16 Most Beautiful Tall Anime Girls That Are Worth Exploring

I wish Yuki Tsukumo from JJk would have asked me instead of Geto what type of a girl I like and my quickest answer would be “Hot Tall Girls.” So do you also like tall anime girls?

Anime has hundreds of short heightened waifus and maybe that is the reason why a glance at tall anime girls piques my interest.

Let me ask you, How many tall anime girls have you remembered? I bet you can’t name even four because there are not so many.

Let me be clear I won’t be including anime girls who possess the ability to increase height, it won’t be fair that way. Excluding Annie Leon Heart & Mount Lady, let’s pay attention to some rare towering females of anime.

16: Ranko

ranko from akiba maid war is tall beautiful anime girl

Anime: Akiba Maid War

One thing is for sure, you can encounter a hot voluptuous tall maid with guns only in anime. I am targeting Ranko here, the serious gunslinger maid of 2022’s parody anime “Akiba Maid War.”

Her stoic manner and seriousness are the biggest hurdle as a maid however such traits make up for her assasin-like gun work.

Despite the fact she always carries a cold stern demeanor all the time, she is a softie from the inside who hates to hurt others.

Being a tall and cold woman like Ranko is an advantage in the dreadful world of the Akiba Maid War where rival maids can wipe you off in seconds.

Height: 166 Cm

15: Lucifer

Lucifer from seven mortal sins is lewd tall girl

Anime: Seven Mortal Sins

I know Lucifer’s name stands for the male devil version but in anime, you can expect the least expected thing to happen just like this tall beautiful version of the female Lucifer.

Lucifer is the main protagonist of the hellishly lewd anime “Seven Mortal Sins.” After defying God, she was sent down to Earth and eventually became a Demon Lord.

As the protagonist of an Ecchi anime, her basic role is providing enough fan service while defeating some otherworldly hot mortal sins “7 extremely hot demons”.

The only reason for watching this anime could be to witness hot tall anime girls in realistically impossible physiques and that’s it.

Height: 170 Cm

14: Anna Yamada

Anna Yamada from the dangers in my heart is tall and beautiful anime girl

Anime: The Dangers In My Heart

If wholesomeness could have any appearance it should be in the shape of Anna Yamada. The modelish Physique girl falls in love with the introverted mc Kyotaro Ichikawa.

Even in middle school Yamada’s height is almost 5ft.7inch which makes her the tallest girl in the whole class. Her attractive height is the reason why she’s the crush of the whole class.

Elegance aside, she’s a foodie girl who always craves sweets. Whenever she has spare time you can only find this beautiful tall anime girl having snacks in the library where she befriends Ichikawa.

Height: 171.9 Cm

13: Risa Koizumi

risa from lovely complex is tall than male mc

Anime: Lovely Complex

Sometimes general lack of a girly demeanor sucks for girls same as in the case of Risa Koizumi who is almost 5ft, 8inch the tallest girl in the whole school.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill beauty and the most intellectual girls shown in most of the anime, Risa does badly in school and is shown as an outcast.

Behind her facade of a happy and cheerful girl lies a very insecure person easily bothered by others’ remarks about her personality.

Risa Koizumi among tall anime girls portrays a very relatable personality how appearance can affect someone’s whole personality and how should that someone counter all these problems with a big heart and courage.

Height: 170 Cm

13: Saeko

Saeko from high school of the dead is tall serious and beautiful anime girl

Anime: High School Of The Dead

First witnessing a zombie would freak out any badass man whereas freaking out Saeko from High School of the Dead is not child’s play.

Mentioned as the most reliable person in the whole squad Saeko is the tallest anime girl among all the girls who is kind, caring, and never loses his cool.

Saeko is an athletic fighter and talented combat specialist who get jealous when her lover interest Takashi Komuro gets close to another girl.

Height: 174 Cm

11: Vermeil

Vermeil is busty and tall anime girl

Anime: Vermeil In Gold

Only main characters in anime can be lucky enough to find hot busty girls as a result of forbidden rituals. Vermeil is a 500-year-old demon who was locked in a grimoire and released by Gold.

Don’t get distracted by this cool description, She is a devil who has the features of a succubus and recharges her Mana by nakedly cuddling with MC.

Besides killer curious looks, she holds immense power enough to destroy a whole city with a single attack. Though she’s very clingy and bold, she can go to boy’s dressing room while chasing his master without any reluctance.

Though her actual height has not been mentioned in either anime or Manga, we can give her a spot in this list of hot tall anime girls by observing her tall physique compared to other anime characters.

Height: Anonymous

10: Ayaka Kagari

Ayaka Kagari from witch craft works is taller than the whole school

Anime: Witch Craft Works

Ayaka Kagari is the princess figure of the school with a tall voluptuous prodigy physique. Imagine her influence that she has her own fan club and private defense system comprised of her fans.

However, she never shows reluctance before attacking her fans if they bother Honoka “her later love interest.”

She towers rest of her friends with a height of 5ft, 9inch, yet her personality has many other traits such as popular beauty and daughter of the school’s chairperson.

