9 Best Underrated Anime With No Bad Episodes

Are you looking for the best anime with no bad episodes? You won’t have to look more because we have got you covered. Keep in mind, I won’t be taking renowned shows like Demon Slayer, JJK, Jobless Reincarnation, or AOT because we already know that they’re the best.

We will be talking about some less popular shows which are highly rated on MAL and not everybody knows them, so if you’re one of them make sure you stick to the end. One more thing; this list contains contents of pretty much every genre, so whether you’re an action lover or an Isekai romance lover, you can count on this list.

9: Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The Boundary is an almost decade-old supernatural action drama anime produced by Kyoto Animations. This anime is truly a masterpiece in action animation with a darker theme than usual action series.

This fast-paced action anime revolves around two supernatural beings Akihito Kanbara (the immortal boy) and Mirai Kuriyama (the female warrior of the spirit world). The Story begins when Mirai Kuriyama is saved by Akihito from committing suicide.

As these supernatural beings are intertwined with each other through paranormal means, Akahito must help Mirai Kuriyama gain confidence.

8: Black Bullet

Black Bullet

This mystery anime follows a blend of AOT and Parasyte anime tropes where civilization has been bound to live within humongous walls due to a viral infection called “Gastrea”. There are some females whose bodies have gained superhuman capabilities and those are now called “Cursed Children“.

These Cursed children are called Initiators by Tendo Civil Security which provides them with another member called promoter to forge a team of two. Their task is to fight the monsters created by the Gastrea virus and keep them at bay.

The story follows Enju Aihara, an Initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a Promoter who delivers a very underrated pure action anime with no bad episodes while keeping their hometown Tokyo safe from the growing threat of Gastrea Virus.

7: 86

86 is quite praisewrothy anime show

86 Eighty-Six is a drama-action anime that truly offers a masterpiece storyline in the medium of sci-fi animes. It’s a thought-provoking anime that enlightens the must-know topics about war, racism, oppression, and rebellion. It follows pretty much the same mecha tope of the famous anime “Darling in the Franxx” however delivers much better than that.

The Republic of San Magnolia finds itself in a prolonged battle with the Giadian Empire. To turn the tide, it develops giant robotic Juggernauts remotely controlled by skilled human pilots. But these pilots are not citizens – they are the Eighty-Six, a persecuted minority forced to fight and labeled merely by their sector number.

Vladilena Milizé is a noble military officer who is assigned to handle a group of all veterans squad known as “Spearhead Squadron“. Here is another member Shinei who has earned the name of “Undertaker.” As Lena gets to know Shinei and the rest of the Spearhead Squadron a dark secret of Epire’s war opens up.

6: To Your Eternity

To your eternity presents one of the best storyline in each episode

To Your Eternity is known as the most underrated anime of the year 2021 which possesses the mixed reaction from Otakus. Respecting everyone’s opinions I can surely say that this anime with unique plot literally has no bad episodes. Some might say it’s a disjointed anime with so many character fillings but this anime is capable of making people fall in love with such characters within a single episode.

The Story follows a mysterious object called Orb which landed on Earth to observe and save it from mysterious creatures. Naturally, this Orb is a shape-shifter living object with zero intelligence.

As he goes through the storyline he meets humans and mysterious creatures to observe and learns to live.

5: Link Click

Link Click is quite underrated best show

In the competitive genre of mystery, an anime should have something unique to stand out among this competition and Link Click surely has something. This jewel of a show with no bad episodes is quite underrated due to Chinese production and the ONA show. If time travel, mystery, drama, and supernatural elements are your thing, I bet this buried jewel won’t disappoint you.

In a lively metropolis, there is this unique “Time Photo Studio” where two extraordinarily gifted individuals Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang run the show.

To make things clear, this is not your ordinary Photo Studio but a place where this duo uses their supernatural gifts to craft important photographs for their respected clients. In easy words, you can call them supernatural spies. However, the usage of their technique is not easy as it’s stated here so embrace yourself for lots of drama.

4: Moonlit Fantasy

moonlit fantasy is isekai show with none bad episodes

If you’re an Isekai lover and still haven’t watched Moonlit Fantasy, my boy you’re missing a blend of some best Isekai anime shows. What I mean to say – this anime has something from each renowned shows like Comedy of Konosuba, the world-building of slime anime, a plot like Jobless Reincarnation, and an MC like Shield Hero.

Summoned from Earth by a capricious goddess, Makoto anticipates heroics but is designed ugly and dismissed. As compensation, he can understand every other language than humans and is thrown to the wastelands far from humans.

While navigating through these wastelands Makoto meets many demihumans and other creatures turning them into his followers to build a new community where all of them can peacefully coexist. In the list of underrated anime with no bad episodes, this isekai is worth watching at every cost.

3: Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga kill has zero bad episodes

With no Hate, Berserk is the most beloved manga series which is not very appraised by audiences in anime form. Akame Ga Kill presents similar tropes following story with lots of blood, gore, horror, politics, action, and drama along with better animations & fast-paced storyline.

Tatsumi leaves his small village hoping to earn money in the imperial capital. But he soon discovers the corruption that plagues the government and a revolutionary assassin group called Night Raid who oppose the prime minister’s tyranny.

Tatsumi joins their ranks to fight for justice using their deadly skills. Each assassin wields a unique cursed weapon with devastating abilities. As Tatsumi trains to survive deadly missions, he grows closer to his teammates. But darker plots loom as they uncover a sinister conspiracy that threatens the entire nation.

2: Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko's Basketball is one of the best underrated show with no bad episodes

In comparison Kuroko’s Basketball may be less popular than Haikyuu yet counted as one of the best sports anime of all time. Because it was released almost 12 years ago, you can expect a little less from its art style.

Kuroko joins the basketball team of Seirin High hoping to defeat his former teammates, the unbeatable Generation of Miracles. Through intense training and dazzling games against other strong schools, Seirin improves thanks to Kuroko’s unique misdirection skills.

Episode after episode, their strategic skills are put to thrilling test in fast-paced matches culminating in intense championship battles against each Miracle. Speaking of truth, any sports anime lover will understand why I’ve considered this underrated anime show with no bad episodes to include in this list.

1: Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong the animations is one of the best anime with no bad episodes

Ping Pong the Animation is one of the few shows that are perfect on every imaginable level whether you talk about its unique art style, binge-worthy character developments, or soundtrack it’s all top-notch.

What makes this stand on top of other sports shows is its realistic approach to playing sports. Like where most shows focus on mc struggles to win the game, Ping Pong the Animation focuses on how humans should do what they’re passionate about without caring about the outcomes.

This sports anime with no bad episodes follows the dynamic world of competitive table tennis through the lens of two friends, Smile and Peco. Despite having opposite personalities, they share a passion for the sport.

The story begins when prodigy Peco gets defeated decisively by a Chinese player and quits practicing, on the other hand, Smile never secures a win against Peco.

One day Smile’s coach witnessed sheer potential in Smile for this sport and began Flourishment of Smile to bypass his psychological obstacles. The narrative transcends typical sports anime tropes, exploring the emotional and psychological aspects of competition.


My only motive for creating this list is to provide a list of the most underrated anime shows with no bad episodes so Otaku won’t run short on the anime watch list after completing some most renowned shows. On the other hand, this list is for newbies to watch these popular but underrated shows when they complete the latest ones.

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