10 Biggest Anime Plot Twists That Were Totally Unpredictable

Nothing keeps viewers on the edge of their seats like a great plot twist in anime. These biggest anime plot twists flip everything on its head, leaving fans’ jaws on the floor. From seemingly harmless characters revealing their true villainous nature to massive revelations that rewrite a show’s entire mythology, plot twists provide some of anime’s most gasp-worthy scenes.

Today we have 10 anime with the most unimaginable plot twists that no one has seen coming. They catch even the most astute viewers completely off guard. So let’s see the ranking from good to best.

10: Heavenly Delusion

Origin of Man Eating Monsters

Heavenly Delusion AKA Tengoku Daimakyo was 2023’s best mystery sci-fi anime with plot twists like no other. Generally speaking, its episodes were full of twists that even I was confused to talk about whom. From this awesome mystery sci-fi with a unique art style, the revelation of the origin of Man Eating Monsters was the biggest plot twist that no one would expect in the least to happen.

Even though it was not clearly presented but the students of the mysterious school has evolved into these man-eating monsters as they were manually created by some unique powers. As it was shocking to hear it was very emotional to accept. let’s see what happens in the upcoming season which is not confirmed yet.

9: Demon Slayer

Sabito & Makomo Were Not Alive

Even Though Demon Slayer is a pretty straightforward action anime even beginners could catch up there was the biggest plot twist that just manga fans would know, and it happened in 1st season. Tanjiro trained hard to become a Demon Slayer to save his sister, who was turned into a demon. During practice, he met the siblings Sabito and Makomo, who helped him clear some hurdles.

When it was revealed that Tanjiro was only talking with the ghosts of these siblings who were killed by the same demon Tanjiro was fighting, it was heart-wrenching and caught only anime fans off guard. This plot twist also helps Tanjiro first trigger the Sun Breathing technique.

8: Tokyo Ghoul

The Sudden Transformation of Ken Kaneki

Many Cult Otakus don’t consider Ken’s transformation a plot twist but anime fans like me were stunned by the way Ken’s character development changes pace. Honestly, Ken’s character development was going very slow and steady from the first episode but with just one incident he changes switches from the pitty one to the most badass one.

Where his transformation like Super Saiyan was very pleasing for anime fans, it was unlikely to happen this quickly within a single episode. I think it’s a considerable plot twist.

7: Black Clover

Julius was Alive

From a very straightforward and expensive anime like Black Clover everyone’s jaw was dropped when Patolli stabbed and killed Julius “The Wizard King”. On the first hand, Julius was dominating the fight but on the other second it was killed. It was very shocking to expect such a twist from Black Clover.

Well, it would make sense to open gates for a new storyline until the Wizard King Julius showed up after the end of the battle of Elves in the form of a kid. It was revealed that he saved his magic powers a magic tool that helped him revive. It was really messed up but one of the biggest plot twists in black Clover.

6: Vinland Saga

Thorfinn Character Development

If you’re an only anime fan a haven’t even heard a little about Vinland Saga manga, mate, it got a big plot twist after the end of its first season. Generally, if you look at the end of its 1st season, anyone would say the next season is going to be full of action and all that bloody craziness, and there its 2nd season seinen plot twist comes in with a banger.

After the death of Askledd, we only anime fans thought that Thorfinn’s new enemy was going to be Canute as he snatched the vengeful target of Thorfinn. But in the next season, the antagonist for Thorfinn was his past. Thorfinn’s quick change from a troublesome brat to a dead guy who is looking for salvation is one of the biggest plot twists an anime fan can expect from an action anime. This plot twist make this vengeful anime to a inspirational anime.

5: Golden Boy

The Ending of Each Episode

Golden Boy has been considered one of the best classic ecchi anime with awesome pervy characters and its storyline which changes in each episode. It is a lewd anime featuring a troublesome but kind boy who acts totally dumb but he’s an intellectual university dropout on the contrary.

He always does reckless activities in each episode of the anime but in the end, he always plays the game fair showing off his intelligence. It’s a mere 6 episode anime with a thought-provoking character full of unimaginable plot twists.

4: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei Being Clonned

On the surface, Neon Genesis Evangelion depicts giant mechs battling monstrous Angels threatening Earth. Beneath this, it explores profound questions of what it means to be human. From this storyline, it may look like straight forward but it’s an anime with a super complex storyline.

This Biggest plot twist of Neon Genesis is about Rei Ayanami, an introspective teen who seems disconnected from her emotions. But in reality, she is a clone created through a misguided attempt to replace a loved one, to resurrect the main character’s mother.

3: Bleach

Aizen’s Becoming Antagonist

For a long time, Sosuke Aizen acted like a good leader in Soul Society. Everyone thought of him as a respected leader until he faked his death just to gain more power. Honestly, it was the least expected thing that anyone wouldn’t have thought until the revelation.

Aizen, the seemingly loyal and trustworthy captain of the 5th Division, revealed himself as the mastermind behind numerous sinister plots, including manipulating Ichigo’s group, orchestrating Rukia’s execution, and acquiring the Hogyoku. This shocking twist turned Aizen into a major antagonist, setting the stage for a thrilling battle between him and the Gotei 13.

2: School Days

Protagonist Death

School Days is known as one of the most depressing romance anime renowned for its terrible ending, which contains romance anime history’s biggest plot twist. School Days is a dark romance anime about a pervy character Makoto Itou who just loves cheating while being in a relationship.

Cheating scenarios in common in animes but in none of the anime, cheating would have cost the death penalty on the protagonist. For me, the death of Makoto by his Gf is one of the biggest plot twists within the romance genre.

1: Attack On Titan

Eren Being the MasterMind

Attack on Titan is the most famous and beloved Shounen anime with a lot of plot twists that a newbie anime Otaku can’t bear. Honestly, Aot is the most depressing anime that never does justice to its well-developed characters. The reason why I have ranked AOT on top is because this anime is actually full of unpredictable plot twists.

Whether you talk about Riner’s Betrayal, Eren’s Founder Titan, or Basement Mystery, every plot twist is a banger. However, I think the biggest plot twist was when Zeke realized that Eren was the mastermind for everything that his father had done. I think AOT is a deserving anime to be ranked at number 1 in the list of most biggest anime plot twists.