10 Most Lewd Female Anime Characters From Ecchi Anime

Do you think only guys can be the naughty ones in anime? Think again! There are plenty of lewd female anime characters who are just as cheeky.

These girls with dirty minds will make you wonder, does such girls really exist. Discover why these lovely ladies belong on the list of the most mischievous anime characters.

From shameless female anime characters who use unconventional methods to save the day, let’s uncover the true colors of these bold and eccentric anime girls.

10: Akiho Kosaka

Akiho Kosaka is a practically lewd female anime character

Anime: My Girlfriend is a Shobitch

You can consider Akiho Kosaka a very intelligent white hair girl who has no idea about the concept of dating.

Akiho Kōsaka from “My Girlfriend is Shobitch” stands out as one of the lewd characters due to her practical and open-minded nature. She often discusses intimate topics with an innocence that can be surprisingly provocative.

Akiho’s straightforward approach to relationships and her willingness to explore her desires make her a unique and daring character in the world of anime, adding an element of lewdness to the story.

9: Hana Uzaki

Hana Uzaki is lewd character

Anime: Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang-out

Hana Uzaki’s no-holds-barred personality in “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” constantly lands her in amusing yet slightly naughty situations. Her practical personality often leads to humorous and sometimes borderline risqué situations.

With her playful teasing and uninhibited nature, she unknowingly finds herself in awkward but funny scenarios, making her one of the most entertaining and daring characters in the anime, keeping ecchi lovers engaged with her lively antics.

8: Atena Saotome

Atena Saotome is the most lewdest anime character from ecchi romance anime

Anime: The Mother of Goddesses Dormitory

It’s common in ecchi anime that female characters who want to avoid risque moments always end up being in lewd situations, and Atena is one of them.

Genuinely she is a kind and shy housewife type of character who faces extreme anxiety while being in contact with any males.

Talking about the anime character’s fate, she usually ends up being naked or topless in front of the main protagonist, Koushi Nagumo.

7: Ako & Riko

Ako & Riko is lewd twins from kiss x sis

Anime: Kiss X Sis

Ako and Riko Suminoe, from “Kiss x Sis,” are known for their mischievous and flirtatious nature. They engage in playful teasing, often related to their feelings for their stepbrother.

Their antics push the boundaries of typical sibling behavior. However, following the storyline if we remove their risque attempts on their Onichan, their feelings are very mature.

6: Leviathan

Anime: Seven Mortal Sins

Leviathan is the hot witch of envy from seven mortal sins

For me to watch the whole season of Seven Mortal Sins was watching the Witch of Jealousy Leviathan. They have designed her in such a lewd way that you can’t get off your eyes from her.

She adores the main character of the anime “Lucifer” and can do anything to satisfy her Idol. Honestly speaking every scene of this trouble is lewd enough to make anyone crazy.

On a single call from her mast Lucifer, she can tear off her or others’ clothes in seconds. This is one of the most troublesome lewd female anime characters.

5: Rui

Rui is sensitive female anime character from domestic girlfriend

Anime: Domestic Girlfriend

In which anime you would expect a female anime character to attempt doing naughty stuff with the protagonist? Only Rui from Domestic Girlfriend has such honor to do so.

In Domestic Girlfriend anime, Rui plays the role of an unrequited lover who has fallen for the boy who loves her elder sister. how troublesome is this!

Apart from dramatic character, she’s a practical girl who has the most lewd scenes in this anime. I can assure you, watching this one of the most lewd anime characters will be worthy of your while.

4: Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse is lewd succubus from the lewd anime the testament of new sister devil

Anime: The Testament of New Sister Devil

Amidst the whole company of lewd and sexy female anime characters in this anime, Maria Naruse has earned his place with his countless explicit scenes.

This little Succubus is a hell of a pervy character who is mostly behind every lewd scene in this extreme ecchi anime.

you can estimate her lewdness with this act when she corrupted the devil pact of Mio with Basara by setting pervy requirements such as pressing her breasts would cease the effect of the pact.

3: Yuna Yunis

Yuna Yunis is lewd anime girl whose clothes always torn off in middle of fights

Anime: The Legendary Hero is Dead

Yuna Yunis from the legendary Hero Is Dead is a kind of wholesome but sexy village girl who has become an unintentionally lewd anime character.

She is a pure Hero kind of fighter who always gets caught in fights and ends up being humiliated naked. I don’t remember any scene from this anime where her clothes were safe till the end.

2: Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory is a beautiful fiend from high school dxd

Anime: High School DXD

Rias Gremory is one of the most powerful fiends of high school DXD who loves to sleep naked with her beloved servant Issei Hyoudou.

She is often portrayed in provocative outfits and engaged in sensual scenes. Her role within the anime frequently delves into explicit content, contributing to her reputation as one of the most lewd anime characters.

Her seductive allure and involvement in intimate situations make her emblematic of the series’ risqué themes. For me, she’s the prodigy of ecchiness.

1: Vermeil

most lewd female anime characters

Anime: Vermeil in Gold

Well, it makes sense to put a character at the top of the list of most lewd female anime characters whose sole purpose is to cuddle naked with her master.

According to the storyline, Vermeil is a destructive busty witch who was sealed in a curse many years ago, and Alto a magic highschool anime character unintentionally revives her.

Despite being powerful there is a drawback, she has to recharge his mana by naked cuddling and licking her master Alto. How bold is this!

There are so many risque moments featuring Vermeil as the lewd anime character. According to my own list, Vermeil is the most lewdest anime character.