anime is the fewest Isekai anime that follows detailed world-building along with binge-worthy characters and plots to present a perfect isekai story. If you’re unaware of this anime, boy, you’re missing a masterpiece.

This anime follows your typical salaryman from modern-day Japan who got killed saving the girlfriend of his colleague and ends up reincarnated in a fantasy world as an immortal slime.

From Dragons to Goblins, landscape to urban areas, and wholesome characters to schemey demon lords, this one of the best isekai anime with immortal mc has everything to satisfy an Otaku.


As the internet was flooded with little inaccurate lists of anime with immortal mc, I think it would be good to make a list that plays fair with the term immortality. I hope you will enjoy this list expanding your knowledge to become a perfect Otaku.