10 Best Anime With Unforgettable First Episodes

Anime with memorable first episodes hook viewers right from the start. These anime come out the gate with impactful beginnings that draw audiences in.

Some of the anime with the best first episodes waste no time establishing intriguing premises, characters, and worlds.

They immediately immerse watchers in gripping narratives that leave them eager for more. Other top anime debuts impress through stunning visuals, slick action sequences, or emotional moments.

Whatever the method, anime with the best beginnings capture attention right off the bat. They kickstart memorable journeys that keep audiences engaged across entire seasons.

These anime showcase what makes the medium so special in their unforgettable opening episodes.

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10: Chainsaw Man

Pochita merging in with denji

Chainsaw Man’s first episode exemplifies what makes for one of the best anime starting episodes.

It immediately pulls viewers into its dark, action-packed world through intense fight scenes as Denji becomes Chainsaw Man.

The bold visuals and animation with fluid combat and stunning backgrounds are just a treat for anime lovers.

The episode balances gore, emotion, and humor masterfully. Chainsaw Man’s stellar premiere episode leaves you excited for the crazy journey ahead.

It’s a perfect example of how impactful first episodes can draw audiences into an anime’s unique story and style.

Whereas, its manga was already top-notch and popular but Mappa has taken this anime to another level.

9: Code Geass

Lelouch getting geass powers

Code Geass grabs viewers’ attention right away in its first episode, exemplifying an anime that hooks you from the start.

It throws you directly into the complex alternate world of Britannia and Area 11, establishing the intriguing premise.

The charismatic, morally ambiguous protagonist Lelouch is instantly magnetic. Stakes are raised high when Lelouch gains his Geass power.

It would look like a typical storyline where the protagonist gains unique powers but the unique concept of Geass skyrocketed the fame of anime.

Overall, Code Geass’ premier episode balances action, suspense, and character introduction seamlessly.

It leaves you excited to see Lelouch’s plans unfold. And thankfully we have witnessed an awesome anime.

8: Demon Slayer

tanjiro family who get slaughtered in first episode of demon slayer anime

Demon Slayer grabs attention right away with its dark, emotional premiere, where Tanjirou’s whole family got massacred by a demon.

The episode establishes the tense Demon Slayer Corps world brimming with secrets. Everything aside, the animation and music set an eerie, dramatic tone.

I was aware that its manga was already very popular but its animations were the only thing that grabs me in.

We have seen lots of anime featuring demons and horror stuff, but what makes demon slayer so captivating was the introduction of characters, like Giyu Tomioka who has created a separate fan base with his crazy debut.

7: Parasyte

Shinichi wakes up with parasyte makes its first episode the best

Unassuming teenager Shinichi wakes up to find his right hand has been replaced by a sentient alien parasite. This “Migi” (the parasite) can shapeshift into terrifying blades and mouths. Isn’t horrifying!

Parasyte premiere episode hooks viewers by introducing its unique body-horror premise. The most satisfying thing was its horror setup and music track which truly feels like you’re watching some mystery-based horror show, which is truly rare to find in anime.

Shinichi and Migi’s bizarre relationship promises to drive interesting character development, which sounds fascinating.

Overall, Parasyte kicks off its thrilling sci-fi story immediately, positioning unique characters in an engaging conflict. This memorably chilling debut leaves you eager to see what happens next.

6: Oshi No Ko

Ai death makes Oshi no ko entrance a banger

To set up a proper debut, an anime story needs to adjust its hooking content within episode length, where sometimes shows fail to maintain a proper pace.

But thankfully, Oshi No Ko has decided to make 1 hour and 22 minutes long episode to bring up a proper debut.

Those who haven’t readen its manga would have thought it’s a solo movie, but it was the reasonably thrill-packed debut of the Idol show “Oshi No Ko.”

It was slow-paced but satisfying till the end. The way the show has revealed the dark world behind the entertainment industry along with an intriguing fictional story was a treat to watch.

Its first episode was enough to make me consider it Spring 2023’s best-animated show.

5: Hell’s Paradise

hell's paradise Gabimaru special powers

Apart from Mappa’s brilliant animation and character designs, Hell’s Paradise immediately pulls viewers into its tense world with its strong premiere.

It introduces the mysterious, skilled ninja protagonist Gabimaru who was sentenced to death, even though he was ok to get himself killed. But the problem here was how the hell someone kills this overpowered Ninja.

The way Mappa has animated scenes where the samurai clan was struggling to kill Gabimaru was wonderful to watch.

Overall, Hell’s Paradise delivers an impactful first episode through its strong worldbuilding, violent action sequences, and hints at larger conspiracies.

The tense cliffhanger ending leaves audiences eager to see Gabimaru’s continued quest for survival and redemption.

4: Death Note

death note first episode

Frankly speaking, crime thriller usually comes with intriguing beginnings to keep the audience taken along, but Death Note was something else.

If you have watched its first episode, it looks more like supernatural stuff than a crime thriller, and honestly, its beginning with a whole unique theme was a push that makes Death Note history’s greatest anime.

They have given fans a unique theme, a captivating and ambitious protagonist with a troublesome resolve, and an average-paced storyline.

Even today, after one and a half decades after its debut, it’s hard to find an anime with such a thrilling beginning.

3: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul's first episode was the best

To be honest, after watching Tokyo Ghoul’s first season, I was a little disappointed because its first episode was such a banger that set my hopes very high for this anime.

Protagonist Ken Kaneki’s ordinary life is shattered after a date with the alluring Rize reveals her to be a vicious ghoul. Kaneki is critically injured, setting the stage for him to become half-ghoul through Rize’s transplanted organs.

The episode balances emotional character moments with intense action. Seeing the once-human Kaneki navigate a hidden world of deadly ghouls creates instant intrigue.

Fluid animation and a chilling soundtrack accentuate the horror. Tokyo Ghoul’s first episode memorably introduces a complex moral conflict through Kaneki’s transformation into a sympathetic monster.

2: Samurai Champloo

Jinn and Mugen's pep talk while fighting makes its entrance a banger

Samurai Champloo immediately establishes its cool style with its energetic first episode. It throws viewers into its hip-hop-inspired take on the Edo period as Mugen and Jin get embroiled in a teahouse brawl.

Samurai Champloo’s first episode was the moment, when my inner self says, thank god, I have given this anime a chance.

As a whole, Samurai Champloo’s premiere episode effectively introduces the captivating setting and characters through slick animation, action, and music.

Seeing Mugen and Jin’s hilariously antagonistic team-up hints at the entertaining journey ahead. Samurai Champloo hooks audiences by distinguishing itself stylistically right from the start.

1: Attack on Titan

wall breach in aot was best part in first episode where after Eren's mother eaten alive

Whether you believe it or not, I have watched AOT’s first episode almost 7 times. Even from time to time, when I find nothing interesting to watch, I usually end up watching its first episode. It is that good.

Everything aside, listening to its initial soundtrack send chills down your spine that felt like something freaking bad is about to happen.

Attack on Titan’s premiere episode throws viewers directly into the terror and chaos of the titan attacks. It memorably introduces the imposing naked giants who have driven humanity to the brink of extinction.

Protagonist Eren Jaeger loses his mother during the initial titan invasion, establishing a personal vendetta.

The emotional trauma combined with the epic, cinematic visuals of the titans kicking down the outer wall immediately invests audiences in humanity’s plight.

In honor of achieving the top spot in the list of anime with the best first episodes, I want to showcase the legendary initial quote of Attack on Titan.

“If you think reality is just living comfortable and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?”

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