10 Best Isekai Anime Where Mc Reincarnates in The Game World

In the particular genre of Isekai, there are countless watch-worthy shows with intriguing world exploration. Within the isekai genre, a game world is most commonly used to transport the protagonist into the game he was playing or used to play. So I thought why not make a proper list ranking of the best game world Isekai anime?

As I hardly remember, It was .Hack//Sign anime that has triggered a spark in me to crave more for Isekai anime where MC transports into a game world. After watching more than 25 game world related Isekais, I have prepared this best isekai anime list for Otakus like you to chose the best.

10: Ixion Saga DT

Ixion Saga DT

On the last spot of our list, we have Ixion Saga DT by Brain Base Studios, “the studio that has animated To Your Eternity.” Definitely, it’s not as good as their other project that I mentioned but it’s a good choice if you’re sitting bored and want a few quick laughs, it’s not a bad series.

Gaming pro Kon Hokaze accepts a friend request, getting transported to a fantasy realm. Joining a party, he teams up with a princess to save the world.

With its immature humor, it’s more of comedy than adventure. On another note, this game world Isekai anime is quite old so don’t set your hopes too high regarding its animation.

9: My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom!

My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom!

While most isekai anime are based on other world demon lords, devil stuff and saving the world and blah blah blah, this anime offers a quite unique premise. With its unique plot, this anime also leads to a thought-provoking self-discovery story of our female protagonist.

The protagonist Katarina Claes suddenly awakens in a new game world named “Fortune Lover”. While most MC reincarnates as badass superhero prodigies, Katarina Claes awakens as a villain who has a predetermined destiny of bad endings. Now it’s up to our villainess to use creativity to undo her tragic future.

As one of the best game world isekai anime, this show comes with a hilariously funny approach along with a reverse harem, so it’s a definite watch for girls and boys.

8: How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Honestly How Not To Summon A Demon Lord also follows a stereotypical Isekai approach but in an admirable way. Because you won’t see many Isekai shows with some explicit ecchi scenes, laugh-out-loud funny moments, and an op Isekai protagonist. Yet it’s quite underrated isekai anime show.

This anime revolves around an MMORPG addict freak Takuma Sakamoto who is suddenly pulled into the gaming world as an overpowered demon lord. This Isekai also lacks any mature plot setting but wins the hearts of the audience with fan service and comedy.

7: Trapped In A Dating Sim: The World Of Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs

Trapped In A Dating Sim: The World Of Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs

One thing I always like about anime is that it always comes out with a lit uniqueness like no other and same delivers this enormously long titled game world isekai anime.

Apart from its intriguing but light plot, its major highlight is its smooth animation or art style. Forced into a dating sim, Leon dies and awakens in a world where women hold power.

Armed with game knowledge, he aims for a comfortable life but becomes entwined with the heroine and villain. His quest for tranquility takes unexpected turns in this intriguing tale of rebirth, relationships, and navigating a game-world society.

6: Log Horizon

Log Horizon is a best isekai anime where mc reincarnates in gaming world

With my personal experience, I can assure you that no other MMORPG-based isekai will give you deep slow paced experience like Log Horizon.

While watching this anime, you’ll be forced to feel the protagonist’s struggling existence in-game world, It’s this influentially natural.

“Log Horizon” follows thousands of players trapped in an MMORPG. After the game’s latest expansion, they discover they can’t log out.

Protagonist Shiroe, a strategic mastermind, joins forces with allies to navigate the game’s complexities. Together, they unravel mysteries, adapt to their new reality, and seek a way home.

5: Sword Art Online

sword art online

“Sword Art Online captivates with its breathtaking animation, intense battles, and a perfect blend of virtual and real-world dynamics. If you’re fan of other world dungeon exploration, this anime really delivers.

Storywise this anime has no exception but frankly, its battles seem to me more of bright slide shows than actually smooth detailed animations. This is why I am ranking this anime below than No Game No Life.

Sword Art Online follows players trapped in a virtual reality MMORPG where death in the game means death in real life. Protagonist Kirito must navigate various game worlds, facing challenges, forming bonds, and uncovering the mysteries of the virtual realm.

4: Btooom!

Btooom is fast paced action anime with awesome game world exploration

I don’t know how the hell Btooom is not considered an Isekai anime. Neglecting the fact that Btooom is not officially an Isekai anime, It gives you a fast-paced storyline that’ll leave deep marks in your memories.

Despite being released 10 years ago, it has a more engaging and admirable storyline better than some new Isekais.

“Btooom!” follows Ryouta Sakamoto, a unemployed gamer who unearths himself trapped in a actual-existence model of his favorite online game. Armed with best explosive devices, he must strategically outwit other gamers to continue to exist. In a deadly game of life and death, alliances are tested, and betrayals are inevitable.

3: Overload

overload is best gaming world isekai anime

Overload presents you with one of the longest-game world Isekai anime with a badass anti-hero Momonga.

Overload is an anime that offers a detailed exploration of the isekai world with vampires, demons and other fantasy creatures.

‘Overlord’ unfolds an action-packed narrative as Ainz the protagonist sets out to conquer this altered realm with his loyal followers and unlock the secrets lurking in the virtual realm turned real.

2: No Game No Life

As a hardcore anime fan and after witnessing the work of multiple studios I have come to a conclusion. You should never doubt the project of Madhouse studios, once you see it’s Madhouse production, just get into it and the same I would say about No Game No Life anime.

No Game No Life presents a unique isekai game world anime where everything is decided through games. No Game No Life follows siblings Sora and Shiro, anti hero gaming prodigies in the real world. Transported to Disboard, a world ruled by games, they challenge the god Tet. To ascend the ranks and challenge Tet, they outsmart opponents, unraveling political intrigue.

Honestly No other anime embraces game world like this anime but recently released masterpiece has forced me to rank this brilliant anime at second place.

1: Shangri-La Frontier

shangri la frontier

The reason why I have ranked this newly coming game world Isekai anime on top of my list is its amazing and vibrant animation with a deep exploration of the game world.

Honestly speaking, the animators would have spent hours in animating this new gen action anime fight sequences.

High school sophomore Rentaru Hizutome is on a quest to conquer “terrible games.” Armed with unmatched gaming skills, he dives into the latest virtual reality challenge, Shangri-La Frontier. Skipping the basics, Rentaru faces hidden mysteries and daunting challenges.


I have covered all the pros and cons related to each show on this list to make it easy for you to pick one. However, I would say start from the least because once you started with the top ranked; you’ll have to force yourself to admire the others.

So best of luck watching the best game world Isekai anime shows where mc transport into the game world.