10 Best Romance Anime For Beginners To Watch

Love stories told through animation from Japan can make for great entertainment for new newbies. If you’re the one who is looking for the best romance anime for beginners, this list will fulfill your criteria.

These stories follow characters as they navigate romance, relationships, and love triangles in less complicated ways unlike seinen romance. The animations are beautifully drawn with vivid colors & the musical scores enhance the emotional impact.

The plots have enough twists and turns to keep first-time viewers engaged from start to finish. The themes explore love, friendship, and coming of age in ways that viewers can relate to.

As a whole, these anime romances are easy to follow for beginners as they offer an enjoyable introduction to the genre. So let’s get into it.

10: The Girl Downstairs

the girl downstairs best chinese romance anime for beginners

As we talking about newbies, a 24-minute-long episode can be exhausting for beginners to keep engaged with a anime, therefore, The Girl Downstairs is a good recommendation with a 10 to 15-minute duration for each episode.

Juntang just started at Minsong University where his crush Zhu Zhu was a senior. He hoped to get closer to her. However, he soon meets Shiya, a former idol who left school.

At an event, he also meets Ruoni. Both girls take a liking to Juntang. With these new relationships forming so quickly Juntang’s feelings become tangled in this romantic complication.

The story is little to no complicated with surprisingly good animation which is super good as we are talking about Chinese romance anime.

Even though I have placed this anime at last, you should consider watching this romance anime at first to catch the rhythm as a beginner.

9: More than a married couples but not lovers

More than a married couples but not lovers: wholesome romance anime

From this whole list, More Than a Married Couple possesses the most straightforward and wholesome romance plot with some cozy fan service.

The anime follows Jirou who wants to be teamed with Shiori for a class called “Couple Practical.” The class required students to get along with the opposite sex while being watched.

However, Jirou got paired with Akari instead, who had a crush on Minami. Meanwhile, Minami and Shiori were paired.

Rather than quit, Jirou and Akari worked together to enter the top ten couples. So they could trade partners with an agreement.

To be honest, such type of storylines usually results in slow pacing but while watching this ehcci romance showpiece, time will fly.

8: The Duke of Death and His Maid

The Duke of Death and His Maid

I am sure everyone who reads this content will be familiar with the popular story name “The Beauty And The Beast“, The Duke of Death and his Maid is a kind of similar romance story but a little light-weighted.

The Young Duke suffers a terrible curse – his touch brings death. Exiled from his family, only his devoted butler Rob and charming maid Alice remain by his side.

While growing fond of Alice, the curse’s frustrations only increase. Seeking to finally lift this haunting power and ensure Alice’s safety, the Duke embarks on a quest to find a cure.

He knows his curse prevents physical intimacy, so he must overcome this challenge while protecting his loved one from its deadly effects.

The fairytale romance anime is the production of J.C.Staff Studios, so watching this anime in terms of cute romance and quality is a total win-win for beginners.

7: Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-kun's Revenge

As talking of me, it’s not my style to admire such an MC who’s just desperate to win his love interest.

In Masamune-kun’s Revenge, we witness a protagonist who actually trains to become a very “hot” and “muscular” guy who seeks to win his love.

As a chubby child, Masamune was called “Piggy” by the rich and pretty Aki. Wanting payback, he worked hard to change how he looked.

Masamune became a conceited high schooler with a goal to make Aki like him, only to reject her later. Luck sent him to Aki’s new school where he tried charming the “Brutal Princess.”

His efforts went nowhere until getting a letter with his old name. Figuring out who wrote it was key to his revenge scheme against the girl who once bullied him so long ago.

6: My First Girlfriend Is a Gal

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal

My First Girlfriend is a Gal is a treat for those who admire lewd anime and love watching them blended with wholesome romance.

Junichi started to panic as graduation came near. He still didn’t have a girlfriend or first kiss. His friends said to ask out Yukana a beautiful Gal.

Junichi thought she’d say yes easily, but when talking to Yukana, she wasn’t what he heard. It was hard getting to know her feelings.

