13 Best Supernatural Romance Anime With Paranormal Love

Anime has long explored the surreal possibilities of romance beyond the bounds of reality in the shape of best supernatural romance. Whether its star-crossed lovers from different worlds of ghost and mortal, or magical creatures finding love in unlikely places, supernatural romance tales fuel fans’ imagination like nowhere else.

From vampires and werewolves to gods and spirits, anime couples showcase how attraction can bloom despite seemingly insurmountable odds or monstrous natures. They prove again and again that romance recognizes no limits and reaches new heights when anime dreams up the impossible. So let’s begin our journey to find out the best supernatural romance anime showcasing this description.

13: Sweet Bite Marks

Sweet Bite Marks vampirish romance anime

I want to begin our paranormal romance anime list with one of the best Chinese romance anime “Sweet Bite Marks”. It’s a laid-back romantic drama show with a quite linear story featuring a high-class vampire protagonist and a commoner human female.

The story features a high-class vampire prince who finds himself falling in love with his ordinary human maid. Despite having such a class difference, the human maid rejects his proposal and yet cares for him. Amidst the hatred between vampires and humans, will this oddly couple can unite against all odds?

12: Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect drama supernatural romance anime

Kokoro Connect is an intense drama romance anime with a blend of supernatural themes, though it starts pretty tame but offers binge-worthy storyline along with detailed character developments.

Kokoro Connect centers around the Heartseed phenomenon at Yoshifumi High, where five students in the Cultural Research Club begin involuntarily body swapping at randomized times.

As the switches grow more frequent, the emotionally intense fallout challenges their relationships while strengthening their bonds. So basically this anime features five protagonists along with a quite creepy and emotional storyline.

11: The Duke of Death and his Maid

The Duke of Death and his Maid

Set in a supernatural Victorian world, The Duke of Death and His Maid tells a very beginner friendly romance story of forbidden love through breathtaking visuals and melodies.

Alice is devoted to her master, the Duke, cursed since childhood so that any touch means death. Isolated in his estate, only Alice and a few others can get near.

Against this backdrop of mystery, our protagonists’ bond blossoms subtly through intimate moments of compassion. But how can they express deep affection when physical intimacy risks killing? Their longing blossoms amid taboos, yet their care remains pure.

10: Kamisama Kiss

kami sama kiss is an old supernatural romance anime

If you’re an admirer of a kind of realistic romance where relationships don’t feel forced, Kamisama Kiss anime is for you with its supernatural fantasy element.

This supernatural rom com storyline follows the wicked girl Nanami who is in deep trouble after his father left his family due to unpaid debts. Having the fear of being homeless Nanami saves a stranger named Mikage from dogs.

As gratitude, he offers his home to stay. Nanami was very happy to get her problem solved until she found out that MIkage lived in a Shrine which is a living space for many supernatural phenomena.

9: A Galaxy Next Door

A Galaxy Next Door is a seinen romance anime

Despite not being an intensive drama, The Galaxy Next Door presents a charming seinen romance anime to serve the mature audience. Whether you’re a fan of slice-of-life, sci-fi, or supernatural, this anime is a blend of such genres you’ll end up rooting for.

This story follows a struggling manga artist Ichirou Kuga who has now the responsibility of his two younger siblings along with his hefty work. In the search for an assistant, he found a beautiful girl with some extraordinary skills.

This is the beginning of a romance between a young artist with a family and a beautiful assistant who turns out to be an extraterrestrial being in hiding.

8: Charlotte

Charlotte is an absolute tour de force of sci fi romance that left you awestruck. Within just one short season, director Yoshiyuki Asai wove a tale of adolescence, responsibility, and love that will grip you from start to shocking finish.

Charlotte follows Yuu Otosaka, a happy-go-lucky high school boy whose life changes suddenly when he develops the ability to temporarily possess other people’s bodies. With such ability, he cheated and passed the entrance test in a prestigious school.

His deceitful journey comes to an end when the school’s student council’s president catches him red-handedly and forces him to switch schools. Now he’s in a school where many students have such powers and he works with Nao Tomori to help new ability users. This anime may look like action super natural but it’s a rom-com show with a quite thought-provoking plot.

