Top 10 Anime Where Mc Is Not A Human

An increasing number of anime feature non-human main characters in the form of some demon lord or other species. Honestly most of such series come with demon lord stuff which is more often not worth watching. I have compiled a list of some watch-worthy anime shows where mc is not human.

I can confidently say that each of these series consisting of inhuman MCS gives you something different and unique to experience, so let’s get into it.

10: Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon

Well you can hope to find the utmost bizarre things in the world of anime, just like this anime which revolves around a character who is reincarnated as a Vending Machine.

A man obsessed with vending machines dies after being crushed by one. Reborn as a sentient vending machine named Boxxo in a strange land, he is found by frog-like beings and a woman who moves him to a human settlement.

Limited to dispensing two items in exchange for coins, Boxxo uses its pre-recorded phrases to grow a devoted following as it subtly changes its new world despite being unable to directly converse.

9: Assassination Classroom

koro sensei the mc of assassination classroom is not human

A quirky yet compelling story, Assassination Classroom features a non-human or inhuman main character – Koro-sensei, a hyper-intelligent octopus-like creature with a cheerful but sinister past.

Koro Sensei is one of the main characters of this anime who is a crazy badass mentor in this anime. 

The premise of this anime is clear by its name, the story revolves around a class of students who are assigned to assassinate their teacher Koro Sensei. Koro-sensei helps his students develop self-confidence and teamwork, all while dodging their creative attempts on his life.

8: Ancient Magus’ Bride

Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a supernatural romance anime where one of the main character is not human. This anime revolves around a slave girl Chise and her master or future husband Elias Ainsworth.

It’s a quite underrated anime which is animated by Wit Studios and have above eight MAL ratings. In this fantastical series, the main character Chise has endured great suffering but finds herself purchased by a powerful yet benevolent wizard named Elias.

While at first distressed by this new arrangement with her mysterious inhuman master, Chise comes to see he has only compassion and is committed to nurturing her latent magical talents.

7: Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight in Another World

Do you love the game World Isekai? If yes make sure to watch this one Skeleton Knight in Another World with an op protagonist who helps every female in trouble giving viewers a wholesome and relaxed experience.

Honestly, this anime is very similar to The Goblin Slayer however the protagonist or mc of this anime is not human anymore as he’s teleporated to this game world.

This underrated Isekai story revolves around a gamer who wakes up as a game character in his game. As he has chosen a scary skeleton character, he has to go through this game while hiding his creepy face.

6: Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is a anime where mc is not human

Have you watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well brace yourself to watch a similar experience but with more bloodshed and a more mature theme in the shape of Dorohedoro.

This brilliantly animated show by Mappa Studios revolves around a nonhuman reptile kind of main character Kaiman. Kaiman lives in a place called “Hole” where the strong prey on the week.

While the magic users dominate this place and treat its residents as mere playthings, Kaiman is immune to magic and longs to become a human. Can he achieve his goal while navigating this living hell?

5: Reincarnated as a sword

Reincarnated as a sword is anime where mc is a mere sword

Rather than being reborn as a human (or demi-human) with OP abilities, what new storytelling opportunities or character-driven moments could result from the protagonist retaining consciousness but as an object now relied upon by another?

This was the question that I asked myself before getting into this unique Isekai anime with a non human protagonist who is reincarnated as a mere Sword.

Reincarnated as a Sword features a protagonist who is reborn as a sword. While babbling about its useless reincarnated form, he encounters a young girl fleeing from her captors. This is the beginning of this unconventional duo’s journey to liberate the downtrodden and punish the wicked.

4: So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I'm a Spider, So What?

In this unique isekai series, the main character finds herself reborn not as a powerful humanoid, but as a lowly spider monster deep within a fantastical dungeon’s labyrinthine walls.

Struggling to survive using only her wits and latent magical powers, she absorbs skills from fallen enemies to steadily evolve her spider form and rise against stronger denizens of the depths.

Those who like deep dungeon exploration animes should give this anime a shot where our protagonist is underpowered yet determined.

3: Overload

momonga is an op anti hero from anime overload

In the list of non human mc’s, brace yourself to witness the most badass prodigy Momonga who has been transported to a game world as an op-character.

As the clock struck midnight, Yggdrasil prepared to shut down its virtual world for good. However, Ainz Ooal Gown’s mighty leader Momonga found himself still conscious in this virtual realm now devoid of other players.

To his astonishment, even the NPCs under his command now possessed independent minds of their own. With questions abounding about what strange magic was at play, the powerful sorcerer gathered his loyal dark guild followers.

2: That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime

Reincarnated as a slime is anime where mc in not human anymore

After watching this Isekai anime, I bet you’ll be forced to imagine a fantasy world of your own in your mind. Because this is one of the best Isekai anime that has such an influence.

The story revolves around our nerdy protagonist 37-year-old corporate worker who suddenly got killed only to reincarnate as a mere ball of slime in another world.

In no time he aware of his unique op abilities that can become handy even in this fantasy world. If you like detailed world-building and a cast of some binge-worthy characters, this anime where mc is not human anymore is worth considering.

1: To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity features a non human protagonist Fushi

Witnessing nonhuman mc is the usual trope in an Isekai genre whereas To Your Eternity is a pure shounen anime that comes with a non-human protagonist and a thought-provoking plot like no other series.

The Story revolves around an Orb who is sent down to Earth to observe and save this planet from fearsome creatures who want to destroy the planet.

On this journey of observation and learning our wholesome nonhuman mc encounters multiple characters and begins to evolve.


Honestly, there are many other anime that come with no human mc but I found these the most watch-worthy. So whether you’re a romance lover, fantasy lover, or action lover, each of them possesses a unique taste.