Top 10 Romance Anime Series Where Enemies Become Lovers

If you love romance anime with a twist, this trope is worth watching where enemies become lovers.

While romance anime genre has countless unique romantic storylines, honestly nothing satisfy more than watching enemies turn into wholesome romantic couple. Lit with drama, slice of life, ecchiness and action let’s talk about romance anime where enemies fall for each other.

10: Psychic Princess

Psychic Princess best chinese romance anime where enemies become lovers

Psychic Princess is 2018 one of the best short episodes of Chinese romance anime with some lit animations. Anime is filled with supernatural stuff, lots of comedy, and family drama hatred.

Qian Yun Xi the first-born daughter of Qian Aotian has been banished from her family due to her extraordinary powers. Suddenly she was asked to come back and take the place of her younger sister in a contract marriage.

The problem here is that the groom Ye Youming strongly dislikes Qian family and refuses to accept Qian Yun Xi and banishes her from the palace. This is the tragic beginning love story of both polar opposite personalities.

9: The Pilot’s Love Song

The Pilot’s Love Song

The Pilot’s Love Song is a more of self-discovery anime than romance but romance has played a major role in this anime. The anime is set in warfare theme so you’ll enjoy a lot of drama through out storyline.

This tale follows a former prince, now named Kalel, who lost all after a revolution. And a girl named Claire Cruz becomes the symbol of this revolution.

It’s full of drama series where enemies Kalel and Claire develop feelings for each other without knowing their true identities, but what will happen when they are aware of their true origins? Honestly, this anime is worth watching at all costs.

8: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Armed Girl's Machiavellism

Have you ever watched the extreme ecchi anime “Prison High School”? well yes, then this ecchi romance anime is recommended for you where opposite genders are enemies.

This explicit romance anime is set in a recently became co-ed school where females are dominant and oppress their male classmates. With the entry of violent freak Fudo Nomura things are going to get real heated.

You’ll be seeing multiple females attracted towards their enemy Fudo Nomura as a harem romance anime. So it’s harem romance anime where enemies become lovers.

7: Devil is a part timer

Devil is a part timer

“Devil is a part-timer” is the 2013 best comedy/fantasy workplace romance anime with a lot of drama in it. As an anime fan, it’s hard to believe if one hasn’t watched this anime where natural enemies become lovers.

The story revolves around the great Demon lord Satan who was forced to teleport to another modern world and to live without his powers. To add a little twist, his natural enemy Emi Yusa an archangel to hunt down Satan the demon lord.

At first, she remains determined to destroy him but grows closer as his humanity emerges. Wants to enjoy a lot of comedy, action, and slice of life, this anime is recommended for you.

6: The Testament of New Sister Devil

The Testament of New Sister Devil is lewd romance anime where enemies become lovers

This is also one of the lewdest romance anime which focuses more on ecchi than romance. Also, this is a harem anime where female demons and female Heroes are attracted to our mc.

The story revolves around the expelled hero party member Tojou Basara and Demon lord’s only daughter Mio Naruse. Being a hero and demon both are natural enemies of each other yet find solace in their forbidden relationship.

Surprisingly these two are the only members of hero and demon clans who first accept each other while their origin clans still despise each other species. If you crave for a lot of fan service, must check this romance anime where enemies become lovers.

5: Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero

Maoyu Archenemy and Hero

Maoyu tells a captivating tale of unlikely love between a hero and a demon king. Malek sets out on a quest to defeat the infamous Maou, believing her to be humanity’s sworn enemy.

But after their fateful meeting, he learns she’s been aiding humans in secret. Their dynamic transforms as they form an alliance, working closely on vital plans.

If you crave for wholesome romantic moments in a romance anime, this anime will definitely steal your heart.

4: Love After World Domination

Love after world dominition

Love After World Domination is a comedy ecchi romance anime like no other with 7.43 Mal ratings. It’s a captivating love story of two rival Superheroes who discover love is more powerful than any opposition.

Fudou Aikawa and Desumi Magahara both are the leaders of a team of heroes and a sinister group. I am sure romance fans will be delighted how both outcasts will evade battles to spend romantic quirky time with each other.

On top of it, it’s an ecchi romance so people who love explicit fan service should watch this romantic tale where enemies become lovers.

3: Masamune Kun Revenge

Masamune Kun Revenge

As a Nerd If you want to witness an admirable transformation of the protagonist, this harem anime with awesome quirky plot really delivers in a funny way.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge tells a hilarious tale of love blossoming from past pains. Masamune transfers to his former tormentor Aki’s school, hellbent on payback for her rejection long ago.

On the other side, Aki is renowned as the Cruel Princess who is popular for giving nicknames to boys who dare to ask her for a date. It’s a tale of two high schoolers who become enemies to lovers but through a long romantic process.

2: A Silent Voice

A silent voice

People who believe in Karma should watch this romantic tale where our main cast first through each other away and begins longing for redemption.

In A Silent Voice, Shoya Ishida tormented deaf student Shoko, shattering her life. Years later, unforgettable guilt haunts him. Seeking absolution, he sets out to reconnect with Shoko. But how can she ever forgive the monster who made her suffer?

Their time together heals old wounds while unveiling burgeoning emotions neither expected. Through understanding each other’s pain, these former enemies’ hearts entwine.

1: Love of Kill

love of kill romance anime where enemies become lovers

If you have liked the popular series “Spy X Family”, there’s no way you should miss this underrated psychological romance anime Love of Kill where enemies become lovers. Though it’s not comedy anime unlike Spy X Family.

This romance anime revolves around Novice bounty hunter Chateau Dankworth and skilled assassin Song Ryang-ha. Chateau Dankworth has been tasked to capture Ryang-ha and coincidentally he was after Chateau.

Either they begin to develop feelings for each other, their organizations will never let this love story go their way. Want to know how they’ll end up, must check out this romance anime.