12 Most Manipulative Anime Girls With Their Cunning Schemes

The anime world is a diverse place of unusual types of anime characters and manipulative anime girls are one of them. Where Otakus loves to watch wholesome waifus and lolis, a handful of the community used to admire smart and tricky girls.

Today we have curated a list of some cold manipulative anime girls who love to drive from the backseat using their manipulated puppets as protective shields. Some with their beauty and some with their intellect, such girls steal the spotlight with their demeanor.

So let’s dive into the most updated list of manipulative anime girls.

11: Freya

freya from danmachi

Anime: Danmachi

Let’s kick off our list of most manipulative anime girls with a super hot-looking female antagonist from Danmachi anime. Freya is one of the renowned and most powerful goddesses shown in Danmachi anime.

Her manipulative ability doesn’t lie solely in her charming beauty because this op isekai female antagonist possesses a unique ability called Discerning Eye which enables her to see the soul of other adventurers.

By recognizing the soul she can estimate the mental state of another person which results in easy manipulation. Because of this Freya has earned the nickname “Witch”.

10: Malty S Melromarc (Myne)

Malty S Melromarc (Myne) from rising of the shield hero

Anime: The Rising Of The Shield Hero

If disgracefulness has any picture, it should be Malty S Melromarc “Myne” from “Rising Of The Shield Hero” anime. This shameless female anime character has no other role than to manipulate others to humiliate Shield Hero.

She does have beauty but lacks intellect yet always comes with a cunning scheme to torment Naofumi Iwatani.

This girl’s manipulative ability lies in her act. With her acting skills, she can convert any lie into truth just like she did multiple times in the series. Either throwing dignity or virginity, she can breach every limit to manipulate others.

9: Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai from future diary

Anime: Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is a perfect example that a person in love is more dangerous than even a madone. Calling Yuno Gasai manipulative would be less good than calling her an obsessed psychopath girl who can do anything to assist her partner “MC”.

Her psychopathic state is the reason for past events which include some very serious parenting matters. However in the present, she beautiful yandere smart girl obsessed with the MC.

She’s definitely a hardcore girl who possesses nerves of steel, she does everything that needs to be done without giving it a second thought. Just like she convinces the mc to kill his friends.

8: Queen Andromeda

Queen Andromeda is manipulative witch from kingdoms of ruin anime

Anime: Kingdoms Of Ruin

Queen Andromeda from Kingdoms of Ruin was introduced as the mind-blowing plot twist. How would you rate this epitome of manipulative anime girls who have initiated a war that results in the genocide of witches in Kingdoms of Ruin anime?

She’s known as the love witch “an ability to control others by placing a curse on them”.

Even though her pursuit remains unclear in the first season, she has done enough damage to be recalled as a manipulative antagonist in this series.

7: Ai Enma

Ai Enma from hell girl

Anime: Hell Girl

Ai Enma is the anti-heroine from Hell Girl anime. Ai’s past tale is quite tragic ‘She was burned to death by villagers,’ which triggers immence vengence in her.

She’s a cold girl whose emotions have been locked by the master of Hell. One thing I like about this prodigy, despite she’s bound by some regulations, she doesn’t give a shit when she considers something to be done.

She doesn’t have any personal reasons to manipulate her targets, though she manipulates her targets to frighten them before taking them to Hell.

6:  Lucy

Lucy from elfen lied is manipulative anime girl

Anime: Elfen Lied

Ever heard of Dissociative Identity Disorder? It’s like two or more persons living in one body. The main protagonist of Elfen Lied possesses three personalities, Kaede (depressed one), Lucy (manipulative and hateful), and Nyu (young child).

I bet this description would have piqued your interest but today we will be only talking about Lucy who just hates every human being and wants to kill everyone.

The development of Lucy’s personality happened because of her rotten childhood. In Lucy’s personality, she’s shown as the heartless manipulative killer.

5: Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima from danganronpa

Anime: Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima is the most abusive and twisted anime girl who switches personalities to overcome her boredom. Where people like us play video games to counter boredom, this devilish girl plays with others’ lives to achieve the same.

Among twisted-headed anime characters, Junko reigns supreme as the most troublesome female antagonist who causes misery across the world just to satisfy her sadistic soul.

In school, she’s the bubbliest character everyone wants to be around however when switches to her real personality, she becomes one of the most psychopathic manipulative girls who want others to suffer for her amusement.

4: Makima

Makima from chainsaw man is very manipulative anime girl

Anime: Chainsaw Man

How many of you were expecting Makima as the love interest of MC? Because I was one until a bomb revelation came across that Makima is an antagonist. Yet I was satisfied after witnessing her role in the manga.

On the surface, she may look like a rewarding waifu who treats our dumb Denji in a special way like some typical shounen. Though she’s the smartest beauty who is using her soft appearance only to create a goodwill personality so she can manipulate Devil Boy.

Beautiful eyes, hidden ulterior motives, op power and position, and ability to manipulate others made her a badass female anime character.

3: Kotonoha Katsura

Kotonoha Katsura from school days anime

Anime: School Days

Very much similar in personality traits to Yuno Gasai of Future Diary, Kotonoha Katsura is a wholesome girl until the thought of losing Makoto to anyone stings her.

She is shown as a gentle lady afraid of being touched by any other man until she develops a cunning manipulative ability by engaging in sexual acts with Makoto.

2: Tanya

tanya from saga of tanya the evil

Anime: Saga of Tanya The Evil

As one of the rarest isekai protagonists, Tanya Degurechaff is not your typical MC who inherits op powers or unique skills; instead, Tanya is a brimming mastermind girl who outranks others with cunning strategies.

Tanya is a reincarnated version of a salaryman struggling with many complexes such as superiority and inferiority. At a mere 9 years of age, she has risen rapidly through the ranks of her career by her cold and collected abilities.

Calling her a protagonist would be a shame as she uses other human beings as mere objects she can use for her own good. Among all manipulative anime girls, Tanya is the most interesting anti-heroine.

1: Crimson

crimson is the most manipulative anime girl

Anime: Ragna

Crimson is the most self-centered anime character who never lets away a chance to find her own good. I bet you won’t find a single moment where Crimson shows any sympathy towards others. She has only one rule, to destroy the dragon race no matter what is the cost.

She has blown away dozens of people just to torment the white hair Ultimate. It’s not like she tried to hide the fact that she manipulates and uses others, though she openly expresses her self-centered nature.

Her wide-open creep smile showcases how cruel this anime character is. Among the list of manipulative anime girls, Crimson should rank at the top as she has the most screen time practicing her manipulative skills on others.