Top 11 Anime With Life Lessons You Should Watch Atleast Once

Among hundreds of Never Giving Up storylines, dream-chasing tales, and demon-slaying fantasies, it’s truly a quite hard task to collect some top-notch anime with real life lessons.

As an Anime Auditor, at least I can do this much to help our audience find some meaningful anime. Because there’s no harm in getting some life lessons along with entertainment.

So let’s check them out.

11: Zom 100 Bucket List of Dead

Zom 100 Bucket List of Dead teaches the actual meaning of freedom

Live Happy in the present Moment

Zom 100’s each episode holds something meaningful so I was kind of confused about which life teaching should I picked from this anime.

From highlighting the depressing effect of today’s busy corporate society to individual challenges this anime is truly full of real life lessons.

However, as a grand teaching, I would pick MC’s ability to live happy in the present moment even when the world is full of chaos or at the brink of end.

It makes sense, when you’re not capable of doing something why sink into depression and ruin your present moment in fear of the future?

If you haven’t watched this anime masterpiece full of motivational quotes and life lessons, you’re at a loss.

Quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. This is why it’s called a present.”

10: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul teaches us the importance of self acceptance

Importance of Self Acceptance

Hopefully, quite a few otakus would be thinking of Tokyo Ghoul to be included because this anime focuses on supernatural action and drama more than a thought-provoking plot.

Even without such a plot, this anime does have a life teaching depicting Ken Kaneki’s self-acceptance struggles.

Sometimes self-acceptance become essential for survival. Self acceptance can be helpful when people find themselves in miserable states.

Just picture Ken Kaneki who literally hates ghouls and fatefully ends up being a half ghoul himself. Instead of starving to death, he chooses to accept his current self in order to survive.

Quote from Tokyo Ghoul: “The pain you feel today will be the strength you’ll have tomorrow.”

9: Black Clover

Black Clover asta present us a never giving up tale

Never give up and chase your dreams

Among hundreds of run-of-the-mill never-giving-up stories, I picked up Black Clover anime. The reason why I have chosen this series over many others is because the odds are quite high in the series and yet our protagonist dares to challenge his fate with determination and power.

This never-giving-up tale follows the free-spirited Asta who is a magicless child in a world full of magic.

Despite the odds, he dreams of becoming the great wizard king with pure determination, discipline, and willpower. Apart from Never giving up and dream chasing life lessons, this anime can also provide you enough gym motivation.

8: Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga thorfinn conversion to peace is life teaching

Prefer peace over revenge

As a whole, I can’t express every life lessons of this roller coaster anime because there are so many, and one significant is peace.

The most promising teaching I found is how vengeance can be a poison to a person.

The first season was full of action where our MC Thorfinn, the quirky boy embarks on the journey to avenge his father’s death.

Whereas the second season portrays war consequences and a preference for peace and forgiveness over vengeance along with refreshing landscapic art style.

7: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan teaches us how war cylce works

War Cycle and Racism

Among many thoughtful anime on war and racism, Attack on Titan put it in the most efficient way where gigantic plot twists were constantly distracting us from the bigger picture.

I mean just observe the cycle, first Marley’s attack on Paradis that results in the hatred of Eren that brings the exact same consequence of Marley’s action in the shape of Eren’s rampage in Marley.

I bet you would have remembered the iconic speech of Marley’s commander “We took advantage of hate instilled and fostered it believing it would bring us salvation. All the problems arriving from our faults we dumped onto the ‘island of devils’, and as a result, that monster (Eren) was born.

6: Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride teaches us the value of loyal companionship

The Warmth of Loyal companionship

Enough with the action anime let’s change the atmosphere with Blue Haru Ride which beautifully explores the world of relationships along with wholesome quotes. The anime emotionally displays the worth of loyal companionship.

As a romance weeb, I was a little disappointed why the hell did this romance anime change its plot to self-discovery and stuff, however, it was a good experience with lots of family issues and companionship.

Watching Kou Mabuchi return to life with the help of cheerful Fatuba is a life teaching for those who want to treasure their loved ones.

5: Ranking Of Kings

Ranking Of Kings Boji teaches us to achieve every things against all the odds

Disabilities do not define one’s worth or potential

You can take Ranking of King a much-worthy and thought-provoking version of Black Clover where MC conquers the uphills of life in the most encouraging way possible.

Honestly, unique art style, pacing and plot of this anime will force you to feel blessed and motivated throughout the series.

If you’re unaware of this hidden gem of anime, the story revolves around Boji, the disabled prince who is the next heir to the crown but faces every possible difficulty in the pathway to becoming the greatest king.

4: A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is an anime with life lessons

Karma Is Real

A Silent Voice is a brilliant portrayal of how Karma works. On top of that it wholesomely delivers how seeking redemption of one’s acts is better to be left in depression and regression.

Shoya’s bullying left deep scars that haunted him for years as a result of Karma. Instead of regretting Shoya reaches out to Shoko to redeem himself with kindness.

It’s one of the poignant life lessons in this anime that while the past shapes our present, the future is unwritten. With an effort to better ourselves and make amends, even heavy karma can be lightened through redemption’s hopeful light.

3: Relife

Relife motivate us to move on

You can Restart Anytime Being Alive

If you’re an adult who is stuck in a quarter-life crisis, Relife can aware you of a very life-changing teaching which is ‘Now habit‘.

Honestly, the most problematic thing we youth suffer is to do nothing besides getting depressed about what’s coming up.

This calm storyline follows a 27-year-old adult who is stuck in the first gear after graduation. He’s given a chance to relive as 17 again for some experimental purpose, can he able to make any difference this time?

As the cream of the crop, this anime teaches us a life lesson that age is just a number and we should continue our passion without caring much about the outcome.

2: Haikyuu

Haikyuu delivers us the life lesson of team work

Significance of Teamwork

Despite being a sports anime Haikyuu is truly a bundle of life teachings like about never giving up, weird friendships, adapting from competition instead of comparing, taking breaks when fed up, and many others.

To me, it’s honest teamwork is the best part people should adapt.

The presentation of teamwork in this anime expresses how a person’s flaws can become strengths when accompanied by the right group just like Kageyama’s team Karasuno.

1: Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is the best anime with life lessons

Enjoying as a whole with blessings and misfortunes

Even though it’s an old-school category anime with not too good art style and almost 43 episodes, still I would say, you should give this anime a shot.

If I give you a sum of its 43 episodes, it should be interpreted as “It’s easy, all you gotta do is smile and move on.”

The anime revolves around a badass teacher Eikichi Onizuka who teaches his mischievous students the actual meaning of living a life in the most awkward and funniest ways.