Explore 10 Best Anime With A Blend Of Unique Themes

Here are the top 10 anime with unique themes that are worth watching in real.

The anime fame has skyrocketed since the ’90s and currently, we are getting roughly 100-plus animes every year. Sadly most production houses choose an easy way to win money by delivering very typical themes with 90% chances to be accepted by audiences.

I really miss those days when we get less but quality content in the shape of unique anime art styles that usually left us rooting for them, for example, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Shin-Chan, etc.

Worry not; we have combined a list of animes that reflects the supremacy of creators on art with a unique blend of 2d colorful paintings. Get ready to witness the enchantment of creators in the form of unique anime themes that will leave a lasting impression on your mind.

10: Mob psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 anime has a really cool and different art style. The character designs are simple but expressive. The animation is super fluid and allows for exciting action scenes.

The colors are bright and pop off the screen captivating the attention of viewers. Everything feels exaggerated and energetic with sparkling action scenes that never felt like typical blasting scenes like Dragon Ball or Bleach.

Considering the success rate and heavy wallets of Studio Bones, the super unique art style of Mob Psycho 100 totally makes sense.

The story follows a psychic boy named Mob and his mentor Reigen. Mob has to keep his powers under control while also using them to help people. Overall it’s a fun show with great visuals and a mix of action, comedy and feels that delivers a perfect inspiration storyline.

9: Afro Samurai

Arfo Samurai has a really cool retro pixel art style that looks like an old-school video game. The character designs are simple but full of personality and blend in with action scenes.

The animation is intentionally choppy and jagged like an NES game delivering a perky smauri sword style like “Samurai Champloo.”

The story follows Arfo, a samurai who gets transported to the future and teams up with a robot sidekick. Together they fight evil in a blend of feudal Japan and futuristic city settings.

The plot is wacky and over the top with lots of action and goofy comedy. Overall Arfo Samurai brings a fresh take on samurai anime with its 8-bit inspired visuals and zany time travel adventures.

8: Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion has a really stylized art style with characters that look like moving ink paintings. The backgrounds have a watercolor look to them that relate to their character designs.

The animation flows smoothly and creates an almost dreamlike vibe while leaving the audience stunned how it perfectly blends in with action scenes.

The story follows Maru and Kiruko who are navigating through the post-apocalyptic world to find a place called Heaven. While navigating they work together as man-eater hunters and thoroughly unfold intriguing mysteries.

The plot keeps you guessing with twist after twist. Overall Heavenly Delusion pulls you into its eerie yet beautiful world with its unique visuals and an engaging storyline full of intrigue. On top of that it’s one of the latest sci-fi anime thankfully that comes with a unique themes.

7: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Panty & Stocking has a totally wild and wacky art style that looks like a cartoon on acid. The characters are designed to look like sexy dolls with crazy hair and outfits.

The animation is full of crazy exaggerated movements and over-the-top action. It could be inspired by the American show “Powerpuff Girls,” and comes with an ecchi genre.

Angel sisters Panty and Stocking get kicked out of Heaven and banished to Daten City. There, they hunt evil ghosts to earn their way back into God’s good graces.

When it comes to personal linkings, it’s up to you how you rate its art style but to me and the majority, it’s a unique anime art style ever created by a studio.

6: The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy has a really cool art style with characters that look like simple paper cutouts. The backgrounds have a minimalist watercolor look to them.

Everything moves in quick cuts and repeats which gives it a fun, energetic vibe.

The story follows an unnamed protagonist in college who keeps reliving his regrets. He tries joining different clubs and making new choices but keeps ending up dissatisfied.

There’s a lot of quirky comedy as he encounters all these oddball situations.

As a whole, The Tatami Galaxy pulls you into its stylized world with excellent visuals and a thought-provoking plot about making the most of youth.

5: Jojo Bizarre Adventures

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is instantly recognizable for its dramatic, muscles-on-muscles art style. The characters’ flamboyant poses and exuberant personalities match the over-the-top action scenes.

Each part of the generational saga introduces a new “JoJo” protagonist to root for on their perilous adventure. There are vampires, psychic powers, and tarot cards – tons of weird supernatural stuff.

But at its core, JoJo is about family bonds and archetypal good vs evil. As the JoJos and their loyal friends battle increasingly bizarre villains, you feel the power of their camaraderie and growth.

The theme of tenacious spirit overcoming evil fits right in with each ridiculous, yet riveting battle. JoJo’s look and charm are one-of-a-kind. As a fun fact, Jojo Bizarre adventure is one of the most expensive anime in market, Studio’s heavy spending is noticeable within its bizarre theme.

4: Cyberpunk Edge runners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners stands out with its vibrant, neo-noir aesthetic that’s like Blade Runner on steroids. The vibrant neon-bathed city and cybernetically-enhanced characters are visual eye candy.

The vibrant colors contrast the dark plots of corporations and crime syndicates fighting for power.

Earlier this year, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners claimed the title of best anime of the year and was nominated for other categories, best character designs, and best animation. Truly there are many more categories where this can be nominated besides anime with unique themes.

Protagonist David gets cybernetic implants to gain an edge as a mercenary. The slick action sequences show off his new powers spectacularly. Alongside David’s outcast crew, the bonds of loyalty add heart to the gritty cybernoir story.

3: Zom 100: Bucket list of the dead

Take out multiple zombies-based animes, but you won’t find a single anime that would have tried to present this idea uniquely. Like if there are zombies, it usually portrays a horror and blood-soaked atmosphere like the typical theme.

Thankfully, Zom: 100 have delivered this overused theme in a unique blend of color splattering. Anime comes with a comical storyline where the protagonist has been roasted in an exploited company for 3 years.

He eventually realizes that the world has been overtaken by a zombie virus, instead of seriously taking this alarming situation; Akira is overjoyed as he doesn’t have to work like usual.

Apart from a unique storyline, anime come with a funny plot that never felt like you’re watching a zombie anime.

While designing zombies, Studio Bug Films has decided to make zombies extremely funny instead of scary which is a kind of unique approach.

2: Ranking of Kings

The Ranking of Kings stands out for its whimsical storybook art style. The character designs look like illustrations from a children’s fairy tale. This adds to the wonder and imagination of the mystical kingdom where the story takes place.

Protagonist Bojji may be deaf and unable to speak, but he has a pure heart and the ability to befriend mythical creatures. His courageous quest to become a noble king despite the odds is truly inspirational.

The regular fan base won’t understand what it takes to consume a whole anime where the main protagonist is suffering from disabilities, but that’s what makes this animes storytelling unique.

During Bojji’s encounters with both kindly vagabonds and sinister assassins, the art style gives a sense of magic and discovery to this unique coming-of-age tale.

1: Made In Abyss

You wouldn’t expect it from the adorable art style, but Made In Abyss gets dark. The cute, kid-like character designs explore the unsettling Abyss, where the fantasy creatures and environments created through the whimsical art belie twisted horrors.

At first, it seems harmless, but the further the characters venture down the Abyss, the more twisted the world becomes.

The story follows a protagonist girl and a robotic boy who descends into the depths of Abyss in order to find the girl’s long-lost mother.

As the mysteries of the Abyss challenge the characters, the art amplifies the surreal horror they endure. Made In Abyss is one of the few anime with best storylines and unique themes that emphasize how even cute worlds can hide great horrors.

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