Height: 175 Cm

9: Yuu Kashima

Yuu Kashima boy looking tall anime female

Anime: Gekkan shoujo Nozaki kun

I bet you can’t tell Yuu Kashima’s gender before watching her waring skirt. Yuu Kashima is the tallest girl in the whole school nicknamed by the school’s girls as the Prince of the school.

She may be the only girl you can least imagine in reality, because tell me who enjoys other girls fussing over her? That’s Yuu Kashima for you.

Our prince ‘I mean Yuu Kashima’ has a crush on upperclassmen “Hori” who she deeply respects and wants to get along with at all costs, even limited to embarrassing herself.

Height: 176 Cm

8: Merlin

Merlin from the seven deadly sins is hot tall female character

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Imagine Merlin the ditto version of Yami Sukehiro of Black Clover, but the insanely sexier and taller one. Merlin is shown as a very mysterious mage who loves to toy with her companions.

No one can tell Merlin is after what goal until she achieves it. However, according to Meliodas, she chases after rare things such as Escanor’s powers.

Apart mysterious nature Merlin wears a nearly 80% revealing costume that presents her as aesthetically lewd character among tall anime girls.

Height: 177 Cm

 7: sarasa watanabe

sarasa watanabe of Kageki shojo is very tall anime girl

Anime: kageki shojo

Sarasa Watanabe is one of the main characters from the Shojo anime Kageki Shojo. As she’s big in physique, her dreams are even bigger.

She’s more like Oneesan of School Girls who is a bubbly anime character always open to help anyone.

She’s tall doesn’t mean she’s mentally that strong, she can be easily unnerved by criticism by anyone.

Whether it comes to picking stuck tickets of friends from tree branches or giving stalkers a tough time, she is capable of doing many manly things.

Height: 178 Cm

6: Meiko Shiraki

Meiko Shiraki is tall white hair anime girl

Anime: Prison School

Any man can commit any corrupt act to be sent to prison where tall white hair girls like Meiko Shiraki are in charge.

Not only to be imprisoned, but any man would love to get punished by her ‘if you have watched Prison School you know what I meant here.

This busty anime figure is the vice principal of the student council of a recently converted co-educational school.

Leaving every student’s responsibility to slip away her only duty is to keep an eye on boys and give them most seductive punishments that get caught peeping at naked girls.

Height: 180 Cm

5: Kanamori

Kanamori is towering mature anime girl

Anime: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Kanamori may be the only unamusing the not so very aesthetically rich anime character among all the tall anime girls of this, However, she’s a true feminist beauty from the inside.

In the world of fully successful anime waifus like Captain Milize from 86 anime, it took some guts to create a character with the aim of influencing an audience solely by a character’s inner traits.

She’s an opportunistic girl with an intellectual brain who has realized the value of money and living in adult age.

Even though the studio has tried everything to make this anime girl ridiculed by the audience character design-wise, yet fans have deep admiration for this tall mature girl.

Height: 180 Cm

4: Alexandra Garcia

Alexandra Garcia is one of the beautiful tall anime girls of all time

Anime: Kuroko No Basuke

Please don’t take it offensive, one motivation for me to watch Kuroko no Basuke was Alexandra Garcia. Why! I love beautiful characters with attractive designs. “Honestly this is the least wholesome way I can put my statement in.”

Skipping the greatness of anime, all I want is to kiss the hands of the animator who has drawn this tall beautiful American anime girl Alexandra Garcia.

Apart from an unnecessary kissing disease, she shares a great intellect in basket ball ‘No wonder why she’s the best coach’.

Height: 180 Cm

3: Ghislaine

Ghislaine from jobless reincarnation is muscular and tall anime girl

Anime: Jobless Reincarnation

I can’t forget that scene when Rudeus touches the butts of Ghislaine and states ‘Hang on! Is this really a butt’.

Ghislaine is one of the supporting characters in Mushoku Tensei who wears practically unrealistic clothes and would not mind if Rudeus touch her naked butts.

She is undoubtedly one of the badass anime girls. In the list of tall anime girls, this cat girl is a strong-willed individual and a meathead is the most straight forward girl.

Height: 185 Cm

2: Azazel Ameri

Azazel Ameri from Iruma kun is very tall anime beauty

Anime: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Sometimes I wonder who was the first person in Japanese who poses the idea for creating such beautiful girls in the species of Demons!

By looking at such a character like Azazel Ameri even a weeb like me would question our humanity, why we can’t be demons?

Azazel Ameri is a tall cold girl and is considered the top rank student of the demon school.

She’s quite an ambitious girl who believes in goals and only finds relaxed when only around her love interest Iruma.

Height: 190 Cm

1: Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki Tsukumo fromm JJk is the most beautiful tall anime girl

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

The top spot in the list of tall anime girls is reserved for our out spoken, confident, and brash personality Yuki Tsukumo from JJK.

She’s a free-spirited prodigy who doesn’t give a shit what others think about her. The rules are not made for this special-grade sorcerer to follow as she works solo.

Yuki is pure punk material wearing a leather jacket and wandering on her motorbike. Though her actual height remains unclear, some thought she could be 180cm.

Height: 180 Cm