Top 10 Chinese Action Anime Every Fan Should Watch

If we exclude the 3d projects of Chinese anime, we would get a handful of watch-worthy anime from the Chinese industry. It’s the fact the Chinese anime industry is years behind the Japanese anime. Yet we have seen some really good Chinese action anime that brings us hope about this market.

So in this piece of content, you’ll be seeing the 10 best action anime from the Chinese industry with unique storylines and especially binge-worthy animations. So let’s jump into our list.

10: Lookism

Lookism is the latest Chinese action anime, which is honestly 10 times better than any usual Japanese anime in terms of animations.

Park Hyung Suk is a fatty high school student who always gets bullied by others for his ugly looks. While complaining about his ugly looks, Park Hyung Suk discovers himself in a brand new muscular body.

With this new body, he finally begins to enjoy his life at school and everywhere, however, there is a little drawback of this body. Park Hyung Suk is forced to switch bodies when he sleeps. Can he maintain a low profile with his new body; do watch this awesome action Chinese anime.

9: The Daily Life of Immortal King

The Daily Life of Immortal King anime is action chinese genre

The Daily Life of Immortal King is a high school action supernatural anime where our mc is overpowered and goes to magic high school for a simple living.

The story revolves around Wang Ling, the op protagonist who can defeat any formidable foe with ease. Despite having such blessings, he longs to live an ordinary peaceful life.

Whether you’re a fan of highschool romance, supernatural action sequences, or a relaxing plot, this anime is fully recommended for you.

8: Psychic Princess

Psychic Princess action scene

Due to a handful of watch-worthy action anime, I was forced to include Psychic Princess which is known as more of a romance anime than action; however, action is one of the main genres of this anime.

This action romance story revolves around two royal characters who dislike each other. Due to family circumstances, they both have to endure each other by getting married.

This anime action sequence is vibrant and praiseful along with beautifully designed characters.

7: Spare Me Great Lord

spare me great lord is one of the best isekai chinese action anime

If you have liked No Game No Life, one of the greatest Isekai anime, you should consider watching this action Chinese anime but with a better animation quality.

This action anime revolves around two unique siblings Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu who are not ordinary humans, they are metahumans possessing special powers.

As they have been blessed with such unique abilities, they have to go through unusual paranormal obstacles while honing their skills.

6: Rakshasa Street

Whereas most Chinese anime felt dull and a little distracting after giving a solid start, one can’t complain about such issues with this anime that will keep you sticked from start to finish with its unique storyline and emotional integrity.

This story features Xia Ling, an ordinary student who is living in a troublesome world where humans and spirits coexist. These spirits have the sole purpose of destruction and cause humans a lot of trouble.

Honestly, this anime should be ranked way higher in the Chinese action genre due to its unique plot but its animation quality fails to deliver its plot action sequences to the max level.

5: Fog Hill Of Five Elements

Fog Hill Of Five Elements

Frankly speaking, If you want to relive the legendary action anime Avatar another time, must watch this Chinese alternative masterpiece Fog Hill Of Five Elements.

The story revolves around a legendary character who is chosen to embark on a fearsome journey through foggy mountains in order to achieve the ability of controlling five elements.

This anime storyline is quite interesting along with unique characters and action sequences. In the realm of Chinese action anime this is surely a master piece.

4: Hitori no Shita – The Outcast

The OutCast is one of the best action chinese anime

Everyone loves watching something unique whereas this Chinese action anime comes with a banger in each episode giving anime fans a unique mystical experience, like zombies and other mysteries.

This story features a wholesome protagonist Zhang Chulan who encounters dreadful zombies in the graveyard. Amidst the chaos, a hot chick appears throwing kitchen Knives at these lurking zombies.

After cooling down they both share some words and the girl disappears. Fatefully Zhang Chulan encounters this same beauty at university that signals the beginning of a dramatic shift in his fate.

3: The King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar is a pure action anime with zero romance or other genre in it. Those who love watching game-world-related anime shows should give this anime a shot.

The story features a gaming lad who has to retire from gaming for a job at a cafe due to uncontrollable circumstances. Before he left, he promised to return with even greater strength, and that happened when the new game server launched.

Whereas other players create guilds and have sponsorships to play, Yet Xiu achieved glory by defeating other players even without a proper team and sponsorship.

2: Scissor Seven

Scissor Seven

If you’re looking for an all in one anime like with a great storyline, great direction, awesome art style, and binge-worthy characters, Scissor Seven is worth watching Chinese action anime.

This quirky anime follows Wu Liuqi the ultimate badass anime character possessing so many handy powers like telekinesis and shape-shifting stuff. Despite such blessings, this character is totally useless when it matters.

He’s a very unsuccessful bounty hunter only for one reason; he has chosen the wrong profession. His goal is to recover his lots of memories and you fans will be forced to love this anime character for his quirky failures.

1: Grandmaster of Demon Cultivation

Grandmaster of Demon Cultivation

Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation will take you to a world where magically gifted and trained individuals known as cultivators protect the world from zombie-like plagues and our cool protagonist is one of them.

Despite being an op and competitive character he lost his life against formidable foes and some friend’s betrayal. Thirteen years later he reincarnates as an op madman, not for revenge but to solve the supernatural mysteries of this world.


As I have said earlier Chinese anime industry is in its developing stages whereas these handfuls of anime shows come out quite competitive with the Japanese anime market. As I have mentioned all the pros and cons of these Chinese action anime shows, you can pick any of these for your next watch list without hesitating to waste time.