Top 10 Romance Anime With Handsome And Attractive MC

Have you ever watched a romance anime and been drawn in by the good looks and charm of the male protagonist? Anime has featured many captivating male characters at the center of love stories that have won the hearts of fans worldwide. Today we will be talking about top 12 romance anime with handsome mc.

“Keep in mind we will be enlisting anime protagonists who not only look aesthetically good to the audience but are also praised within the anime for their charming beauty.” So let’s get into our list.

12: Fruits Basket

Yuki Sohma of fruits basket is handsome mc

MC: Yuki Sohma

Fruits Basket is a beloved shoujo anime that tells the story of Tohru Honda, a high school girl who discovers that members of the mysterious Sohma family turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex due to an ancient curse.

One of the most notable Sohma clan members is Yuki Sohma, the handsome “Rat” of the zodiac. With his elegant silver hair and arresting gray eyes, Yuki possesses an otherworldly beauty.

Within the first episode, Tohru Honda also admired the beauty of Yuki however; the whole college admired this handsome chad.


Arata Kaizaki of relife anime formally handsome mc

MC: Arata Kaizaki

ReLIFE follows 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki as he enters the secret ReLIFE program, having his body transformed back to a 17-year old. At his new high school, Arata aims to gain motivation after dropping out of college in his youth.

Though having an average build, black messy & spikey hair, and aqua blue eyes, this formally handsome looking mc of this romance anime is quite charming. While he may not be praised within the anime for his looks but any Otaku can tell that he looks damn cool.

Honestly speaking Arata and Chizuru make one of the most elegant and perfect couples.

10: Scums Wish

Scums wish is a ecchi romance anime with handsome mc

MC: Mugi

If we can remove the forbidden romance part from Mugi and Hanabi’s relationship, this romantic couple stands out as one of the best due to their aesthetically rich looks.

Scums Wish is seinen romance anime that features a cool and beautiful protagonist Mugi who is in love with his sensei but fulfills his unrequited love desire by being in a relationship with Hanabi.

You have to praise the animation staff who designed this beautiful couple while considering this anime’s mature plot. I can bet you’ll end up rooting for Mugi.

9: Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Miyuki

MC: Miyuki Shirogane

Whereas this rom-com anime has been praised worldwide for its laugh-out-loud comedy, one should praise its alluring character designs.

Kaguya Sama Love is War happens to take place between 2 top-tier students who are both in love with each other but want other to reach out first.

In this romance anime, the female MC is quite rich girl whereas the MC is rich in his looks, studies, and sports. Of such charming qualities, Miyuki Shirogane is serving as the president of the student council.

8: Skip and Loafer

Skip and loafer romance anime presents a quite attractive and handsome lean mc

MC: Shima

You can determine the charm of this boy as all school girls admires Shima as a golden boy who possesses golden hair along with a golden heart. Despite being a handsome, tall, and free-spirited guy, Shima is kind to everyone.

Within the first 2 episodes of Skip and Loafer, we have seen girls’ jealousy over Shima for his attraction towards the rural gal Mitsumi.

Skip and Loafer is better known for its seinen self-discovery storyline more than character designs and animations, yet this romance anime definitely comes with a handsome mc. This is one of the purest romance anime with little to no fan service included.

7: Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White With The Red Hair Zen Wisteria

MC: Zen Wisteria

Snow White With the Red Hair follows Shirayuki’s adventures as an herbalist in the kingdom of Clarines. She soon encounters Prince Zen Wisteria – and it’s easy to see why the kingdom holds him in such high regard.

As the second prince, Zen carries himself with noble grace and confidence. Despite being such a high class noble beautiful young man, Zen is a responsible guy like no other.

6: My Happy Marriage

Kudou Kiyoka from my happy marriage is astonishingly handsome mc

MC: Kiyoka Kudou

My Happy Marriage is a quite sadistic romance anime with an astonishingly handsome MC “Kiyoka Kudou.” Kiyoka Kudou is considered a very cruel military officer as a head of the Kudou family.

This Shoujo romance follows a tormented female lead Miyo Saimori who is forced by her family to get engaged with Kiyoka Kudou, as she’s a useless child for her parents without having any supernatural powers.

Honestly speaking, Kinema Citrus studio has given the most humanly character designs in this anime. Anyone can tell that this romance anime is one of the best in terms of art style quality.

5: My Love Story With Yamada Kun At Lv 999

MC: Yamada

My Love Story With Yamada is the latest game-related romance anime where female mc falls in love first with cool and handsome gaming lad Yamada.

This latest romance anime revolves around Akane who was about to abandon the RPG gaming she used to play along with her bf before her break up. While attending a game concert as the last shot in the gaming world she encounters the prodigy gamer Yamada, a model-type gaming freak.

Yamada has been praised for his sleek and tall physique on first interaction with Akane however every girl shown in this anime praises Yamada for his charming figure.

4: Say I Love You

Say I Love You Yamato Kurosawa is quite attractive mc

MC: Yamato Kurosawa

Say I Love You is almost a decade-old shoujo romance anime but romance fangirls still love this anime for its wholesome romantic storyline and the featuring of the beautiful male lead.

This anime tale features a lonesome mature girl Mei Tachibana who falls in love with prominent student Yamato Kurosawa when first saved from a stalker.

Yamata is shown as a very tall and handsome teenage boy with neck-length black hair and mid-black eyes. Even the audience can’t hold themselves from praising the very appealing character design of this mc.

3: Wolf Girl And Black Prince

Kyouya is one of the most beautiful and handsome mc of romance anime wolf girl and black prince

MC: Kyouya

This Shoujo romance anime revolves around Erika Shinohara who has lied to her new pals about his boyfriend that never existed. When asked, she has to beg Kyouya Sata to become her temporary bf however this Kyouya is not going to be a wholesome one.

Rumors swirl around Kyouya and his irresistible looks that lure admirers into his web. Upon closer inspection, one can see why he’s so popular.

Sharp features, pale skin, and a captivating aura define Kyouya’s aesthetically pleasing visage. Yet beneath lies a cold heart that loves to torment others.

2: Horimiya

Miyamura from  Horimiya

MC: Miyamura

Horimiya is one of the best romance anime where every character has been designed to look brilliantly good by Clover Works Studios.

This romance anime follows a wholesome tale of love between the school’s lonely boy Miyamura and school’s popular beauty Hori.

Miyamura possesses a quite feminine look with a lot of tattoos, piercings, slender lean body, and girlish long eyelashes along with deep blue eyes. No wonder why fandom praises this romance anime so much regarding the handsome characters.

1: Masamune Kun’s Revenge

Masamune Kun’s Revenge is a romance anime with most beautiful and handsome mc

MC: Masamune

If you’re the one who has been rejected by your girlfriend and looking out for a glow-up motivation, check out the journey of Masamune who has transformed into a hot Chad from fatty kid.

This harem romance anime with the best plot follows the handsome protagonist Masamune who has become a handsome lad after being rejected by his first love. Now he’s determined to break into the heart of the same girl just only to reject her.

Masamune is a tall, quite athletic, smart, and charming character who is the center of attraction for many female classmates.


Whereas every romance anime tries to bring up an attractive character cast, these are some rare shows that impress the audience the most. So whether you pick the first one or the last one, you’ll definitely get to see binge-worthy handsome MC within each romance anime.