Best Chinese Romance Anime Series Recommendations

Though the romance genre of Chinese anime is still developing, we have seen some captivating shows emerge in recent years.

These shows offer beautiful artwork, engaging stories, and lingering feelings as Chinese anime explores love in various settings.

This list highlights some of the most recommended Chinese romance anime that every fan should watch. So let’s jump into the list of the best “Donghua” for die-hard romance fans.

(Donghua refers to Chinese-produced animation, so don’t let yourself confuse with this word.)

10: The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife

If you’re new to Chinese anime, I would prefer watching this anime as it offers action, comedy, tender romance, martial arts, and drama. The romantic tale of two stubborn individuals at odds will entertain you to the utmost with awesome animation.

Despite being known as a proficient assassin in the twenty-first century, Su Luo was assigned the meaningless role of Fourth Miss of Su Manor.

The imperial highness of the Jin Empire was a talented, emotionless, tyrannical, demonic dictator renowned by the name “The Demonic King” for his cold nature.

Everyone bullied her because they thought she was stupid and no good. Only he, the demonic tyrant with the astute eye, would refuse to let go of her. As both main characters are equally stubborn, let’s see how their romance will gear up.

9: Love Between Fairy And Devil

Love Between Fairy and Devil chinese romance anime

Love Between Fairy and Devil is a romantic Chinese anime that puts a supernatural spin on the classic odd couple trope.

It follows the bubbly fairy princess Xiao Lanhua, who one day accidentally releases the powerful demon lord Dongfang Qingcang from his prison.

As the unlikely pair spend more time together while on a journey to find a new vessel for Dongfang Qingcang, they develop a bond that blossoms into an unforbidden romance.

Besides a unique storyline, this donghua comes with a quite catchy theme. Each episode contains 15 minutes, which makes sense given the anime’s fast pacing.

8: Cupid’s Chocolate

Cupid’s Chocolate is a renowned chinese romance anime

From a handful of Chinese romance animes, Cupid’s Chocolate is the rarest that comes in the Ecchi and Harem genres.

The rom-com story follows Jiang Haoyi, who unintentionally eats magical chocolate that makes opposite genders fall in love with him.

Jiang Haoyi is a typical high schooler who just wants to live an unnoticeable life, but now he has to bear with the unrequited love of famous school figures.

It’s a pretty recommended romantic anime to unwind after a long day, which surely runs fast with 13 minutes of episodes.

Amidst comical mishaps, heartfelt moments arise, revealing deep feelings and unexpected bonds. This anime delicately balances romance and laughter.

7: Memory Of Chang’an

Memory Of Chang'an

Want to feel the tender romance between forcefully established relationships? “Memory of Chang’an” can give you the storyline you’re looking for.

Princess Ming Yue and Li Qiang, the emperor’s ninth prince, are forced to marry for the sake of political stability.

As the princess begins to adjust to her new surroundings in Chang’an, an ancient Chinese capital, conspiracies against the royal family and her begin to emerge.

While countering the conspiracies, both individuals gradually begin to root for each other.

6: National Husband Bring Home

National Husband Bring Home

Well, this anime is going to give you the wholesome and cute experience of married couples, so get ready to witness some bizarre contracts between young couples.

Qiao An Hao stipulated three conditions for their marriage on their wedding night.

First and foremost, they were not to make physical contact. Second, Lu Jin Nian was not allowed to reveal her as his wife. Finally, they agreed not to reveal that they lived together.

While respecting such nostalgic terms, they both navigate through a dramatic love, giving the audience a wholesome romance in 11-minute short episodes, though it has almost 4 seasons.

5: No Doubt In Us

No Doubt In Us

“No Doubt In Us” Donghua provides a body swap plot like the famous romance anime movie “Your Name,” but in a blend of comical and romantic ways.

An accident occurs, causing the two main characters to swap bodies, forcing them to perform strange roles while understanding each other’s views.

Through this adventure, both protagonists develop greater mutual understanding and empathy while providing us with comedy and romance.

4: Sweet Bite Marks

Sweet Bite Marks

Nothing beats the cheezyness of a premise where a hateful hottie falls head over heels for MC.

A high-ranking vampire prince falls in love with a simple human blood servant. Her concerns grow in scale as she advances from rejecting him to caring for him, and she strives to remedy his troubles.

However, the differences between their social ranks are big hassles in their relationship, and by shattering such molds, will they unite?

Besides the story, I would also recommend this anime for its top-tier art style, and you’ll end up realizing how good a Chinese romance anime could be.

3: My Cultivator Girlfriend

My Cultivator Girlfriend is fast paced romance anime

Ever wonder if your girlfriend could be a cultivator? It sounds impossible, but anime is the place where impossibles are forced to become possibles.

After rescuing a young woman who is likewise on the road to cultivation, Ma Yingxiong, a security guard, sets out on a cultivation quest while impressing this hot-headed hottie.

Even though the story was a little interesting, the studio messed up in its pacing, which resulted in fans giving bad reviews over this speedy journey.

2: Psychic Princess

Psychic Princess is a binge worthy donghua

Even if you hate Donghua, you should still watch this romance anime, “Psychic Princess,” where enemies become lovers.

Qian Yunshang is freaking out about having to marry Ye Youming since their families hate each other.

Her father calls on his banished daughter, Qian Yun Xi, with superpowers to secretly take Qian Yunshang’s place.

Though Ye Youming, “male MC,” can’t stand the Qians at first and kicks Yun Xi out, she’s bold and charming. Her personality finally wins him over, and the two fall hard for each other.

Qian Yunxi’s strong-willed nature, combined with her witty remarks and personal growth, make her a relatable and empowering main character, which is the key feature of this anime.

1: The Girl Downstairs

the girl donwstairs best chinese romance anime

As a hardcore romance anime fan, after consuming all the above-mentioned shows, I conclude that “The Girl Downstairs” is the best Chinese romance anime series till now for several reasons.

It came out with extraordinary animations and a soundtrack that beautifully drew romantic scenes, and it has no problem with pacing. Such pros aside, it comes with a super light and brief plot.

Freshman Juntang Yuan joins Minsong University just to be near his longtime crush, senior Zhu Zhu. But he also meets former idol Shiya Li and attendee Ruoni Cui there and gets caught in a confusing love triangle with the three girls, which leaves him totally emotionally tangled.

It sounds like a Chinese Harem anime, but it’s not; it presents the love triangle in the most wholesome way possible.

If you like romance anime where girls fall head over heels for male MC first, you would love this show.

There are also some short Chinese romance anime consisting of less than 10 minutes of episodes, but I have specifically included long episodes of Donghua just to resolve the pacing issues and proper storytelling. I hope you would have liked this list. If there’s any potential show missing, please hit me via the Contact Us page.

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