9 Most Underrated Psychological Anime That Are Worth Watching

Whenever you ask an average anime fan for recommendations to watch a psychological anime, you commonly hear about Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, and maybe Class Room of the Elite. Yup, those shows are fantastic, but there’re many unsung animes that are worthy to be explored. In this list, we will try to give much-needed love to these rarely explored underrated psychological anime thrillers that you may not have heard of before.

To grease your mind wheels, let’s jump into the list of praiseworthy unsung psychological anime with the best storyline. Who knows! Maybe your new favorite could be waiting on this list.

9: Angels of Death

With the wish to die, Rachel Gardner wakes up in a mysterious basement of a building. However, she got no idea how she end up there. She made an alliance with a bandaged murderer named Zack, who wants to break free from this prison.

They start forwarding upward in the building by facing one obstacle after another in order to break free. Will Rachel be able to fight to escape this strange facility? While having a unique storyline, Angels of Death is a pretty underrated psychological anime with horror and romantic touch to it.

8: Another

underrated psychological anime to watch

A young student named Koichi Sakakibara transfers to a new school where he senses a frightening vibe in the atmosphere of his classroom. Ignoring this frightening atmosphere he was drawn toward the class’s beautiful girl “Mei Misaki”. But the despair caught him when he realizes that the whole class is unaware of her presence.

Another is a fantastic horror psychological thriller with decent animations, simple character designs, and captivating backgrounds.

7: Hell Girl

Yuzuki Mikage a young schoolgirl gets her hands on a mysterious website. A website that holds the power to summon a girl named Emma Ai, who will drag her tormentor to hell based on the grudge you post on this web. However, the requester also has a price to pay.

If you want a horror psychological thriller you may have never experienced before, Hell Girl is a show based on an urban legend that holds the potential to keep you on your toes in full-screen time.

6: Terror in Resonance

Tokyo the most populated city in Japan is under attack by terrorists. One day a bizarre video was uploaded on the internet featuring two teenagers who are challenging Tokyo police with destruction and chaos.

While clueless police are scrambling to find the culprits, Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki finds himself in the middle of everything to unravel this hideous mystery. This is one of the best underrated psychological anime by Mappa Studios with interesting plot, characters, animations and soundtrack.

5: XXXHolic

Watanuki possesses an unwanted talent, that he can see ghosts and supernatural entities. After relentlessly haunted by these hideous beings, he encounters a woman named Yuuko. Who claims that she can lift his curse on one condition.

He must assist her at her shop, where she fulfills the desires of customers, which are usually mystery cal captivating adventures. It’s possibly the best anime combined with lightweight fun and psychological factor. No wonder why on My Anime List this anime is rated 8.0.

4: Babylon

Zen Seizaki works as a prosecutor in the prosecutor’s office. On the way to investigating the illegal activities by a pharmaceutical company, he get to know about a conspiracy over an election for an autonomous “new zone” discovered in western Tokyo.

Babylon always welcomes mystery lovers with a hype-creating plot. I can assure once a psychological thriller fan steps in, he’ll end up longing for more and more.

3: No 6

Amidst the brutal war, humanity sought shelter in 6 city-states that appeared to be the safest places to remain on Earth. A citizen of 6 state city named Shion gained a fresh outlook on his so-called peaceful city when he encountered a mysterious boy Nezumi outside the city. Offering temporary shelter to Nezumi caused Shion and his mother to lose their elite status in the city and force him to relocate to a new area. Now the former elite and mysterious boy forms an alliance to embark on a journey to shed light on the hideous realities of 6 state city.

NO 6 anime is a tale of a dystopian city featuring thoughtful characters, strong plot twists, and realistic truths of human civilization. Regarding these features, this top underrated psychological anime must deserve to be explored.

2: Moriarty The Patriot

William James and his younger brother are orphans adopted by the Moriarty family. William James Moriarty became an individual consultant who is always willing to help anyone in needed. Eventually he becomes frustrated under the unjust system of the British Empire rule. He comes up with a plan to dethrone the British Empire with the help of renowned detective Sherlock Holmes.

Moriarty the Patriot is a must-recommendation for crime, mystery, and psychological genre lovers. And it is the best experience for Sherlock Holmes lovers. The animations and character arts are pretty good concerning its crime genre. Exploring this underrated psychological crime anime will be a great experience for sure.

1: Mushi-Shi

underrated psychological anime

“Mushi” are supernatural beings that exist solely to exist. They can’t be considered ghosts or demons but are pure and supernatural. This can be seen by a very little amount of people, and that’s why most people are unaware of the existence of Mushi’s. Accidentally contact with these beings can cause diseases and natural phenomena, and people who save the infected are called Mushi-Shi.

Ginko, a Mushi-Shi is determined to unravel the mystery of Mushi’s existence while traveling to cure the infected people. Mushi-Shi is one best underrated psychological anime featuring relaxed stories and beautiful landscapes. It’s such a mystery Mushi-shi is widely unknown to the anime community.

However, these are the top 9 most underrated psychological anime that is worthy to be praised for having all features that most popular anime misses.

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