14 Best Mecha Anime Series Every Sci-Fi Lover Should Watch

Among anime themes, mecha is regarded as the most traditional. It’s so well-known that even thirty percent of global anime enthusiasts only know anime in general from any kind of mecha show. I’ve listed the best mecha anime series ever, which any otaku cult should cherish at least once.

For those who don’t know about mecha genre. These shows feature gigantic humanoid machines called mecha that are often piloted by teenagers or young adults. The mecha are involved in intense futuristic battles that have spectacular animation and special effects.

Without Further ado, let’s get into our list.

14: Re:Creators

re creators is mecha and supernatural isekai anime

You must know that isekai genre has been used countless times in anime, yet this mecha also used this trope but in the opposite way.

In isekai where mc transports to another world, this presents the opposite events where other world characters land into mc’s world.

One day while watching anime for inspiration, the MC of the show Souta Mizushino transports into the fantasy world and comes back shortly after along with the heroine of the fictional world. Before long other fictional characters began to show up in his world carrying huge robots.

The show is surely unique but didn’t really focus on action and present the blend of mecha sci-fi and magic.

13: Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown anime is mecha with alot of cliche

Guilty Crown is mecha anime inspired by Code Geass, and presents an ok storyline with a lot of cliches. Even though it replicates the famous tropes, it still outranked many due to its balanced delivery of these mixed tropes.

The story focuses on Shu Ouma, an ordinary high school boy who accidentally acquires an incredible power. He can extract ‘Voids’ – weapons formed from the genomes of other people.

With this ability and by piloting a giant robot called a ‘Mecha’, Shu joins the resistance group Funeral Parlor to fight GHQ. He teams up with a mysterious woman named Inori.

Their fates become intertwined as they battle to liberate their country.

12: Date A Live

Date A Live is an isekai with ecchi blend and mecha

In the television series Date a Live, the main character attempts to thwart invading forces by dating them. It should be apparent to you, the viewer, just from this description that this is a parody anime.

Specifically, it parodies mecha series like Evangelion, Gundam, and Muv Luv, substituting gorgeous ladies for the invading force. Apart from parody anime, this is also considered as one of the best sci fi based isekai anime.

An unseen threat known as spaceships are descending upon cities, with the power to reduce them to nothing unless stopped by a special person.

One high school boy finds himself enlisted to help combat these disasters and uncover their secrets. Along the way, he discovers several mysterious girls who may hold the key and pilot these destructive spaceships.

11: Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic is a renowned mecha anime

This classic mecha anime series is something that you should definitely see! The blend of suspense, humor, and action is excellent. In actuality, everything was expertly adjusted to ensure that the anime was neither overly heavy nor underweight.

The military-based mecha series follows a socially awkward prodigy Sousuke who joins Kaname’s high school to follow the movements of a mysterious girl called “Whispered”.

Even with Sousuke’s true devotion, a terrorist attack that uses enormous mecha robots complicates his objective.

 Is he able to maintain a low profile while pursuing his goal? Find out by witnessing this one of the best mecha anime series.

10: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if humanity had to abandon a ruined Earth and start living on giant floating ships across the ocean? Well then you have to see this one.

The show follows a young soldier who finds himself stranded far from home in this ocean world.

At first he struggles to understand these new people and their way of life. But with the help of a curious local girl, he starts to adapt.

Just when it seems like he’s settling in though, mysterious threats emerge from the deep. That’s when our soldier realizes his unique training is needed to protect his new friends. Epic robot battles and adventures await as secrets from the depths are uncovered.

9: Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Trapped in a Dating Sim The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Considering the success of its manga and light novel, the anime adaptation went underrated just because of the unnecessary blending of CGI.

Apart from bad CGI, this hugely long titled show is not your perfect isekai but a hilarious blend of mecha, harem, and comedy.

Leon, an office worker, gets reincarnated into a video game that is especially harsh on dating simulations, where attractive guys are the only ones allowed to sit at the table and ladies rule supreme.

Leon, however, has a secret weapon: he can recall every detail of his previous existence, even playing through the game in its entirety that he is currently imprisoned.

See Leon ignite a revolution to alter this new reality and achieve his greatest wish—to have a tranquil, carefree life in the country!

8: 86

Eighty Six 86 is thougt provoking mecha anime inspired from light novel

86 is a perfect example of how adaptation from light novels can provide a more detailed and unique plot. What makes this anime stand out is the art style by A-1 Pictures Studio.

The show follows the military theme where a specific race 86 is under the oppression of an elite race. An op unit consisting members of 86 is called Spearhead Squadron.

They are led by a skilled pilot “Shinei” a famous with the name of Undertaker. The 86 units are forced to battle with mecha robots called “The Legion”.

Major Vladilena Milizé of the Elite class joined the Squadron as a remote handler, and the cruel reality of oppression towards 86 was revealed to her. Can she able to make any difference, you’ll find out by watching this one of the best mecha anime series of all time.

