Best Mecha Anime With Binge Worthy Fanservice

The blend of fan service and mecha theme within an anime is nothing new. From iconic mecha like Neon Genesis Evangelion to the latest Darling in the Franxx, fans are treated to a fair dose of fanservice throughout the tale. However, in contrast to many of the popular mecha anime, some heavily rely on explicit fanservice.

Today, we will discuss some old-fashioned to modern mecha anime that are loaded with fanservice. So without explaining further, let’s jump straight into our exciting list.

10: Hundred

Hundred anime is mecha harem anime

Hundred is a plain harem mecha anime that includes fan service. To be honest, it’s a blend of harem stereotypes in which girls fall head over heels for the MC, resulting in a pleasant romance plot with some mecha action.

The anime centers on a prodigy protagonist. Due to his enormous powers, he was sent to an outside academy to refine his skills to the fullest so that he might rescue humanity from awful monstrous robots known as “Savages.”

Throughout the story, his abilities entice other female classmates, creating an easy-to-follow harem scenario with mecha action.

Released: Spring 2016

MAL: 6.3

9: Asura Cryin’

Asura Cryin'

Asura Cryin’ is another mecha-themed harem anime that offers plenty of binge-worthy fan service. For better or worse, its harem tale is fairly thorough, and when combined with enormous mechas, ghosts, samurai, and other elements, it becomes truly admirable.

Natsume Tomoharu is a regular high school student with a twist: he is pursued by a ghost. While relocating to his brother’s house, he discovered a strange briefcase that is the focus of several groups of people, among other things.

Natsume and his ghost friend must now keep this briefcase safe while they investigate the mysteries behind it. Throughout the story, he attracts more females while engaging in weird fan service events.

Released: Spring 2009

MAL: 6.9

8: Date A Live

Date A Live

Some giant or mysterious mecha robots invading the Earth is an overused trope to set up a mecha action anime. However, Date A Live has given it a unique turn by replacing giant robots with cute girls.

Imagine a world where hot girls enter the Earth’s atmosphere, wreaking havoc, and the only way to calm them is to make them fall in love. This is the task that Shidou Itsuka does every now and then to save the Earth.

It’s not heavily explicit or heavily focused on the mecha trope, but it’s safe to consider it a mecha anime with fan service.

Released: Spring 2013

MAL: 7.15

7: Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle offers a treat for typical lewd anime lovers, with mecha action as the cherry on top.

Even in the presence of popular tropes, this anime uses its tantalizing fan service to hook the audience.

The show kicks in with a banger. “The MC, Lux, witnesses the princess naked.” To teach him a lesson, she challenged him to a mecha battle called “Drag Race.”

Even though Lux was renowned for undefeated drag nights, he lost the duel due to some personal rules and was forced to join the female-only academy that trains the royal drag knights.

Released: Winter 2016

MAL: 6.5

6: Muv-Luv Alternative

Muv-Luv Alternative 2021

At first glance, Muv-Luv Alternative looks like some heavy mecha action-focused anime, yet it’s partially focused on drama and fanservice.

May be its drama-focused storyline and CGI blending in art style are the reasons behind the backlash from Muv Luv fans. Being biased, it was good regardless of how messy its mal rating is.

Amidst an ongoing mecha war, a high school student named “Takeru Shirogane” has received some memories of his future self regarding the struggles of humanity.

To change this grim fate, he enrolls at a military base in Yokohama and convinces his superiors. Now he has just two months; otherwise, humanity’s fate will be doomed.

Released: Fall 2021

MAL: 5.8

5: Marriage Of God & Soul Godannar!!

Marriage Of God & Soul Godannar!!

Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!! is surely likable if you don’t compare it to G Gundam, like highly reputed shows. Storywise, it’s a generic mecha show with a pretty decent art style, despite how old this is.

A robotic alien force known as the “Mimesis” interrupts the marriage of two former mecha pilots. This time, Memesis returned stronger, and the couple struggled to fight against it until their robots merged and became one mighty robot, “Godannar.”

Released: Fall 2003

MAL: 6.6

4: Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos

I have hundreds of anime on my watch list, and most of them are rehashed versions of other plots. Infinite Stratos is one of them, with a stereotypical harem set-up approach.

What makes it stand out is its art style, which definitely doesn’t look like it’s a decade old. Another good thing is the character development, which often consists of no more than some flashbacks in other typical anime.

The show is staged in a world where females can pilot mecha robots and males can’t. Soon, it was discovered that Ichika Orimura was the only male capable of piloting a robot.

He forcibly enrolled in the Girls Infinite Stratos Academy, where he befriended and regathered with many females while defending himself and the academy from dreadful dangers.

Released: Winter 2011

MAL: 6.6

3: Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire

Daimidaler Prince Vs. Penguin Empire

When a show uses every mecha ingredient to set up an ecchi plot setting, a show like Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire comes into being. Considering it a copycat of high school DXD with the addition of mecha wouldn’t be wrong.

Even though the show has nothing much to offer besides hot chicks fighting alongside a pervy MC to save the Earth from weird-looking alien robots, it’s fun to watch if you’re in the mood to watch some fan service.

The anime follows a pervy hot-blooded MC who suddenly got chosen as the only male to pilot a giant robot along with hot chicks. Their mission is to save Earth from mecha robots whose tails are on the front side.

Released: Spring 2013

MAL: 6.13

2: Cross Ange: Rondo Of Angel And Dragon

Cross Ange Rondo Of Angel And Dragon

Besides the mecha and fanservice element, Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon is a lot more. Like there’s magic involved, there are DRAGONs, virtual realities, and a badass female protagonist.

To be honest, compared to many famous shows, this one has a lot on its plate, and because many shows arrive each year with exciting background reputations, shows like this remain unknown to many.

The show follows a pampered blonde princess who was exiled from her throne due to her inability to wield mana. The princess is thrown into an all-girls prison for the rest of her life, where non-mana wielders have to pilot giant robots to fight against DROGONs.

Now, the crybaby princess must adapt to the harsh reality to achieve what was taken from her.

Released: Fall 2014

MAL: 7.39

1: Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar

Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar is top notch mecha anime with fan service

Even if fans are merely looking for fan service, they feel distressed about investing their time in a show that lacks a connecting storyline. Hopefully, such fans won’t complain about Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar.

Although the show is pretty demanding with its 13 episodes, each consisting of more than 40 minutes of runtime, if you want something properly crafted, at least this much is bearable.

This ecchi isekai anime follows Kenshi Masaki, who was abducted into an all-female world to assassinate the empress. He was retained alive after the mission failed.

Since he was a rarity, he was assigned as the new servant of an empress and began honing his piloting skills without realizing what sinister forces were working in the background.

Released: Spring 2009

MAL: 7.7