12 Best Binge Worthy Supernatural Action Anime Of All Time

For anime fans who love breathtaking action mixed with a dash of supernatural powers and abilities, this list is a custom-tailored blend of both genres.

These anime take the excitement of high-octane battles to an unbelievable level by giving the characters super-human abilities. If you are seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures that are also out of this world, look no further than these top supernatural action anime that push the limits of what is possible in anime battles.

12: NoraGami

Noragami is one of the best action supernatural anime

While many action shows become supernatural thrillers with a little touch of supernatural elements, Noragami shines as a true contender as this whole anime is all about paranormal themes along with brilliantly animated action by Bones Studios.

Also known as action-comedy anime, this show features a wholesome girl Hiyori Iki. While protecting a stranger she is caught in an accident and becomes aware of two parallel worlds. One Near Shore where regular humans reside and other Far Shore residing demons and human souls.

Fatefully she met a Stray God named Yato who fixed Hiyori’s body for only 5 Yen. Alongside Yato and his live weapon Yukine, Hiyori goes through many adventures full of action and supernatural stuff.

11: Fate Stay Night

Fate Stay Night is legendary long supernatural action anime

Honestly watching Fate Stay Night is not worth it if you’re looking for a short action anime. However, if you’re an Otaku like me who has infinite time to witness an action supernatural masterpiece, must consider this quite a long anime.

Set in an alternate reality, Fate/Stay Night revolves around Shirou Emiya who gets embroiled in a magical tournament called the Holy Grail War. In this war, seven powerful Magi summon heroic spirits from history to fight in a deadly battle royale.

Shirou finds himself taking part in this contest and teams up with one of these spirits to fight other powerful teams and uncover secrets of the Grail. For reference, some seasons were animated by Ufotable Studios, so if you’re an admirer of cool animations, please go for this anime.

10: Devilman Crybaby

Devil man crybaby is horror supernatural anime

Devilman Crybaby is essential viewing for any fan of thought-provoking anime willing to be deeply moved and disturbed in the very best way. I don’t have other words to best praise this anime.

Devilman Crybaby is a gripping tale staged in a messed-up world where Akira Fudo, your average high schooler, recently discovered that an ancient tribe of demons is plotting an attack to reclaim Earth from humans.

According to Ryo Asuka’s suggestion, Akira lends his body to the demon Amon. This fusion gives Akira incredible powers but also begins to awaken his primal dark side. You can consider this an alternate version of Parasyte which has a better storyline than this one.

9: Fire Force

Fire Force an action anime

Burning with excitement, Fire Force is a non-stop thrill ride that will have your heart racing as fast as the flames.

In a world where people randomly burst into flames, the Fire Force works to combat the Infernals born from these fiery deaths. In this unstable world here comes out lively protagonist Shiro who possesses some unique abilities to uncover these infernal mysteries.

Now it is up to Shiro and his recently joined team “Company 8” to uncover the secrets behind spontaneous human combustion. Hot on the trail of answers, their adventure is only just heating up in this white-knuckle anime of supernatural action, magic, mystery, and mayhem.

8: Bungo Stray Dogs

With no hate for Bones Studios, It’s just my opinion that this fantastic and quite long supernatural action anime could be more famous like Jujutsu Kaisen if handled by Mappa Studios or Madhouse Studios. Still, it’s worth watching.

In the peculiar city of Yokohama, 18-year-old Atsushi Nakajima joins a league of gifted individuals. Known as the Armed Detective Agency, this band of rebels possesses supernatural abilities drawn from the talents of history’s greatest authors.

Atsushi works along with some mysterious characters to perform the tasks given by the agency which are most likely running a business, uncovering shady mysteries, and exorcising supernatural figures.

7: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul a perfect drama action anime

Are you ready for your heart to be caught in a vice-like grip? Tokyo Ghoul unleashes a graphically gripping world where ghouls live among humans, preying on them in the dark.

This renowned anime follows Ken Kaneki whose normal college life takes a gruesome turn when he survives a ghoul attack but wakes with a darker hunger.

As he struggles to balance his new predatory urges with compassion for humans, Kaneki finds refuge among other ghouls just trying to survive in a world that hates and fears them. Full of Blood, gore, villain quotes and action, Otakus like me had already become a fan of this anime after witnessing its very first episode.

