10 Best Anime With Beautifully Animated Landscapes

Every anime show has its own unique tropes likewise some come with detailed action sequences, some with smooth animations, some with sparkling visuals and landscapes. In this piece of content, I have ranked the top 10 anime with the best and most vibrant beautiful landscapes or visual scenes.

I can assure you, whenever you’ll feel distant from these anime series for any reason, these anime’s vibrant landscapes will suck you into their visual brilliance.

let’s begin our eye-pleasing journey within anime.

10: Vinland Saga 2

vinland saga 2 is rich with visually beautiful landscapes

For reference, Vinland Saga’s 1st season was animated by Wit Studios, and the 2nd season was fully covered by Mappa Studios. Honestly, I am a fan of vibrant colors and in terms of coloring Mappa Studios has delivered its best to make Vinland Saga visually stunning.

Apart from Thorfinn’s soothing character development, you’ll be forced to blend in the color scheme of this anime. 

Vinland Saga is a vengeful tale of Thorfinn the character who has sworn to take the revenge for his father’s death. However, assuming its Manga popularity and anime liking, this anime doesn’t require any introduction.

9: Made in Abyss

made in abyss

I am telling you, don’t get fooled by the Lego look-alike character designs of this brutally emotional anime with crazy good world-building.

Whether it comes to presenting great emotions or natural views of the Abyss world, this anime with the best storyline delivers fabulously. This anime has been highly praised for its landscapic world exploration and storyline.

Made in Abyss anime revolves around the female protagonist Riko who has lost her mother in the depths of the Abyss, “A great Hole in the chest of Earth or a world of beautiful landscapes”. Her only motive is to rescue her mother believing she’s still alive in this brutal world.

8: Jobless Reincarnation

jobless reincarnation is beautifully animated isekai anime

If you follow the Isekai genre like me as a hardcore fan, you would already know that Jobless Reincarnation or Mushoku Tensei is undoubtedly one of the best Isekai animes of all time.

What makes this anime worth watching is its detailed Isekai world exploration, average-paced storyline, a blend of ecchi genre and visual landscapes that can make anyone fall in love with this anime.

This anime with the most vibrant landscapes follows the reincarnated child Rudeus Greyrat, who has embarked on a journey to find his family.  Even this Isekai world is not going to be easy on this lad as he will explore this magical realm.

7: Hell’s Paradise

Hell's Paradise is rich with vibrant landscapes

Honestly speaking Mappa Studios never compromises on delivering the best animation quality however neglecting its consequences on its animating staff. Hell’s Paradise is one of its examples.

Whether it comes to make attractive natural and vibrant landscapes or Urban Cities, Mappa Studios literally delivers. If you have watched Hell’s Paradise, you can’t hold yourself praising the visual quality of this anime.

This action anime revolves around the deadly Shinobi Gabimaru The Hollow who embarks on journey to find the mysterious Elixir Of Live in order to get freedom.

6: Call of the Night

call of the night is beautifully urban animated anime

Honeslty speaking in the list of my favourite romance anime, Call of the Night reigns supreme for its vibrant art style that makes this anime binge worthy.

Frankly, there are two major reasons for any Otaku to watch this romance anime, most relatable characters with a quest of self-discovery and presentation of vibrant urban landscapes.

This visual masterpiece Romance anime revolves around a lonely protagonist Kou Yamori who has been skipping school in seek of comfort. While exploring the vibrant lights of the night he encounters Nazuna The Vampire and embarks on a journey to become a vampire.

5: The Kingdoms of Ruin

kingdom of ruins

If huge plots twists is your thing, don’t waste any time if you haven’t watched this recently released full of twists and turns anime.

Apart from its intriguing storyline, the real deal of this anime is in its exploration of vibrant landscapes lit with magic and science.

This anime revolves around the idiotically vengeful protagonist Adonis who has suffered a great loss in the shape of his witch lover. Now the world that has caused this loss has to suffer Adonis’s destructive wrath.

4: Shangri La Frontier

Shangri La Frontier a beautifully animated game world isekai anime

Shangri La Frontier is a recently released game-related Isekai anime like no other in terms of deep game world exploration and animation quality.

If you’re like me, tired of following usual game world Isekai anime, must try this anime full of brilliantly desgined game tactics and vibrant landscapes to dsytopian wastelands.

This Isekai anime revolves around the game lover Rantaro who has recently begun playing the VR Game Shangri La Frontier. As a pro gamer, Rentaro has begun its journey to try this brand-new masterpiece along with some friends and foes.

3: Mushi Shi

Mushi Shi

Despite being almost two decades old, no other anime will hit you damn hard like Mushishi with its thought-provoking plot along with vibrant landscapes.

If you’re a fast-paced storyline lover, bro, this anime is not for you. But if you want to witness a truly masterpiece seinen supernatural anime, Mushi Shi is an exception.

This story revolves around Ginko a Mushi Shi “who investigates Mushi” a supernatural life existence that can be available in any form like disease, rainbow, or plants. Ginko wanders the beautiful landscapes to study these bizarre life forms while solving other people’s problems related to Mushi.

2: To Your Eternity

To your Eternity

Tired of usual anime themse and looking for somthing more unique or totally different? To your Eternity will bless you with a quite focused storyline where mc has no love interests.

While watching this anime show, you’ll forced to praise this anime’s totally original and unique storyline which does charms along with smooth animations, bizarre characters, wholesome MC and vibrant natural landscapes.

This psychological anime revolves around a mysterious Orb which is sent to Earth centuries ago to observe and evolve. Whereas Its Evolution from an orb to a living being is going to be a hell of emotional, wholesome, and entertaining in a sadistic way.

1: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren anime with most beautiful and vibrant landscapes-min

Frieren is latest psycholoical slice of life anime by MadHouse Studio that has surpassed Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in Mal Ratings; however it was downvoted by FAB Fandom.

Brace yourself before watching this anime because you’ll be forced to feel an interesting emptiness deep inside while watching this wholesome show about Human life span, lessons, and beyond journey matters.

Apart from its storyline which is definitely unique like no other, its crazy good vibrant animations and exploration of lively landscapes will make you fall in love with this thought-provoking anime. Honestly it’s an exceptional new gen anime for beginners to become hardcore fans.

The Beyond Journey follows the elf protagonist who has lived millennium years and defeated the demon lord. Her true after the journey begins with his former teammates dying after getting aged. Whether you’re looking for a unique story or a journey within beautiful vibrant landscapes, Frieren is my utmost recommendation.


Those of you who share an immense liking to watch beautiful landscapes within anime can confidently pick any from this list. Each of these shows comes with a specific charm, so they’re definitely watch-worthy.