13 Best Drama Romance Anime Every Fan Should Watch

Amidst an overflowing quantity of romantic comedy anime, there are some intense drama romance anime depicting a little more realistic plot.

Drama and romance are two powerful emotions that have moved the hearts of many through anime. Whether it is the trials of young love or the turmoil of complex relationships, these anime have told captivating stories that make us laugh and cry.

That’s why it seemed worth creating a list of cream-of-the-crop drama romance anime. From Wholesome romance to ecchi fan service, let’s dig up some watch worthy shows.

13: Sounds of Life

Sounds of Life is one of the best drama romance anime

Calling Sounds Of Life a hidden gem would be a good use of words to represent its worth. It’s a truly underrated masterpiece intense enough to make you cry.

The show features a delinquent boy named Chika, your superordinary MC with a troubled past and a not-so-bright future. Even his grandfather has no hopes for him.

To make amends he joins the Koto Club alongside koto prodigy Satowa Houzuki and three other lively companions. Their ultimate goal is to compete in a national competition, however, within their journey; we witness Satowa Houzuki the rich girl fall for Mc in a slow burn relationship.

12: Gosick

GoSick is a mystery combined drama romance

I wonder if there’s any better mystery romance anime lit with horror and drama other than GoSick anime and yet hardly anyone even talks about it.

If you’re looking for a pure drama romance show, it’s better to skip Gosick because romance works a micro plot for this detective-based anime.

Kazuya Kujou is a foreign student famous with the nickname ‘Black Reaper‘ due to his appearance. One day while visiting the school’s extravagant library in search of ghost stories he discovers a blonde girl named Victorique de Blois.

This is not your ordinary Waifu but a very intellectual girl with mysterious foresight that can predict even future. As more mysteries develop like ghost ship and an alchemist with the power of transmutation, they both have to work together.

11: Just Because

Just Because is underrated slice of life drama romance anime

After watching “Just Because anime” you’ll be thanking god to finally lay hands on a little realistic high school romance.

It’s probably the best slice-of-life anime that highlights the struggles of youth, especially high schoolers, and their rollercoaster lives.

This anime follows a bunch of troubled high schoolers and a recently transferred student Eita Izumi. Now in his hometown school, getting together with old friends and long-forgotten relationships gonna present a ride of emotions.

10: The Garden Of Words

The Garden Of Words

You don’t need to say this is an intense drama romance because its title, atmosphere, and characters tell the whole story without wasting any time.

It’s a short little romance where the older girl falls for younger Mc. However, it’s not simple as they both are struggling with their own share of problems.

Their little tale of romance takes place in a garden where both souls find solace in each other personalities.

9: Tsukigakirei

Tsukigakirei is cute drama romance

Regardless of the fact that its cast is middle schoolers, it presents more than you can expect in the jonra of romance and drama.

If you had skipped this anime just assuming it is a bunch of content for kids, man you’re at loss because this is one of the fewest short romance anime that fully grips on its pacing, character developments and most importantly ending.

The story takes its time to bloom feelings between aspiring writer Kotarou Azumi and track team member Akane Mizuno. Even though the young cast find solace in each other’s company, the future lines are blurred with career anxiety and other stuff.

Even though this quote has been said by a 14-year-old mc of this anime, I think every teenager should feel the value of this little sentence.

Do what makes you happy. That’s the whole point of being young.

8: After The Rain

After The Rain is romance anime with age differences

Life is so unpredictable and unfair. You never know when it gonna drop a bombshell on one’s head ruining his life time hard work. Witness on your own by watching this thought provoking romance anime with least fan service “After The Rain anime.”

Akira Tachibana is an attractive track runner high school girl. Her golden days at track race have ended due to a severe injury and she has recently joined a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Masami Kondou pursued his dream of becoming a writer yet ended up handling this restaurant where Akira is now employed. In a shorter while via daily interaction, Akira falls for Masami.

Sounds like wholesome! yeah, it’s but the difference is Masami is almost 2 times older than Akira and yet help her in every way possible.