7: The Ancient Magus Bride

In most supernatural romance anime shows, the protagonist is shown as beautiful despite being a non human whereas this anime remains true to this trope showcasing its non human protagonist in a scary form.

Fifteen-year-old Chise has given up on life until she is bought by Elias, a mysterious magus, and becomes his apprentice and bride. Through their developing relationship rooted in care, trust, and understanding, they find solace in each other’s company in a beautifully drawn magical Britain.

Beyond its breathtaking fantasy world and folklore, the anime’s greatest strength lies in its heartfelt portrayal of two lonely souls forming profound bonds to face the world.

6: My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage is the latest supernatural romance anime with a quite tender romantic tale along with a healthy amount of action.

Miyo Saimori is a sadistic but wholesome character who has lost her mother at an early age. On top of that, her new stepmother and step-sister torment her as a useless child.

As she’s not blessed with supernatural capabilities, Miyo is forced to marry a cruel head of the Kudo family as her family only wants to get rid of her. Her marriage with Kyoka Kudo turns out to be a turning event when Miyo finds out that Kyoka is not cruel but a very caring and handsome husband with pure nature.

5: Call of the Night

call of the night is a supernatural and psychological romance anime

In this whole list, Call of the Night is only the anime that comes with everything balanced. Whether you talk about its character development, animations, soundtrack, or even plot, everything is extraordinary if not balanced.

This psychological romance anime comes with a unique vampire trope where our 14-year-old high school runaway Ko encounters a vampire down the road. This is Nazuna, not your imaginary dreadful vampire but a funky sexy dressed female.

A little chat with Nazuna influences Ko to become a vampire and start their quite slow-paced journey of vampirish love. If not for anything, you’ll surely root for funky Nazuna and her animations with the cozy soundtrack.

4: Fruits Basket

This heartwarming anime not only explores the complexities of love but delves into themes of acceptance and personal growth so make sure you watch this sadistic romance anime with a happy ending.

The story follows Tohru Honda, an endearing high schooler who stumbles upon a secret – the Sohma family’s curse. Each member transforms into an animal from the Chinese zodiac when hugged by the opposite gender.

Through heartwarming friendship and hints of forbidden love, Tohro embarks on a journey to free the Sohmas from this curse. The story can be slow-paced, mostly for shounen lovers so it’s up to you.

3: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

If you ask me one of the top-notch short romance anime under 13 episodes, I would hands down recommend this show. This is one of the few romances that embraces romance with minimalistic clinging and fan service which definitely feels genuine.

This show features a quite dull protagonist Sakuta Azusagawa who has suffered and aware from a rare disease called Puberty Syndrome. Mai Sakurajima is a third-year college student who is currently suffering from this disease.

One day while wandering in a library wearing a lewd bunny suit assuming she’s invisible, she caught the eye of Sakuta. On the way to cure Mai’s disease, they enroll in the journey of love while helping some other girls.

2: Hotarubi No Mori E

Hotarubi No Mori E

In this spot, we are not talking about a long romance series but a 46-minute long heart-melting romantic tale, which will pique your interest within such a short duration.

A lost little girl meets a forest spirit who vows to protect her. Though they cannot touch, a bond grows between them as he guides her home. Years later, she returns to the forest as a teenager, their connection now more complex.

With minimalist art bringing the Japanese woods to life, Hotarubi no Mori e tells a profoundly moving story about the joy and sorrow of impermanence. Within just 46 emotional minutes, it’ll make you care deeply for these star-crossed souls living in separate worlds.

1: Your Name

Your name is the best romance anime movie

There’s no doubt this film is a true cinematic masterpiece. From the breathtaking animation to the emotionally gripping story, Shinkai sensei created a work of art that will stand the test of time in the list of best romance anime movies.

Mitsuha is a high school girl in a rural town. Taki lives in Tokyo. They mysteriously begin body-swapping without explanation. Confused at first, they get used to each other’s lives.

But a looming comet threatens Mitsuha’s town with disaster. Desperate to help, she leaves a message but forgets her name. Will they be able to meet up and how can they, it’s a mystery.