10 Romance Anime Where Girl Is Taller Than Mc

Just like Todo ask Yuji Itadori, which type of girl do you like? I am asking you! Well if your answer is the same as Itadori’s, this romance anime list where the girl is taller than the MC is for you.

Anime is a medium where weebs like us enjoy the dream settings of our imaginations. Whether you’re looking for a taller girl, a beautiful girl, or a popular girl falling in love with MC, you can always find something relative in romance anime.

From wholesome romance to ecchi romance, let’s dig up some anime where the girl is hot and tall compared to a short-heighted MC.

10: Rokudo’s Bad Girls

Rokudo’s Bad Girls is a romance anime where girl is taller than mc

Rokudo’s Bad Girls is one of the 2023 harem anime. Honestly, this anime is not something that everyone would like however it does follow the trope where the girl is hotter and taller than the MC.

It has a quite similar plot related to the popular Chinese romance anime “Cupid’s Chocolate” which may intrigue your interest but don’t set your hopes too high as it does not have a very attractive art style.

This harem tale follows Tousuke Rokudou, a freshman who faces harassment from fellow students. Fatefully he receives an ancient scroll from his late grandfather which was supposed to protect him from any harm.

This scroll wasn’t helpful in the protection of Tousuke Rokudou, however, It paces some special talcum on mc which attracts the hearts of other females and Ranna Himawari is one of them, ‘a tall and badass girl’.

9: The World Is Still Wonderful

The World Is Still Wonderful is wholesome romance with odd couple

The World is Still Beautiful is one of the highly praised romance anime where the girl is taller and older than mc, however, if you’re looking for the same storyline with quite a better art style, you can either go for “My Happy Marriage.”

People who admire ups and downs in romance should give this anime a shot because it’s not your typical Shoujo where everything happens so fast and the main couple wastes the remaining episodes with slice-of-life nourishment.

The story features the female lead Nike Remercier, a blessed princess whose words can make rain out of the sky. This unique ability piqued the interest of cruel king Livius Ifrikia who captured the princess for marriage regardless of her consent.

8: Ciclops Shoujo Saipu

Ciclops Shoujo Saipu is quite old romance anime

People who care about character art style should watch this romance anime where the taller girl with huge oppais is in love with her brother. If you get bothered by the plot and storyline, this anime isn’t worth it because the major traits of this anime are sexy tall girl and ecchi hijinks.

As a child, Fuuka always wanted to marry her younger brother out of affection. Now puberty kicked in and Fuuka who used to be a small little girl is a tall adult with huge oppais. Since Fuuka still wants to marry, this forbidden thought just freaks out her younger brother.

7: Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works

Despite Witch Craft Works is not labeled as romance anime, still there’s a significant amount of romantic touch and also has a beautiful taller girl than the mc. So I think it should be considered in this list as well.

Well, it’s not a Shoujo anime yet the limelight has been given to the taller hot girl Ayaka Kagari. Every student admires this hottie and our lazy mc Honoka Takamiya is one of them.

One fateful day a witch attacked Honoka and he was saved by Ayaka who is also a witch in secret. After this day, their life intertwined as our MC has been thrown into a war between good and bad witches.

6: The Mother of Goddesses Dormitory

The Mother of Goddesses Dormitory is an ecchi romance-min

Among run-of-the-mill ecchi romance anime shows The Mother of Goddesses Dormitory is the only one where every girl is taller than the MC. In a review of this anime, the audience has mixed feelings towards its plot, however, as an anime; it doesn’t compromise on fan service.

The story follows our little MC Koushi Nagumo who has been abandoned by his father. Fatefully the quirky huge boobs scientist offers him to work as a dormitory mother which he can’t refuse.

Upon arrival Kousei became aware this was not a normal dormitory, this was the home of some outcast girls and each girl was taller than our MC in this ecchi romance.

5: Venus to Mamoru!

Venus to Mamoru! is a classic romance with taller girl and shorter mc

We wholesome souls “Otakus” enjoy the least realistic romance anime plots and Venus to Mamoru is one of them.

Yoshimura Mamoru is a first-year student and while passing across the cherry tree, he was ordered by her senior student Takasu Ayako to go out with her.

Takasu Ayako is not your ordinary girl, she’s a tall beautiful girl, the granddaughter of a rich politician and the director of a student committee of discipline. Why she has abruptly asked Mamoru to go out with her is a mystery that you can only reveal by watching it yourself.

4: Accel World

Accel World romance has the most odd couple

If you can bear the unattractiveness of this Accel World anime MC, I bet you can watch any lousy anime without being irritated. Unlike many isekai’s where the MC begins as an unattractive loser and is forced to change himself, you have to bear this chibi MC for the whole season.

If you’re looking for pure romance, this anime does have a romantic subplot but not recommended.

The story follows the ultimate ugly MC Haruyuki Arita who is overall ordinary or lowlife yet excels in gaming. This ability of Haruyuki Arita piques the interest of the school’s most beautiful figure Kuroyukihime and they both embark on an unusual journey to complete an online game so they can meet the developer of that game in the end.

3: Vermiel In Gold

Vermiel In Gold is ecchi romance where girl is taller than mc

Especially Milf Girl lovers can’t resist this anime as the female lead of this romance anime is demon Girl Vermiel who is gigantic and taller than the mc. Apart from the pretty good character art style, this anime does have a pretty good adventure kind of plot, but plot wise good part begins after the first quarter of the anime.

This ecchi anime with good animation follows our wholesome MC Gold who is an average magic school student yet craves more power. To obtain more powers he cast a usual spell which resulted in the summoning of a hot naked witch from another world.

Apart from being a busty girl, Vermeil is quite old and powerful and needs to refill her energy by cuddling with her master “Gold”. Overall this anime is pretty good with a lot of fan service.

2: Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

As one of the best projects of Toe Animation Studios, Lovely Complex stands out as a top-rated high school romance comedy anime where the girl is taller than her love interest ‘means mc.’

This quirky rom-com follows Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani who both are struggling to find their love interest. This duo is also the talk of the class due to their height difference.

Despite the odds, as they encourage each other to find their soul mates eventually end up becoming close friends. Still, they have to long way ahead to becoming each other’s love in this 24-episode rom-com.

1: The Dangers In My Heart

the dangers in my heart is the most wholesome romance anime where the girl is taller than the mc

The sole purpose of Dangers In My Heart anime is to present a wholesome romance binded in a wholesome slice of life story where the taller popular girl falls in love with a shorter introverted mc.

Kyoutaro Ichikawa is your lousy introverted MC who initially hates all the lively students, especially Anna Yamada ‘class’s most popular and hot girl’.

Ichikawa is a reader and Anna Yamada is a foody girl, their paths intertwine as they both encounter each other hidden selves in a library. This begins a wholesome tale of daily life romance which you will praise in each episode.