The first season of 86 was released into two parts covering three volumes of light novel.

7: SSSS.Gridman


Gridman is a perilous blend of genres, blending seemingly ordinary school life with massive mecha battles. Despite this universal blend, the show went underrated.

If you’re a quick reviewer, I am sure you’ll leave this underrated mecha after 2 to 3 episodes, however, this show gets more interesting after the fourth episode.

We follow a normal high school boy who mysteriously fuses with a robot called Gridman to battle colossal kaiju monsters. At first, he’s just trying to understand these new powers but soon realizes his city is under threat.

With the help of his friends and Gridman, he’ll have to ascend to new levels of power to face threats even he couldn’t imagine.

6: Darling In The Franxx

darling the franxx is best mecha anime series with romance

Whereas most mecha series focus on offering an adventurous plot, Darling In The Franxx brings a breath of fresh air by presenting a combination of mecha action and romance.

The show follows a dystopian futuristic world surrounded by mysterious enemies where humanity’s only defense is massive robots called Franxx.

Piloted by two people merging their minds, these machines are all that stand between survival and annihilation.

Among the youth training to operate these weapons are Hiro and Zero Two, two very different teenagers. While Hiro feels like an outcast, Zero Two hides secrets about her past.

As they learn to understand each other and synchronize their abilities, they become an exceptional team.

5: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is a classic mecha anime with sci fi theme

Many anime fans regard the 1995 film “Ghost in the Shell” as a true classic suspense thriller anime, so when the Stand Alone Complex series was released six years later, many were skeptical of how wonderful it would actually be.

This award-winning mecha anime series is set in the future where people use robots and computers a lot. Special police work to keep everyone safe from bad guys. One group called Section 9 helps with secret missions.

The leader is a lady named Motoko who has robot parts to make her stronger. When weird things happen, Motoko and her team try to figure it out. They sneak around and use their smarts.

The missions take them online where sometimes it’s hard to say what’s human and what’s not. If you like sci-fi with mysteries, check out this thinking man’s adventure!

4: Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is renowned mecha romance anime

“Eureka 7” is certainly an amusing series, if not a fantastic one. The artistry in the animation, visuals, and music may let you forget the story’s schizophrenic inanity.

The only drawback of this anime is its 50-episode-long runtime, which feels a little demanding when the anime industry is offering a much better storyline within 12 episodes.

In this anime, people use special machines called LFOs to ride giant wind waves just like a surfboard. Our main character Renton joins a rebel group who do awesome air tricks on their robots.

But not everyone thinks riding the wind is so cool. When secrets about the waves are revealed, big battles break out. Join Renton and his pals on their exciting adventures above the clouds in Eureka Seven.

3: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon genesis evanglion

Alright guys, brace yourself to watch one of the most complex anime of all time.

On the surface, it’s about teenagers piloting giant robots called Evangelions to fight mysterious monsters attacking Tokyo-3.

But there’s so much more going on underneath. The show really dives into the emotional struggles of the pilots and what it’s like to be thrown into life-or-death situations in a messed-up world at such a young age.

So if you’re up for an emotionally challenging but deeply rewarding mecha series, I definitely recommend giving Neon Genesis Evangelion a shot.

2: Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is high rated mecha anime series

Even after two decades, some die-hard fans believe Gurren Lagann is the most perfect mecha anime series of all time due to its lowly beginning and beautiful finale.

In an underground village, Simon is a shy boy who works in the mines. But little does he know, his destiny lies above ground!

When a mysterious visitor named Kamina arrives with big dreams, he teaches Simon about brave warriors who pilot giant robots.

Together they discover giant robots called mechs hidden in the earth. But the surface is ruled by terrifying beasts.

With Kamina’s encouragement, Simon finds courage and they team up to battle enemies in their giant mech called Gurren Lagann.

1: Code Geass

Code Geass is the best mecha anime of all time

Whether I speak of my preferences or MAL 8.7 ratings, Code Geass fits perfectly as the crown winner of the best mecha anime series of all time.

In an alternate world divided between three superpowers, Britannia reigns supreme through their advanced Knightmare robot weapons.

Lelouch is a clever student who gets caught up in the conflict when Britannia invades his homeland of Japan. In a twist of fate, he gains a mysterious power known as Geass which allows him absolute authority over anyone.

Now going by the alias ZERO, Lelouch hides his true identity and forms an underground rebel group to fight back. With his newfound power and strategic genius, he’ll challenge Britannia in epic robot battles and a deadly game of wits and deception.


Unlike other shonen tropes, we hardly get any binge-worthy mecha anime series. Even with a handful of choices, the anime community sure has given us some renowned series mentioned above. If there’s a show that I haven’t watched and haven’t mentioned in this list, please bother me via the Contact Us page on Anime Auditor.