6: Dead Mount Death Play

Dead Mount Death Play is best seinen isekai supernatural anime

Whereas most Isekai shows revolve around supernatural themes, they usually awfully fail to deliver a good amount of action sequences blended with paranormal stuff. Thankfully things are different in the case of the recently released seinen Isekai anime Dead Mount Death Play. It was either not bad to choose Rezero but due to its slow pacing, I ended up picking this one.

This intense Isekai show revolves around a legendary Necromancer who happens to reincarnate as Polka Shinoyama in modern-day Japan.

Recently a mysterious band that was tasked to kill Polka Shinoyama was amazed by his unique magical skills and was forced to recruit this bizarre man. Now Polka works under a team of bizarre characters to uncover supernatural mysteries and disasters of modern-day Tokyo.

5: Hell’s Paradise

Hell's Paradise best supernatural action anime

If you ask me about an anime full of vibrant landscapes, intriguing yet complex characters, and a freakingly good storyline, I would say Hell’s Paradise is custom build to fulfill these criteria.

This supernatural action anime revolves around a dreadful shinobi named Gabimaru and a band of criminals who have been tasked to find the Elixir of Life from a mysterious island.

To their surprise, this is no ordinary island; this is full of supernatural creatures that can kill any skilled warrior within minutes. Amidst Buddha-type creatures and bizarre shape-shifting demons, it’s going to be super tough to find Elixir of Life.

4: Undead Unluck

undead unluck latest supernatural action

Those who look for literally unique action series featuring some unusual supernatural powers should give a chance to this recently released action anime “Undead Unluck“.

The story revolves around an unlucky girl Fuuko Izumo who is ready to give up on her life after finishing her favourite manga. Fatefully she was approached by a bizarre quirky character Andy who encouraged her to die instead of saving her life.

Fuuko Izumo possesses the unique ability of Unluck, meaning whoever touches her will die. Unaware of her powers Andy touches her and gets hit a by train, to Fuuko’s surprise Andy is not dead because he also possesses a unique ability of Undead immortality.

It’s the beginning of their journey to survive in this world where characters having such capabilities could be hunted down by a mysterious organization.

3: Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man one of the best supernatural action anime of 2022

If you’re an unlucky Otaku or a newbie who hasn’t gotten laid hands on this violent anime, get ready for a psychedelic blend of action, comedy, and horror that will burst through your screen with demonic delirium.

Denji’s a poor teenage Devil Hunter working to pay off his father’s debts. But when he’s betrayed and killed, his heart is replaced with the Devil pet of his.

Resurrected with a Chainsaw for an arm that he can wield to tear Devil’s limb from limb, Denji joins the Special Divisions consisting of agents who used to hunt Devils around the world.

2: Demon Slayer

Where Demon Slayer is quite popular for its manga popularity, there’s no denying that this supernatural action anime also comes with a very linear storyline that has created many follower with its best opening episode.

This dreadful story follows a kind-heart protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado who has to become a demon slayer when his family is massacred by a demon and his only remaining sister turns into a demon.

After joining the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro becomes aware of the demon threat that haunts the whole world and begins his journey to turn his sister into a human again.

1: Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen supernatural best action series

In the race of the new-gen action genre, Jujutsu Kaisen by Mappa Studios has won the race by miles with the roaring success of its 2nd season “The Shibuya Incident Arc“.

Studio MAPPA brings Gege Akutami’s insanely popular manga to animated life with luscious visuals and fluid fight choreography, elevating the action to an art form.

Yuji Itadori lives by helping others, but his life changes when he eats a high-level curse named fingers of Sukuna. Instead of dying, he gains a vast power and joins the Tokyo Jujutsu High to battle other curses under Professor Gojo.

As the ominous Kyoto Killing Group begins targeting Sorcerers, their motive hints at deeper conspiracies. Along with the talented but reserved Megumi and brash Nobara, Yuji trains to control his gifted-cursed status.


Frankly speaking, there are countless supernatural action anime shows holding unique storylines like no other. As you can’t watch each of them, this short list possesses the cream of the crop in the supernatural action genre. So whether you begin from top to end, there’s no way you’ll end up disappointing.