Junichi saw she wasn’t just about looks. Still, with not much time left, he wanted to learn her heart. Junichi hoped he could be Yukana’s boyfriend before school ended.

With embarking on such a tempting journey, Juinchi portrays a perfect blend of romance and lewdness in an enjoyable way for beginners to watch.

5: My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

As most game-related shows turn out to be more of an adventure or Isekai, but this anime presents a game-related story with an engaging romance and slice-of-life genre.

Akane’s relationship ended and she wanted to quit her role-playing game too. But playing still, she met Yamada, famous for his game skills at a game-related event.

Akane started feeling things for Yamada as they adventured together online. But would his love be only for the game? Or could Akane hope to find comfort in her virtual friend during this hard time after her broken heart?

This anime’s pacing is quite slow than others but believe me, this romance anime can be your favorite as of a beginner.

4: Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi can't communicate

A beginner can be tricked by its name and leave it because no one wants to watch an entire anime with a deaf protagonist, though it’s a wholesome anime where MC helps Komi to get rid of her social anxiety.

On his first day of high school, Hitohito Tadano was seated next to the beautiful but shy Shouko Komi. Komi had trouble talking to people due to her anxiety. One day in class, they had to write to each other on the board.

This started their friendship, with Tadano realizing her problem. He decided to help Komi make 100 friends before graduation by becoming her first friend.

I don’t remember any simpler plot than this in romance anime, with OLM Studio’s smuggy animations; this romance anime carries a funny but wholesome storyline for beginners to watch.

3: The Dangers in MY Heart

The Dangers in my heart

Enough with the perfect match couples, let me tell you about a bizarre match of romantic high schoolers that are featured in this most relaxing romance anime “The Dangers in My Heart”.

Kyoutaro Ichikawa hid a secret desire to commit murder at his middle school. His target was the popular Anna Yamada. By chance, he discovered her secret candy stash in the library where they began interacting regularly.

Although Yamada enjoyed teasing him, Ichikawa became strangely drawn to her cheerful personality. As their daily encounters continued, the two developed an unexpected friendship.

It seemed Ichikawa’s original murderous intent towards Yamada had transformed into something more positive through their evolving relationship.

The most captivating thing about this anime is how it synchronizes comedy and romance within characters that leave you wanting more and more.

2: My Love Story!!

My love story

Well, it’s another wholesome romantic story of polar opposite couples.

Please don’t take me as I have kind of liking to watch petty protagonists making up with beautiful girls, but this is what most anime delivers.

Takeo Gouda was a tall and strong high school freshman, admired by other boys. But his large stature scared away girls, unlike his handsome friend Makoto.

One day, Takeo saved Rinko Yamato from harassment. Even though he feared she may like Makoto, Takeo instantly fell for Rinko.

Despite longing for her, Takeo decided to play cupid for Rinko by introducing her to friends, in hopes of finding her love although scared she wouldn’t return his feelings due to his intimidating appearance.

It’s a production of Madhouse, frankly speaking, once I see the name Madhouse in any anime, I feel forced to watch that show because of Madhouse’s trustworthiness.

1: Horimiya

Horimiya is the best romance anime for beginners to watch

There is a reason why you’ll find Horimiya in each of my romance anime lists because it’s a kind of proper anime with intriguing characters, enough romance, a captivating storyline, and crazy good animations.

Despite their differences, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura became friends after their paths crossed. Hori was a stellar student with responsibilities at home leaving no time for fun, while Miyamura hid his tattoos and piercings at school.

Though distinct on the surface, they bonded rapidly realizing similarities beneath their personas. They often spent time together at Hori’s place opening up about hidden sides of themselves beyond what others saw.

This one of the best romance anime series where mc ends up with a girl in a wholesome way, yet it is pure from any kind of fanservice which allows beginners to fully integrate with a youthful story.


There’s no shortage of romance anime but according to my own experience, I would highly suggest that beginners should start their journey watching these anime. I hope any of these suggestions won’t disappoint you as it never disappoints me.

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