10 Sci Fi Romance Anime Where Love Reigns Beyond Dimensions

The sci-fi romance genre has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, especially within Japanese anime. This genre expertly blends elements of science fiction with romance to create compelling stories of love and adventure set in futuristic worlds.

Viewers who are fans of both science fiction stories and wholesome romantic plotlines should follow this list of sci-fi romance anime till the end.

10: Charlotte

charlotte is a aweseom sci fi romance anime

What sci-fi anime can develop a meaningful romance despite barriers of surreal abilities and destinies intertwined? Charlotte is drama, action and sci-fi anime for you with a kind of original romance in it.

Charlotte follows a self-centered protagonist Yuu Otosaka who possesses the ability to control other people’s minds. He was cheating in exams successfully until the student council president Nao Tomori caught him red-handed and forced him to switch schools.

It’s more of a drama-comedy anime than romance but there are lit elements of romance that make this anime a worthy show to include in this list.

9: Kiznaiver


Who would dare bond unwilling teens to force intimacy and redemption? Kiznaiver’s provocative premise ignited buzz for its sensitive dissection of trauma’s scars and love’s power to outshine even the darkest forced connections.

In Kiznaiver, high schoolers are connected via an experimental system that links them such that they share pain and emotions. Nico’s positive outlook helps the troubled group, including Tenga’s aggression issues.

However, Yuta feels disconnected from others until meeting Noriko, who also seems lonely. As the “Kiznaivers” investigate the true purpose behind their forced bonding, Yuta and Noriko slowly grow closer by helping each other open up.

8: Planetes

Planetes is a awesome sci fi romance anime

Everyone at some point of age shared this same dream of exploring the space as a workplace. Everybody can’t fulfill this dream currently however we can’t say how many people will achieve their dream by the year 2075. Wanna know! follow Planetes.

By 2075 with the help of technological advancements, it’s common for humans to venture to and from earth. Here comes our skilled protagonist Hachirota and the newbie girl Ai Tanabe who are on a mission to save the earth from a disaster.

There is literally no fan service in this anime and the chemistry between both characters looks very natural and non clingy. So it’s a seinen romance anime with a sci fi theme.


SUPER HXEROS a sci fi romance anime with extreme ecchi touch

Following this list, SUPER HXEROS is the only extreme ecchi romance anime. People who love sci fi, romantic storylines, and clingy fanservice would love this anime.

The Kiseichuu, an alien species, harbors a sinister plot to gradually eliminate humanity by manipulating and siphoning off its vital sexual energy. To counter this extraterrestrial menace, five exceptionally attractive high school students find themselves compelled to unite.

It’s not a very wholesome romance anime however adding an ecchi anime in this list will give another option.

6: Seven Senses of the Re’Union

Seven Senses of the Re'Union

Seven Senses of the Re’Union is an Isekai sci fi romance anime with a sadistic storyline like the famous anime Anohana.

Re’Union was a popular online RPG shut down after a player, Asahi, died. Years later when it reopened, Haruto encountered Asahi’s avatar. The original team wondered if her consciousness had truly survived digitally.

They joined Re’Union to investigate this possibility and reunite, seeking to understand what became of their friend whose real death intertwined with the game. If you like sadistic animes there is no way you should miss this one.

5: 7 Seeds

7 seeds is psychological romance anime with sci fi blend

If you ask me super psychological romance anime, I would definitely call out 7Seeds by Gonzo Studios who is actually better than many popular romance shows and yet little to no people are aware of it.

As a catastrophic event wipes out humanity, Japan’s last hope lies with nine teams of selected youth placed in cryptobiosis. Decades later, Team Natsu awakens with no memory in a barren world.

Led by the determined Natsu, they embark on a perilous journey to locate the other survivors. Through it all, Natsu and her companions forge strong bonds that will be tested at every turn.

4: Plastic Memories

plastic memories is one of best sci fi romance animes

Though set in a sci-fi milieu where androids have souls, at its heart it delicately explores profoundly human themes around love, loss and what it means to say goodbye.

In a future where androids called Giftias live alongside people, Tsukasa’s job is to retrieve aging models. His new partner Isla stands out with her charming personality, but as a Giftia, her days are numbered.

As they bond collecting other droids, Tsukasa finds himself growing fond of Isla. But can he handle the inevitable when her storage runs out? Their bittersweet story explores what it truly means to be human in a world where memory can be plastic.

3: The Kingdom of Ruin

The Kingdom of Ruin

The Kingdoms of Ruin is the latest action sci fi anime with a romantic storyline that keeps its storyline running. It’s the latest anime of 2023 and I bet you can’t estimate its plot setting like where it’s going with each episode ending.

Witches who once guided humanity with wisdom fell out of favor once science surpassed magic in the Redia Empire. Chloe was killed in witch hunts, fueling Adonis’s rage against humans.

Raised by Chloe, he sought vengeance against his own kind for destroying her.

2: Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the Franxx immerses viewers in a futuristic world where romance and mecha action seamlessly blend. It’s a psychological romance anime with a complex sci fi plot.

In a post-apocalyptic world surrounded by mystery, humanity lives in large mobile cities called plantations, hiding from terrifying monsters. Hiro is a young pilot trainee who yearns to fly in innovative robots called Franxx.

But he may have met his match in the free-spirited Zero Two, a top pilot plagued by a dark past. As they form a profound bond co-piloting, their skills are tested on dangerous missions outside the city.

1: Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is the best sci fi romance anime

Are you searching for a sci-fi romance that will both enthral and inspire? Look no further than Eureka Seven, a poetic tale of discovery set in a stunning future world.

Renton dreams of adventure beyond his small town. When a mysterious girl named Eureka falls from the sky, he sees his chance to join the outlaw mecha group Gekkostate.

But Eureka has strange powers over the enigmatic Coralians, and the military see her as a threat. As Renton pilots alongside the experts of Gekkostate, engaging in breathtaking battles, he uncovers secrets that challenge all he knows.

And his bond with the troubled Eureka deepens in ways that could help him find his place while saving the world.