7: Citrus

Citrus is drama romance with lots of kisses

Imagine you have made a friend in school and while returning back you find out that the same friend is now also your step-sibling. Though the chances are rare, but not in case of anime.

It’s girls love based anime yet rated under pg 13 and I don’t know why. Because I don’t remember an episode without explicit kissing.

During the summer Yuzu Aihara transferred to a new school because her mother had remarried. This is quite a strict all-girls school with obedient shut-ins and overachieving grade-skippers.

In this alien atmosphere, the school’s student council president Mei Aihara turns out to be the step-sibling of Yuzu Aihara. It’s going to be a dramatically all-girls ride with explicit kisser like Mei Aihara.

6: White Album

White Album is mature romance anime

Not good as Oshi No Ko but White Album is surely a watch-worthy drama romance anime show that highlights the cutthroat Idol industry.

Can the relationship between a Rich Idol girl and an ordinary college student survive? White Album tries to answer this query presenting anime where rich girl fall for ordinary mc.

The story follows an ordinary boy Touya Fujii who is in a relationship with Idol girl Yuki Morikawa. Having a famous girlfriend does sound cool but not comforting because busy schedule and career race.

Don’t get the assumption of wholesomeness because the MC of this series Touya loves cheating, you’ll know once gotten into this anime.

5: Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect is supernatural romance anime

Body swapping phenomenon seems wholesome in movies like No Name because Kokoro Connect with the same phenomenon presents a twisted story.

This supernatural romance tale follows a group of five students with different tastes. One day two of them switch bodies for a shorter period. For instance, they took this incident as fun and intriguing until the whole group began struggling with this tragedy more frequently.

By switching bodies, they’re forced to become closer revealing sensitive secrets that are not meant to be told.

4: Scums Wish

Scums Wish is adults romance anime

I don’t know why including the Ecchi element in this fully twisted unrequited love tale was necessary. Even without fan service, Scum’s Wish has the potential to hook the audiences.

This ecchi romance anime with alot of drama follows a fake couple Hanabi and Mugi who are driven closer to find the unrequited love. Because Hanabi’s crush “her teacher” loves the female colleague who is the crush of Mugi.

Not only the storyline is twisted but its characters are also twisted like Sweet Twirls. And I personally admire this anime for its very thought-provoking and realistic ending.

3: Remake Our Life!

Remake Our Life

Remake Our Life! has the same plot just like Relife anime but with little intense drama and more romance in it.

Everyone wants to go back in time to make amends for doing reckless things because we all have our own regrets in life we wanna change. And one of them is, we youth struggle by choosing wrong profession.

The story follows Kyouya Hashiba a man with no hope of a future as he has chosen the wrong profession for himself. One day he wakes up as an 18-year-old lad, can he able to make any difference now?

Now he is determined to pursue his dream alongside three girls struggling with their unique adult life uphills.

2: Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April is sad romance anime with lots of drama

Losing someone loving can become a hassle for even the most successful people in life just like Kousei Arima.

Who once was a renowned piano prodigy and lost his all talent in an instant by the sudden death of his beloved mother.

With the entrance of quirky violinist, Kaori Miyazono, Kosei begins regaining interest in the sweet melodies of music. A sweet romance blooms between both youngsters but what fate holds for them is mystery. Realistic and sadistic ending lovers should treasure this anime.

1: Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You is best drama romance anime with girls love

I am not a big fan of girls romance yet I was forced or hooked in this drama anime till the ending, my fault was that I gave this saddest slice of life anime a chance respecting its rating.

Love is a tricky thing that is yet to be solved. Even the lover can’t describe his/her feelings just like in the case of Yuu Koito who is beautiful and craves love.

When a male student confesses to Yuu, she feels no spark and declines the request peacefully just like told by Touko Nanami ‘Student council’s president’. To her surprise, Nanami drops a bomb by revealing her feelings for Yuu.

How this drama romance will further explore the hardships of love is your task to accomplish.